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Television specials--United States

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Television specials--United States

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Television specials--United States

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Show of the Week: A Time for Laughter

This file contains a black and white kinescope copy of the colour television program produced by ABC titled A Time for Laughter. CBC aired this program during Show of the Week on March 13, 1967.

Program summary:
One in this series of entertainment specials presented under the umbrella of "ABC Stage 67." This program is devoted to black humor. Sidney Poitier opens the program with a short history of black humor with a look at minstrel shows, blackface comedy, black vaudeville and "signifying" (black humor's comment on life). Richard Pryor performs, and integration is examined, as seen by the black humorist. Skits include Redd Foxx, Dick Gregory, Diahann Carroll, Godfrey Cambridge, Diana Sands, Harry Belafonte, George Kirby, Pigmeat Markham, Jackie "Moms" Mabley. Includes commercials.

Summary courtesy of The Paley Center:

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