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plaque with Lenin profile

wooden plaque with metal folding stand. Wood is topped with layers of red plastic and metal, with a silver coloured relief portrait of Lenin. Covered with a clear plastic lid.

Tapestry of Lenin's 100th anniversary

Tapestry of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's 100th Anniversary 1870-1970 shows his profile woven into the material, with the dates below and intricate design on borders. Rich dark colours. Tapestry has hooks to hang. Writing on verso.

Metal "Young Pioneers" pins

Gold-coloured metal pins, depciting a star with Lenin's profile inside, topped with flames. A banner with letters crosses the star below Lenin's head. Beneath his head it reads: Always ready! Enamelled colour on the metal creates light red for the flames, dark red for the star, and white for the face. There is a metal pin clasp on the back along with a star or 'H' type mark. They were produced in Moscow.

Graphic of Lenin in front of Soviet flag

Item consists of a poster mounted on foam core, depicting Vladimir Illyich Lenin in red and white, standing with a Russian flag flowing in background. Hook to hang poster on verso. It reads, "More and more is necessary to broaden the participation of the working people in the management of the economy..."

More light, let the party know everything...

Large poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing and one loosely rolled poster shows image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin looking stern with red background, and white writing. Hook to hang poster on verso. The title of this poster is a quote attributed to Lenin. In smaller text it reads, "For us, as never before, more light isneeded, so that the party and people know all, so that we won't have dark corners, where would again start up the mold, all of that with which we are now led a decisive struggle and are far from completion. Therefore - more light!" This quote is indicated to be from materials from the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union dated January 1987. The poster was produced in Moscow. The editors were M. Nedkova and I. Pechkin and the artistic editor was Yu. Leonov.

Sachkov, V.

V. I. Lenin on a podium

One poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing, and three loosely rolled posters, show the image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing above a crowd and speaking to them, his hand at his chest. Below him are red Soviet flags and behind him is blue sky. Fine art reproduction of a painting. At the bottom left of the picture it reads: Central V. I. Lenin Museum. The poster's publishing house was named Pravda. It was published in Moscow.

Gerasimov, A. M.

Citation to a labour veteran

Citation cards that are not yet folded that have the star, hammer and sickle on recto. On inside of card is an image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin writing and reading at his desk. Opposite page is a blank white space with the gold writing and the star, hammer and sickle. Framed in red, with gold and yellow. On both sides, it reads: For a labour veteran. It was produced in Moscow. The artists responsible were V. Trubanov and S. Bondar. There is some small text written in Ukrainian as well.

6 piece full body poster of Lenin

Item consists of 1 posters in 6 pieces, each bearing one sixth of an image of Lenin in front of the letters KPSS (Communist Part of the Soviet Union).

Poster for the elections

Loosely rolled poster shows flags of fifteen Soviet republics with the red flag in the middle on top of the building.

Certificate, military

Citation cards with Soviet flags and crest featuring profile of Lenin. Military aircraft and tanks are depicted along the bottom edge. It reads: For our Soviet homeland! A quote attributed to V. I. Lenin reads: Our slogan should be one - study the case in a real way...

Photographic poster of Lenin on Gorky Park bench

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of Lenin seated outdoors on a Gorky Park bench. Original photograph dates to 1922 and was produced in Moscow. Beneath the photograph it reads: V. I. Lenin in Gorky Park, 1922.

V. V. Lobody

Photographic portraits of Lenin on small posters

Small card posters printed with a photographic image of Lenin. There are 2 different poses, one in which Lenin faces the camera smiling, the second where Lenin is leaning an arm over the back of a chair. "V. I. Lenin" is written on both posters, beneath the photographs. They were produced in Moscow.

Leading power of society

Originally 12 posters, missing 3. Two smaller posters have been placed inside the front cover. Recto quote, attributed to V. I. Lenin, reads, "Party... we believe, in it we see the mind, honour and conscience of our epoch.." The author was S. V. Kolesnikov, the artist was S. B. Raev, the editors were A. N. Kozlov and L. V. Yakhnevich and the technical editor was E. G. Kochetova. It was produced in Moscow.

Lenin: Posters, portraits, leaflets 1917-1924

Set of twelve small posters in a book format, depicting the political life of Lenin. Recto reads, "Lenin: Posters, portraits, leaflets 1917-1914 from the Lenin State Library of the USSR." The author was N. Baburina, the designer was B. Fedyushkin, the editors were I. Sazhneva and Yu. Leonov and the technical editor was T. Onosovskaya. It was produced in Moscow.

Baburina, N.

Sacred War: Songs and Marches of War-Time

33 rpm LP records in plastic sleeves and exterior cardboard sleeves. Cover depicts formations of soldiers marching in Red Square. Large Russian title in red and other text in purple. Back is white with track titles in Russian and English. Each cost 2 rubles.

USSR Ministry of Culture

Singapore album

Red cover album bound by blue and white braided string. Layers of cover are separating. Black pages with photographs held in with photo corners. Handwritten notations in white ink. Interleaving is pretty brittle, torn and cracked.

Album includes photographs showing the 1955/56 military tour of duty. Photographs are of Singapore, training boats, the H.M.A.S. Tobruk, Lok Ma Chau and the October 1856 riots, camp, rugby, swimming, water polo, the railway, Hong Kong, Malaya, and ends with some photographs taken in Australia. Themes and items also include early cars, buses and military vehicles, snapshot portraits, uniforms, Rugby Cup pamphlet, activities on board H.M.A.S. Tobruk, Riot squad and October '56 riots, Christmas 1956,

Locations and sites include Gilman Barracks, Kuala Lampur,

Loose materials include admission stub from The Balmy Beach Rugger Club Volleyball Tournament Dance in July, 1968; several loose photographs.

Drawing of Lenin, applied to wood

Wooden plaque ornament with graphic drawing of Lenin in profile applied with lacquer. There are 2 pegs inserted at the base of the plaque, which are inserted into the base to allow the plaque to stand upright on a desk or other flat surface. Lenin is drawn with Soviet era army cap now commonly identified with him as a 'Lenin style cap'.

USSR newspaper Truth

Front section of Soviet Russian newspaper containing 6 pages of text and halftone images. Identified as issue no. 313 (21282). Newspaper title is flanked by crests of Lenin and a military star type crest. The images include that of a press conference at Lenin's mausoleum, a large protest or march with crowd members holding banners depicting Lenin, military excercizes and parades, and entertainer playing the accordion. On the front page, the main story's title reads: Under the banner of Lenin - dear October! Reporting about the parade and demonstration of workers on Red Square. The title of the story below it reads: Holiday reception at the Kremlin's Palace of Congresses. The last story is titled: A Speech by Comrade L. I. Brezhnev. It is on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution. On page 2, the main story from the front page is continued. Pictures of the parade depict soldiers marching and war technology. The story on the right-hand side is about the parade march to the palace. On page 3, the title reads: Unity, Brotherhood, Cohesion: Holiday Celebrations in the Capitals of Union Republics. The cities featured are Kyiv (Kiev), Minsk, Tashkent, Alma-Ata, Tbilisi, Baku, Vilnius, Chisinau (Kishinev), Riga, Frunze, Dushanbe, Yerevan, Ashgabat and Tallinn. On the top left of page 4, the title reads: We talk about the new winners: Calling the foremost example. The story below it is titled: Domestic-talent and skill. The bottom left-hand story is titled: Bridges for Baikal-Amur Mainline, and a picture of foreign parade-goers in Moscow is to its right. The story on the right-hand side is titled: Congratulating Countries of the Union. Page 5 includes various international news stories and a political cartoon about the October Revolution and negative international sentiments toward the USSR. The last page includes article titles including Conviction, News: Holiday Mosaic, Sport, From the Poetry Notebook, Inquiries. Publisher and publishing information is also included at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page, there are two pictures: two young people preparing to celebrate the October Revolution are in one picture and the other shows a sporting event at a stadium.

1917-1957 commemorative plate

Commemorative plate of Vladimir Illyich Lenin standing with one arm raised to the sky, with the other at his chest. At the top of plate are the dates 1917-1957, marking 40 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution. City scape and water in background, with a glowing star in the sky. There are laurels and a hammer and sickle beneath his feet. Done in relief.

CCCP watch in box

Watch resting in plastic case, on foam. Red letters (CCCP) on the watch face, with a red star at the 12 o'clock position. CCCP is the Russian abbreviation which translates in English to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). "Perestroika" is also written on the watch face. Verso of watch face is engraved with "CCCP," a star and the numbers 140836. Plastic box is pink and grey tortoise shell. Recto of box reads "Glory" in Russian. Paper tag tied by string to watch with the letter C on it. Fake wrist band around watch made of paper. Sticker adhesive on top of plastic box with the numbers 11.50. Inside box are folded paper receipts or certificates or warranties.

Scultpures and Reliefs series

Series consists of sculptures and reliefs of Lenin, as well as a piece of marble from Lenin's mausoleum. Media include metal, wood, bronze, plaster, stone, plastic, glass, porcelain, and clay.

Statue of Lenin, seated and holding a rolled paper

Small statue, composed of a metal alloy, shows the figure of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin seated on what appears to be a tree stump. He holds a rolled paper in his left hand. A piece of paper, probably the manufacturer's stamp, is adhered to the bottom of one of the statues. The second statue has glue residue in the same location, indicating a similar paper was adhered but removed. The cast was created in 1986. It cost 17 rubles.

L. Torich

Hanimex PR-60

Item consists of a light exposure meter which is used to measure light to determine the appropriate exposure settings. Back of exposure meter states that it's shock proof.

Minolta Mini 16

Item is a 16mm slide projector (a 35mm slide adapter is included) with f2.5 40mm Rokkor lens. Illumination is supplied by a 75 watt lamp. A brown leather case with user manual is included.

Text Accompaniments to Stereocards published by Underwood & Underwood

Volumes list all the stereocards in a series and then describe each card, including the significance of the depiction. Certain volumes are accompanied by maps and plans.
Real Children in Many Lands
Italy: Through the Stereoscope
Norway: Through the Stereoscope
Russia: Through the Stereoscope
The United States: Through the Stereoscope
Traveling in the Holy Land: Through the Stereoscope(Have 3 of this title)
Palestine: Through the Stereoscope
Jerusalem: Through the Stereoscope
Part I - A Trip to Jerusalem: Through the Stereoscope

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