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The series consists of a textbooks written by Catherine Lund.232-1.1 Accounting Basics: Introduction by Catherine Lund and Robert.E. Beam232-01.01 Solutions Manual for the Accounting Assistant by Catherine Lund232-1.2 Accounting Basics: The Balanc...

Books From Lajeunesse Personal Collection

Two books originally belonging to President Claude Lajeunesse. His name is written inside and the books have notations and underlined sections. RG 628.7.1 Petrified Campus (Bercuson, Bothwell, Granatstein) RG 628.7.2 The University In Ruins (Readi...

Open College books and coursepacks

Series contains 3 course pack books:RG 7.10.01 Understanding the People of another Culture: A reader - Margaret NorquayRG 7.10.02 Gerontology II selected readings - Greta Riddell-DixonRG 7.10.03 Canada and Quebec: One country, Two histories (rev. ...

Norquay, Margaret


Textbooks kept as examples of books consulted by individuals studying civil and survey engineering courses.

Jack Layton research file

File contains textual records generated by various parties during research on Jack Layton conducted in 2009. Includes research summaries, lists of archival holdings at various institutions, a summary of Layton's PhD thesis, and correspondence.