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Yorkvillism is a book created by Ryerson University, Lifetime Developments and the Toronto Star. Book features photographs by Ryerson Image Arts students Eriver Hijano, Arthur Mola, Renee Mun, Andrew B. Myers, Eugen Sakhnenko, and Andrew Williamson. Book was created to highlight Yorkville and was a juried competition - with Arthur Mola as the winner, runner up Andrew Williamson, and honourable mention to Andrew B. Myers.

Lifetime Developments

Southern Ontario alumni event

File contains photographs taken on April 10, 2003 at the Hilton in London, Ontario. President Claude Lajeunesse hosted a Southern Ontario Alumni event. Some of people in the photographs have been identified on the back of the photographs.

City of Toronto Municipal Handbook

This handbook is a reference book with historical, political, judicial, and general information on the City. Briefly, it includes a list of Toronto mayors from the first in 1834, William Lyon Mackenzie to William Stewart in 1931 ; photographs of the City's executive ; City department budgets ; election results ; fire department stations ; business license fees ; tariffs for taxicabs and livery cabs ; motor vehicle information ; statistics and general information, and much more.

J.W. Somers, City Clerk, signed his name across the tile page.

City of Toronto

Temple Building, Toronto

Contact sheet with four black and white images of the Temple building in Toronto, originally constructed in 1896. The building was Toronto's first skyscraper. Corresponding negatives: 2009.002.2393.

Education in the Information Age

File contains 2 copies of the keynote address delivered by Robert Scott to The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers at the 14th International Television Conference. The Conference was held in Toronto on February 1, 1980. Also in the file is thank you letter from the President of the Society for his participation.

The Body Electric: Notions of Self and Identity in the Age of Virtual Reality

File contains a copy of "The Body Electric: Notions of Self and Identity in the Age of Virtual Reality" presented by Robert Scott at "Confronting Technopoly" - the 15th annual convention of the Media Ecology Association. The convention was held June 19-22, 2014 Ryerson University. Also in the file are the conference proceedings, and correspondence.

Media and Communication course brochure

Three brochures for the Photographic Arts Media and Communication course (PTM023-033-043) offered from July 5-July 24 1982(?) at Ryerson's Blue Mountain Lodge. The course counted as a credit towards the students Photographic Arts degree. Robert Scott designed, organized and helped teach the three week course.

Delgamuukw: Fraser 5/99

File contains records relating to the Fraser Institute and the conference "The Delgamuukw Case: Aboriginal Land Claims and Canada's Regions" held in Ottawa on May 26-27, 1999.
Included in the file are:
1) handwritten notes from conference
2) Conference kit
3) Conference paper #1 "The Probable Effects of Delgamuukw" by John Howard
4) Conference paper #2 "Aboriginal Title as a Constitutionally Protected Property Right" by Kent NcNeil
5) Conference paper #3 "Converting the Communal Aboriginal Interest into Private Property: Sarnia, Osoyoos, The Nisga'a Treaty, and other Post-Delgamuukw Developments" by Jack Woodward
6) Conference paper #4 "Aboriginal Title: Origins and Character" by Brian Slattery
7) Conference paper #5 "What My Elders Taught Me: Oral Traditions as Evidence in Aboriginal Litigation" by Alexander von Gernet
8) Conference paper #6 "The Delgamuukw Case: What does it mean and what do we do now?" by Melvin H. Smith
9) Conference paper #7 "Delgamuukw and Diplomacy: First Nations and Municipalities in British Columbia" by Paul Tennant
10) Conference paper #8 "The Effect of the Delgamuukw Decision upon Alberta Land Claims" by Tom Flanagan
11) Conference paper #9 "Will Delgamuukw Eclipse the Prairie Sun? The Implications of the Supreme Court's Decision for the Prairie Treaties" by Ken Tyler
12) Conference paper #10 "Delgamuukw and the Interpretation of the Prairie Treaties" by Norman Zlotkin
13) Conference paper #11 "Take your Time and Do It Right: Delgamuukw and the Dynamics of Self-Government Advocacy" by Kerry Wilkins
14) Conference paper #12 "Delgamuukw: Its Implications and Potential Effects in Quebec" by Paul Joffe
15) Conference paper #13 "The Delgamuukw Decision: An Invaluable Lever for Quebec's Aboriginal Communities" by Claude Bachand
16) Conference paper #14 "Rights and Wrongs: Finding a Just Middle Ground in Land Claim Disputes" by Don Cayo
17) Conference paper #15 "Impact of Delgamuukw Guidelines in Atlantic Canada" by James Sa'ke'j Youngblood Henderson
18) Conference paper #16 "The Impact of Delgamuukw in Newfoundland and Labrador" by Adrian Tanner
19) The Fraser Institute 1998 Annual Report
20) The Nisga'a Template: Facts the Government isn't sharing" Office of the Official Opposition Liberal Caucus of British Columbia
21) "A Principled Analysis of the Nisga'a Treaty" by Gordon Gibson, Public Policy Sources, No. 27

Nawash: Fish/MNR 9/95

File contains records related to fishing rights for the Chippewas of Nawash, Saugeen First Nation., and he Haida Nation. Included is correspondence, Dibaudjimoh newsletter, press release, and newspaper clippings.

Design Archive photographic collection

  • 2015.005
  • Fonds
  • 1987 - 2003

Design Archive Inc. was the professional company of photographer Robert Burley, who established it in January 1987 and acted as president until January, 2000. Design Archive Inc. specialized in architectural photography: work is project-based, with project locations including commercial centers, businesses, private residences, and public places of note. Interior and exterior architectural structure is the predominant photographic subject, with landscapes and detailed design highlights, furniture, and machinery filling out the collection. In 2003, Burley accepted a full-time teaching position at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts and suspended work at Design Archive Inc.

These fonds include photographic materials, including photographic prints, contact sheets, negatives, CDs, and other miscellaneous items that were collected by Design Archive Inc. from 1987 to 2003.

Burley, Robert

Centre for Urban Energy

  • RG 952
  • Fonds
  • 2010-2015

Fonds contains records related to The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) at Ryerson University

Centre For Urban Energy

Indian Act - Ontario 1950-60's

File contains records created and maintained by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs between 1950-1969. The main topic appears to be the Indian Act and Community consultations.

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC)

Rainbow: Clippings

File contains records related to Operation Rainbow - a Ministry of Natural Resources sting operation targeting Indigenous Harvesters on Manitoulin Island. The majority of the file contains newspapers and newspaper clippings, but also contains an agenda for a United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin special assembly; a warning to all UCCM First Nation Harvesters regarding Operation Rainbow; and a United Indian Councils of the Mississauga and Chippewa Nations report "Ontario Indian Position on Ontario Game & Fish Regulations 1922".


File contains records related to the occupation of Ipperwash Provincial Park and the death of Dudley George. The majority of the file consists of newspaper clippings but there is also a draft press release from the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin; notes from an Assembly of First Nations conference call; and a Chiefs of Ontario bulletin about the event.

Moose Factory

File contains records related to Moose Factory, Ontario. Included are newspaper clippings; Omushkego Arrow newsletter Aug. 1994; map of Albany, Moose-Kesagami, and Rupert's House bands circa 1880; Moose Cree Treaty Workshop handwritten notes; and some notes re: Moose Factory.

West Patricia Land Use Plan

West Patricia Land Use Plan by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. West Patricia encompasses Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and the northern part of Geraldton.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (Ontario)

AFN Confed 3/91

File contains draft agenda and accompanying materials for the Confederacy of Nations Meeting held in Ottawa, Ontario on March 19-20th, 1991.

W. Rudnikick - 1982 Patriation Debate

File contains several copies of brochure "Support the Right to Self-Government" put out by the Assembly of First Nations, and a copy of "Indian Development Issues Post-Patriation" notes from a speech given by W. Rudnicki at McMaster University, June 2, 1982.

National Committee on Treaties/AFN Centre for Treaty Advocacy meeting kits

Sub-series contains National Committee on Treaties/Centre for Treaty Advocacy information kits that coverage a range of issues including claims, treaties, Aboriginal titles, MBCA, border crossing, litigation updates, and federal/provincial policy. Included are:

2018. Treaty Rights Unit Activities Report, Ottawa, Ontario March 4, 1987

2018. Treaty Rights Conference Ottawa, Ontario January 14, 1987

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Kamloops, British Columbia, Sept. 20-21, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties meeting Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 9-10, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book - IXth Annual AFN Assembly Edmonton, Alberta May 20-June 2, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Ottawa, Ontario July 11-12, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties Quebec City, Quebec July 4, 1989

2018. National Centre for Treaties briefing kit Halifax, Nova Scotia September 28-29, 1989

2018. National Committee on Treaties Edmonton, Alberta March 6-7, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Vancouver, British Columbia May 1-2, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Hay River, Northwest Territories June 27-28, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties - Grand Council Treaty #8 Nations Edmonton, Alberta Sept. 19-20, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties summary of activities Oct. 1, 1990

Assembly of First Nations annual reports

Annual reports of by the Assembly of First Nations delivered at their annual Chiefs Assembly. Included are:

2018. "Ours to Build - Forward in Unity" Third annual Assembly of First Nations Conference April 20-22, 1982 Penticton, British Columbia

2018. Report to VI Annual Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations July 29-31, 1985 Vancouver, British Columbia

2018. Report to VIIIth Annual General Assembly June 24-26, 1987 Toronto, Ontario

2018. "Sovereignty and Self-Determination The Next Step" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the IXth General Assembly May 30-June 2, 1998 Edmonton, Alberta

2018. "Rebuilding First Nations" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the Xth Annual Chiefs Assembly July 5-7, 1989 Quebec City, Quebec. Also included is "Text of the Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, submitted by the drafting committee".

2018. "Determining our Agenda Through Reconciliation of Our Past Lives" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the XIth Annual Chiefs Assembly May 4-7, 1990 Whitehorse, Yukon. Included with the report are some handouts from the assembly.

2018. "Our Land Our Government Our Heritage Our Future" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the XIIth Assembly of First Nations June 10-12, 1991 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Litigating and Aboriginal Law

Conference program for "Litigating Aboriginal Law" held in Ottawa, Ontario on June 6-7, 2002. Conference was given by the Pacific Business & Law Institute.

Indian Claims Commission Proceedings (1999) 11 ICCP

Indian Claims Commission proceedings volume 11. Included are reports on: Gamblers First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement inquiry; Nekaneet First Nation Agricultural and other benefits under Treaty 4 inquiry; Moose Deer Point First Nation Pottawatomi Rights inquiry. Also in the volume are responses from the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to Gamblers First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement inquiry and response regarding the Qu'Appelle Valley Indian Development Authority flooding claim inquiry to the Muscowpetung First Nation, Pasqua First Nation, Standing Buffalo First Nation, Sakimay First Nation, Cowessess First Nation, and Ochapowace First Nations.

JWG - 23-25 Feb 1993

File contains a copy of the meeting agenda and accompanying material for the Joint Working Group on Claims Policy held February 23-25, 1993 in Ottawa, Ontario. Included is information on the previous meetings held in Val D'Or, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.

Toronto album

Black textured cover album with black pages. Handwritten notations in white ink. Photographs are glued in.

Inside cover has what appears to be a very small, very thin horseshoe mounted to the page; also, a small card is mounted to the page - contains two poems: "In Flanders' Fields" written by Colonel John McCrae from Canada serving in France 1917, and "America's Answer" written by R. W. Lillard appearing in the New York Evening Post.

On the third right-hand page, centre photo "Belle of a Masquerade", bottom left corner, faded date 1919. Other handwritten notations include summer 1911, summer 1913

Other items include newspaper clippings of marriage announcements,

Locations include: Simcoe, Humber River, Kew Beach, Toronto "Ex", Scarborough Bluffs, Scaroborugh Beach Park, Lake Ontario, Allan Gardens, Canadian Rockies, sites in Frisco [San Francisco], California, "Moore's Ltd" 380 Yonge - Toronto;
Thmes include: casual portraits, dogs,

Souvenir of Toronto, Ont

Brown soft cover album with gold details. Bound by brown braided string. Black pages with photos held in with photo corners. Handwritten notations in black ink and green pencil.
Photographs are snapshots of houses, interiors, cars and a few of people in Shanty Bay, Toronto and around Ontario.

Kodak XL 362 movie outfit

Item consists of a Kodak XL 362 movie outfit, including camera, 4 AA--size batteries, wrist strap, and eye cup. Originally also included a super 8 cartridge of Kodak type G Ektachrome 160 movie film.

Kodak Brownie Reflex, Synchro Model

Item consists of a Brownie Reflex Synchro Model, made in Canada by the Canadian Kodak Co. Limited. It has a twin-lens reflex pattern and a large finder with a folding hood. It uses 127 film, a rotary shutter, and has a meniscus lens. It is in the original box with two manual booklets and has a fabric braid strap.

Kodak Film - the dependable film in the yellow box

Item consists of a portrait format, white, board poster, featuring a black and white image of two boxes of Kodak Film, with "Kodak Film - the dependable film in the yellow box / The film that gives the same results from roll to roll, so that you can rely on it. / Kodak Film excels on every count - speed, latitude, uniformity - and each is of picture-making importance. / Use Kodak Film, the dependable film in the yellow box. / Canadian Kodak Co., Limited, Toronto" printed beneath.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Petite camera (blue)

Item is a promotional model of the Kodak Vest Pocket Model B, manufactured in 5 colours: blue, green, grey, lavender and pink. This version also includes an art deco pattern on the camera body, a particularly rare model. Marketed to young women, it was promoted as easy to use and small enough to fit in a lady's hand. Some models included a vanity carrying case, lined with sating and housign a lipstick, powder, rouge, clutch and mirror. Produced 4.5 x 6 cm exposures on 127 film.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Kodak Heights Building #5

Appear to be loose prints from the Kodak Heights series of albums that document the construction of Kodak Heights during 1913-1917, See related records for albums: 2005. Note that a group of these prints were organized in a separate box, P-56 and P-64, they have been assigned the same number and the different locations noted in the record.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Heights aerial and ground level views and marching band

Photographs consist of views of Kodak Heights :

  • Three aerial views, one slightly earlier in years
  • One panorama of three buildings
  • One at entrance gate with buildings nos. 3 and 5 in background
  • One of Kodak Canadian soldiers (or air men) in marching band, passing in front of Building No. 9 (Employees Building).
    Previously in 3-ringed binder.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Printers Row Lofts (525 Logan Avenue)

File consists of 13 photographs of the interior of a unit in the Printers Row Lofts, located at 525 Logan Avenue in Toronto. The building was originally the head office of Bell Telephone, and was built in 1911. The lofts were designed by Levitt Goodman architects (now LGA Architectural Partners).

Burley, Robert

Mississauga landmarks

File consists of 65 exterior views of buildings in Mississauga, from the street and shoreline. Buildings include the Living Arts Centre, Credit Union building, Province Electric Supply Ltd., Liberty Mutual, Summit Food Service Distributors, Royal Bank, Sherwood Reproductions, Peel Insurance Brokers, Storagetek, Scotiabank.

Burley, Robert

Parlour Restaurant

File consists of 10 images of the interior of the Parlour Restaurant, located at 333 King Street West in Toronto, Ontario. Views include dining area, exterior, and patio.

Burley, Robert

Basilico Ristorante

File consists of 27 images of the interior of the Basilico Ristorante, located at 5100 Rutherford Road in Vaughan, Ontario. Views include dining area, bar, and table settings. Interior design by Burdifilek Designs.

Burley, Robert

Hilton Toronto

File consists of 10 images of the interior of a suite of the Hilton Toronto hotel, located at 145 Richmond Street West. Designed by KPMB Architects. Views include the sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Burley, Robert

Isabel Bader Theatre

File consists of 43 images of the Isabel Bader Theatre on the University of Toronto campus. Views include exterior shots of the theatre, stage and seating, entryway and stairwell, and entrance. Designed by Lett-Smith Architects.

Burley, Robert

Nesbitt Burns offices

File consists of 9 images of the interior of the Nesbitt Burns offices. Views include workstations, offices, conference rooms and hallways. Designed by Dermott Sweeny architects.

Burley, Robert

Adidas store

File consists of 12 images of the interior of an Adidas sporting goods store. Views include displays of running gear, golf clubs, and skis. The space was designed by Sweeney & Co. Architects.

Burley, Robert


File consists of 13 images of the interior of an Eaton's department store. Views include the mens clothing department, furniture, and kitchen appliances.

Burley, Robert

Toronto Hydro

File consists of 38 photographs of the interior of the Toronto Hydro building. Views include the reception desk, boardroom, meeting room, hallway and kitchen.

Burley, Robert

Quadrangle Architects: 6 projects

File consists of 32 photographs of projects completed by Quadrangle Architects in Toronto. These include: 5 Rosehill, GAP Bloor Street, St. James (King and Jarvis), the Candy Factory lofts, Toronto Film Studios, G & W, and the Duke condos.

Burley, Robert

Elm Grove Living Centre

File consists of 2 photographs of an outdoor event, featuring former City of Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman and Elm Grove Living Centre Administration staff member Tara Singh, along with a woman named Elizabeth (identified by nametags in the photographs).

Burley, Robert

Trinity Community Centre

File consists of 23 images of the Trinity Community Centre, located at 155 Crawford Street in Toronto. Views include the exterior of the building at night, the main entryway, and the pool.

Burley, Robert

Providence Healthcare

File consists of 65 images of the Providence Healthcare centre, located at 3276 St. Clair Avenue East in Toronto. The centre specializes in rehabilitation for strokes, orthopaedic surgery, or lower limb amputation patients and those who require geriatric rehabilitation and treatment. Views include waiting area, reception desk, dining room, patient rooms and hallways.

Burley, Robert

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