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<photographs by form>

<photographs by form>

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<photographs by form>

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[Imperial Germany portraits]

This glass lantern slide is representative of personas from Imperial Militaria Germany (1871-1918). It has four portraits of men, they have been identified as Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903), Frederick III (Emperor in 1888 for 99 days, successor to William I and predecessor of William II), Helmuth von Meltke the Elder (Chief of Staff of the Prussian Army from 1822-1888) and Otto von Bismarck (Chancellor from 1871-1890). In the portrait of Frederick III, he is wearing the Order of the Black Eagle, which means he was Emperor in this picture. Since Frederick III only ruled in 1888, and the other three were either still in power or just retiring, we have tentatively dated the piece for after 1888. This year refers to the Year of Three Emperors, because it was the year that William I died, the year Frederick III ruled and died, and that William II took over as Emperor. The images are in colour, potentially colour halftone process on a glass slide. Just one pane of glass, printed on verso.

[Photographs from a Kodak No. 1 camera]

Item consists of twelve snapshots taken with the Kodak No. 1, the first rollfilm camera under the name "Kodak". Subjects include a house in a forest, a group of women posing in front of the house, a man walking by the house, cows, and men playing cricket or baseball. The images are round on a white background with a black border and gold gilded edges. On the back of one photograph is handwritten in pen "Set 2.00" on a piece of masking tape.

[Portrait of a young woman, outdoors]

Item is a cream coloured bi-fold card (3 flaps) with the embossed drawing of a viking ship on the top left of the outer flap. Inside, a photograph of a young woman outdoors, smiling, and leaning against a pile of metal or concrete tubes, with shipping crates behind her in the distance. On the mat around the photograph, embossed in brown, "H.A. Osborne/ PENTANGUISHENE,/ ONT."

Osborne, H.A.C.

[Family portrait, outdoor rural setting]

Item is a photograph of a man holding a child on his knee and a woman standing next to him, outside a house with a view of a field in the background. The photograph is very informal, with the man looking down and away from the camera. A screen door to the house on the right of the photograph reveals an adult holding the arm of a child, the hand pressing against the screen.