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Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing graduation doll

Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing graduation doll created for Wellesley graduate and former Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing faculty member Linda Cooper. Doll has curly blonde hair and full make-up. It is wearing the nurses graduation cap with the black band, the starched white graduation uniform of dress, bib and apron with the blue and red Wellesley nursing cape. The doll is also wearing white stockings and white shoes. A scanned image of the Wellesley graduation pin is affixed to front of the uniform on the left side. The doll is also wearing a plastic heart bracelet.

Higgins-Tramov, Janis

Nurnberg album

Item consists of a small album with postcards of Nuremberg. Album has a red cover, and the pages inside are white with accordion binding. .Contains panorama views and cityscapes, as well as architecture photographs of churches, buildings and landmarks.

Postcard have location description below the image, as well as the following text: Verlag v. Rommler & Jonas, K.S. Hof-Photogr. Dresden 1888

M. F. Peck album

Item consists of a black album with the letters M. F. Peck embossed in gold on the front cover. There is a metal clasp at the top and bottom of the album (bottom one is missing a piece). Contains predominantly tintypes with some colour retouching. Most of the album pages are left empty.

Japanese accordion album

Item is a folding album with a black lacquered wood cover, including painted and ivory inlay decoration. White accordion folded pages. Tissue interleaving. 50 albumen photographs are mounted with glue. Images are hand coloured.

Photographs include scenic views and landscapes, architecture of buildings, portraits - mostly of women engaged in cotton-spinning, cooking and other activities.

Graduation, 1943

File contains the superintendent's report for the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing class of 1943. Speech addresses staffing shortages due to the war, numbers of graduates serving in the armed forces, and the fact that there were no students admitted in September of 1942.

Class of 1915 graduation pin

Mary Willmina Ferguson, Class of 1915 graduation pin. Mary Willmina was a member of The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing's first graduating class.
Gold and enamel graduation pin. Pin feature the hospital crest and motto encircled by a band with "Wellesley Hospital" on it. The person's name and date of graduation is engraved on the back of the pin.

Class of 1915 graduation pin

Clarissa Chapman MacNeill, Class of 1915 graduation pin. Clarissa was a member of The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing's first graduating class.
Gold and enamel graduation pin. Pin feature the hospital crest and motto encircled by a band with "Wellesley Hospital" on it. The person's name and date of graduation is engraved on the back of the pin.

Malta, Italy, China album

Green fabric-coated album with some decorative linear gold embossing. Spine torn along edges. First and last page have a decorative leaf pattern. Notations are handwritten in black ink. Photographs are mounted in between two layers, seemingly embedded into album's pages.
Photographs are of a family traveling through Malta, Italy, Portugal and China, taken at sites such as Pompei, Mount Vesuvius, the Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace, as well as some photographs of the railway through a mountainous countryside.
Some photographs include images of the crew and family aboard the S.S. Somali, a British passenger and cargo steam ship that travelled between England and Hong Kong, stopping at locations such as Italy and India to drop off or pick up cargo. The ship was built in 1930 and was destroyed by a bomb while being towed on March 27, 1941. The shipwreck still remains upright off the coast of the United Kingdom, on the East side of Glasgow off the shore of North Sunderland.

Assuming dates of album are between 1930-1941, based on S.S. Somali's active days, King of Italy pictured would be King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and his Queen, Elena of Montenegro.

Places: Chapel of Bones, Mount Vesuvius, Camaldoli Monastery, Temple of Venus, Temple of Jupiter, Temple of Mercury, Temple of Heaven.
Locations: Pompei, Baia, Malta, Naples, Italy, Gozo, Pekin, China.
Themes: portraits, S.S. Somali, landscapes, railroads, sailing, King and Queen of Italy.

Shields, Lorne

Kiwanis showboat days album

Black leather cover, gold embossing ("photographs" and "showboat days"). Black pages with photographs glued in. Album bound by black braided string. "No. A Balmoral Album / Made in Canada by Canadian Kodak Co. Limited (Genuine Leather)."

Mostly collage work, cut out from show program, newspaper clippings of reviews and photographs from the London Kiwanis Club "Showboat Days Revue" at the Grand Theatre.

The review included glee club performances, theatrical acts and minstrel shows. The minstrel performances included several white performers in blackface.

Minstrel shows are a style of variety show, most popular during the late 19th and early 20th century, in which white performers use make-up and costumes to depict racist and stereotypical caricatures of Black people. The genre originated in the United States, but Canada had its own troupes and touring companies, and the format was popular with schools, community groups, and religious organizations.

Canadian community cookbook collection

  • 2021.008
  • Coleção
  • 1888-2005

This collection contains Canadian cookbooks and textbooks with a focus on community created cookbooks, diet and nutrition cookbooks, high school textbooks, and food company cookbooks and pamphlets.

Lantern Slide Collection

  • 2017.017
  • Coleção
  • 1820-1950

This collection consists of early optical devices commonly known as magic lanterns. The first report of the construction of a magic lantern is generally considered to be referring to the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1659. The lanterns in this collection are dated from the early 1800s until the mid 1900s and include large professional devices as well as consumer models and toy magic lanterns.

The collection also holds over 500 lantern slides on a wide range of subjects. The slides demonstrate different iterations of glass slide projection and the evolution from hand-painted imagery to photographic and mechanical slides.

For more information about the history of magic lantern projection, please see our blog post:

Medical magic lantern slides depicting skin conditions

Item consists of 14 glass magic lantern slides depicting various skin conditions, along with 2 slides of poison ivy plants. Conditions pictured include chicken pox, hives, athlete's foot, acne of the face, impetigo, poison ivy, ringworm, boils, pediculosis, scabies, measles, and animal ringworm. The slides are accompanied by a short, typewritten sheet with a script entitled "Description of Slides" and dated July 15th, 1944, which describes poison ivy and athlete's foot. The slides appear to be written for prospective campers, and intended to be presented by a Miss Hankinson and Mrs Benham. the series was published by the Ryerson Film Service department of Ryerson Press.

NAFTA: Playing with a Volatile Substance "Action Tool"

Investigative documentary hosted by Eric Peterson examines the debate surrounding the 1993 signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Shot in Mexico and Canada, the documentary contains interviews with workers from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, international economists, union leaders and cultural critics, including Mexican opposition leader Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Council of Canadians’ Maude Barlow, and Business Council on National Issues' Tomas D'Aquino.

CineFocus Canada

Foreign Policy for Canadians

6 booklets put out by the External Affairs Department of the Canadian Government. Included are:
Foreign Policy for Canadians
Latin America
International Development
United Nations.

Government of Canada

Discursive Space conference

Conference program for Discursive Space: Breaking Barriers to Effective Spatial Communication in Museums. 20-23 June, 2013. Hosted by Ryerson University School of Interior Design and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Class of 1915 graduation pin

Ethel Hogaboom, Class of 1915 graduation pin. Ethel was a member of the first graduating class at the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. Gold and enamel graduation pin. Pin feature the hospital crest and motto encircled by a band with "Wellesley Hospital" on it. The person's name and date of graduation is engraved on the back of the pin.

Monthly Review - an independent socialist magazine

2 copies of Monthly Review - an independent socialist magazine
Volume 27 No. 3 July-August 1975 - China's Economic Strategy
Volume 30 No. 3 July-August 1978 - China since Mao

Monthly Review Inc.

Admissions Student Nominal Rolls

The series contains copies of student nominal rolls with each student's respective program RIT enrolment and/or secondary school or place of residence prior to admission to Ryerson Institute of Technology during the years of 1952, 1954, 1956, 1961 and 1962.

1952 Nominal Rolls

The sub-series holds files of lists (copies) on "onion skin" paper bearing the names of students admitted to Ryerson Institute of Technology for the year 1952 / 1953.

1961 Where Students Come From

The file consists of copies (photocopies) of lists of secondary and other schools from which registered students attended prior to entry to Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1961/1962 school year. The schools are arranged alphabetically by urban centres across Ontario, Toronto Metropolitan Area, other provinces, from universities, and from the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Bermuda and the West Indies. Included is a summary of the data.

[Canada] Ltd

Robert Laxer is editor of book with contributing authors: Jim Laxer, Tom Naylor, John Huthcheson, Christina Maria Hil, Mel Watkins, John Smart, and Robin Mathews.

Laxer, Robert

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