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Dossier cameras (photographic equipment)
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Instant camera and film advertisements

File contains prints featuring images of advertisements for Kodak instant cameras, including a diagram of the process fluid, and Kodamatic instant color film. Also included are promotional images of Kodacolor film. Many are filed with captions. The caption for an image advertising Kodamatic Trimprint instant color film reads: "A cold winter's day is an ideal time to organize your pictures into albums. Remember that the Kodamatic Trimprints, when they have been separated from their backing, can be mounted or trimmed like conventional prints."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak customer service pamphlets

File contains originals and photocopies of Kodak Customer Service Pamphlets and order forms, published between 1977 and 1997. These pamphlets were available for purchase and provided technical advice and information on various aspects of photography. Topics include: photograms; camera lenses; and the history of Kodak cameras.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Records pertaining to the Photographic Historical Society of Canada and other camera clubs

File contains documents related to the Photographic Historical Society of Canada and other camera clubs. Kodak Canada had a longstanding relationship with the PHSC and hosted the organization's 25th anniversary celebration. File includes: flyers and other promotional material for PHSC events; membership forms; a copy of the Sept/Oct 1999 25th anniversary special issue of Photographic Canadiana; a PHSC calendar for 2000; a flyer for "Old time" photo portraits produced by PHSC member Wayne Sproul; a brochure for the Toronto Camera Club lecture series; lists of camera clubs in Canada; and other ephemera.

Kodak Canada Inc.

George Eastman and Thomas Alva Edison

File contains copy prints featuring an image of George Eastman and Thomas Edison. Caption adhered to versos read: "George Eastman, (left) and friend Thomas Alva Edison, early collaborators. Edison purchased one of Eastman's first "snapshot" cameras. The continuous roll of film it held became the basis for Edison's invention of his first motion picture camera."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Eastman Kodak repair parts lists and repair service information

File consists of three 3-ring binders, created between 1929 and 1943, containing detailed, illustrated instructions and equipment lists designed to serve as reference material for those responsible for repairing Kodak still and motion picture cameras. Information contained within the binders was created and distributed on a subscription basis by Eastman Kodak Company. Subscribers would receive periodic updates of information, which could be added to the binders over time.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Reproduced photographs

File contains reproductions of photographs used by corporate communications and also likely by the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum. Subject matter includes: Plant and facilities at Colborne and King streets; Kodak Heights; factory work; employees; wartime; product images; dental and medical photography; George Eastman; corporate events; and others. Some reproductions annotated.

Kodak Canada Inc.