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Kodak Canada Inc. Bestanddeel
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File contains promotional textile material produced by the Kodak company and includes T-shirts, sweat shirts, a towel, a cloth bag, neckties and a flag. These items were given to employees and customers by Kodak Canada and used as promotional giveaways.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Heights photograph albums

File contains six photograph albums documenting the development of the Kodak Heights property and the construction of the first Kodak Heights buildings during 1913-1916. These albums are consistent in their presentation and physical characteristics, including bindings, construction, and gelatin silver prints and includes inscribed captions in the lower right corner with the title and dates.

Each album is organized by building or site with indexed tabs to indicate the building or construction project. Prints are arranged chronologically within each section, presenting a detailed progression of the building projects from start to finish. Kodak Heights buildings documented include: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 as well as site projects including reservoirs, chimney, sewage disposal, trunk sewage, tunnels, plant nursery. Highlights include a series of images of the Canadian Battalion at Kodak Heights during WWI.

Several images are printed from the glass plate negatives in the collection.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Heights Building #3

Photographs showing the construction of Building 3 at Kodak Heights during 1913-1917. These are loose prints that are exactly the same as the prints in the photographic albums that document the construction of Kodak Heights during the date range 1913-1917. See related records for albums: 2005.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Heights Building #5

Appear to be loose prints from the Kodak Heights series of albums that document the construction of Kodak Heights during 1913-1917, See related records for albums: 2005. Note that a group of these prints were organized in a separate box, P-56 and P-64, they have been assigned the same number and the different locations noted in the record.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Consumer mkts french ad

File consists of 2 contact sheets and 2 prints featuring images of a life-sized cutout french advertisement at the Image Centre in Toronto for Kodak Colorwatch System, featuring an image of a man holding a baby standing beside a dog wearing a birthday hat and sunglasses and a stuffed Kosmic the Kolorkin mascot toy.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Customer Equipment Service ISO 9001 promotional group shots

File consists of 10 contact sheets and 4 prints featuring promotional studio shots of a group of cheering individuals, presumably Kodak employees, holding an ISO 9001 Kodak Customer Equipment Service banner. An image from this file was used in a poster for Kodak Platinum Service, 2005.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Creative photography

File contains images of creative photography. One enclosed typed caption reads: "A picture of cracked, peeling paint? Why not, when the result is an abstract as interesting and appealing as this?" The second caption reads: "Wreathed, haloed and framed, the subject of this picture has a memorable portrait, because a creative photographer saw the possibilities of the background."

Kodak Canada Inc.


File contains photographs featuring images of children decorating and searching for Easter eggs. Each is housed with a typed caption. One caption reads: While he is absorbed in deciding whether his egg has reached exactly the right shade of purple, you have an opportunity for some wonderful candid photography.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Children promotional portraits

File consists of photographs featuring images of children. Many are promotional images, and feature children at the beach, pumpkin picking, with grandparents, professional portraits, Easter egg hunting, eating lollipops, applying clown make-up, eating donuts, being sprayed by a hose, dressed in costume and more. Some have captions enclosed, such as an image of a girl holding up a maple leaf with a caption that reads: "The essence of late fall is captured bin this one golden leaf. With it, the wily photographer has also obtained a charming unselconscious portrait of the little girl." Some duplicates.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Children in Halloween costumes

File contains photographs of children in Halloween costumes. One caption reads: "When your little girl is about to dress up in her first Halloween costume, be sure your camera is handy to catch her reaction. This particular shot won its taker an award in the 1979 Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Commercial portraits of children

File contains promotional group portraits of children participating in outdoor activities, including sleighing, camping, tree climbing and Easter egg hunting. Many are enclosed with captions that feature photography technique pointers, such as a print of a row of toddlers sitting outside on a bench with a caption that reads: "The photographer saw this fascinating line-up and was quick to get their picture before the children noticed."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Nordic and alpine skiers

File consists of prints featuring images of people nordic and alpine skiing, included couples, families, individuals and friends. An enclosed caption reads: "The tranquility of a lovely afternoon in a snowy woodland glade is but one of the rewards for the cross-country skier." Some duplicates.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Shooting Guidelines - Landscape and Portrait

File contains images demonstrating various lansdcape and portrait techniques. An enclosed caption from one images reads: "The craftsmen of Williamsburg are just one of the many picture opportunities you find indoors and out. Being able to use existing light is particularly important at the silversmith's shop when you want to avoid flash reflection in the silver.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Movie camera stills

File consists of enlargements of motion picture film featuring film stills. One enclosed caption reads: "The stages of learning to stand up and walk are marvelous to watch and to remember. When you record them on movie film, you can enjoy them for years."

Kodak Canada Inc.

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