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Titanic: Treasures of the Deep

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  • 1991 (Creación)
    MacInnis, Joseph B.

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7 videocassettes : 1 U-Matic, 1 Betacam (large cassette), 1 BetacamSP (small cassette), 4 VHS

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Dr. Joe MacInnis, C.M. MD. FRCP. (Hon) LLD. (Hon), earned a medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1962 and was awarded a research position at the University of Pennsylvania to begin what would become his pursuit for the following three decades: the study of the physiology and psychology of men and women in undersea conditions. Between 1964 and 1970 he worked as the medical director of Ocean Systems Inc., the world's largest diving and underwater engineering company. In 1970, Dr. MacInnis participated in the research and writing of Canada's first national ocean policy. During this time, he initiated the first of eleven diving expeditions to study the systems and techniques needed to work safely under the ice in the near-freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean. In the next decade, his team would make more than 1,000 dives and construct the world's first undersea polar station, the Sub-Igloo.
In 1978 Dr. MacInnis led the team that discovered, explored, and filmed the HMS Breadalbane, a three-masted British barque crushed by the ice in the Northwest Passage in 1853. Located in 340 feet of water 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the HMS Breadalbane is the world's northernmost known shipwreck. Shortly after the discovery of the Breadalbane, Dr. MacInnis turned his attention to the most infamous shipwreck of all - the Titanic. He made two dives to the bow and stern of the Titanic between 1985 and 1991, and was co-leader of the two million dollar project to film the ship in IMAX format. In 2005, he joined James Cameron on a dive that produced a 90 minute live broadcast from some of the last unseen rooms of the ship.

Dr. MacInnis is involved in a number of community service projects that reflect the wide range of his interests, supporting both scientific and artistic ingenuity and the protection of the environment. He has been awarded five honorary doctorates, the Queen's Anniversary Medal, the Admiral's Medal and the country's highest honour, the Order of Canada. He regularly lectures on topics of leadership and teamwork, and continues to publish on his underwater discoveries.

For additional biographical information, see www.drjoemacinnis.com

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The film is a documentary account of the preparation and descent of the Russian submersibles MIR 1 and MIR 2 into the depths of the Titanic. Hosted by Walter Cronkite. The film begins with a merger of underwater technology between North Americans and Russians, a technology pioneered by the Russians. Following this, a team of researchers, explorers, photographers, filmmakers and scientists board the Russian ship Akademik Keldysh on route to explore the Titanic. Two submersibles are launched on a 24-hour day schedule and the images recorded are extraordinary. The film then focuese on the treasures found in the deep; ceramics, coins, an unopened safe, as well as parts of the ship that were at this time previously unexplored and provide clues to the sinking of this massive ship.

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Digital file available. Also available to BetacamSP, U-matic, VHS, and DVD.

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Program trailer made for Australian television is found on Betacam tape 0187 (now 029). Trailer by Burbank, Calif. : Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1992.

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Al Giddings Images Unlimited; Columbia Pictures Television

Signatures note

Typed on front label insert: ' "TITANIC - Treasure of the Deep" '
Printed on business card taped to front: 'Dr. Joseph B. MacInnis CM. MD. LLD. DSc. FRCP./ 178 Balmoral Avenue (416)921-1652/ Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 1J6'
Typed on spine label: ' "TITANIC -/ Treasure of/ the Deep"/ A CBS SPECIAL/ Al Giddings/ Images/ Unlimited'
Typed on top label: ' "TITANIC - Treasure of the Deep"/ A CBS SPECIAL'
Printed on business card taped to top: 'Dr. Joseph B. MacInnis CM. MD. LLD. DSc. FRCP. [underlined]/ 178 Balmoral Avenue (416)921-1652/ Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4V 1J6'

Nota general

Notes from initial viewing: hosted by Walter Cronkite; television special on Russian/Canadian/American expedition to Titanic
/Akademic Keldysh and MIR 1 and 2; interviews with JM, RW, EK, Stephen Lowe (director of IMAX film), AG, AS
/clip from 1958 film re-enactment of sinking of T. - 'A Night to Remember'
/interview with Charles Sachs (T. historian); underwater shots of T. - officers quarters, lifeboat davit, crow's nest, along promenade, the bridge, bronze helm
/living conditions on Keldysh - monitoring system, cook
/history of expeditions to T.
/recovered objects from T.
/with credits
Producer and director: Al Giddings
Producers: Terry Thompson, Sam Shore
Writers: Sam Shore, Al Giddings
Editors: Terry Kane Chin, Sam Shore
Host: Walter Cronkite

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