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Portrait of man and woman in studio

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Will D. Baldwin,/ 503 TOWER AVE.,/ 352 2nd ST.,/ SUPERIOR CITY,/ WISCONSIN." Photograph shows a man in suit seated on an upholstered chair with a woman in outdoor jacket, straw hat and holding a closed umbrella at her side, stands beside him. The photograph is taken inside against a studio backdrop of a painted mantel and low paneled wall.

Will D. Baldwin

Portrait of a young boy with rifle

Item is a white card with full length portrait of a boy with curls and a suit with frilled dress shirt in Fauntleroy style. A fur pelt is on the ground at the right and the boy holds a gun. At the bottom edge in gold letterpress, "Lind/ MARINETTE,/ WIS." At the centre of the text, a design with shield, a ship and the text "SEMPER FIDELIS". On verso at bottom right edge, handwritten in pencil, "10-".


Portrait of a boy with curls in front of a fence of twigs

Item is a light grey cabinet card with full length portrait of a young boy, about 5 or 6 years old, wearing a frilled white dress shirt and dark shorts with dark knee socks. He has curls down to his shoulders in the Fauntleroy fashion. He leans against a diamond-patterened fence made of tree branches and there is the trunk of a tree to the left of the image. Fence is in front of an interior wall, implying a studio setting. At bottom of card in black letterpress, "P. BOGRAND, Wausakee, Wis." On verso, handwritten in pencil, "5-".

Portrait of a young man with large tie

Item is a white cabinet card with elaborately embossed border and text, at bottom "Goff" followed by symbol with the letters F, G, and L intertwined, and "WAUSAU, WIS." On verso, in black letterpress, "These cards are manufactured expressly for/ F. Lee Goff, Wausau, Wis. U.S.A./ by Carl Ernst & Co. Berlin, Germany." Image is of a young man in a tweed suit with an elaborate paisley tie.