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CATE [Centre for Advanced Technology Education

File contains photographs of the Centre for Advanced Technology Education. The building was a 2 storey addition to the exisiting Eric Palin Hall located at 87 Gerrard St. East. Included are exterior photographs of architectural renderings, construction and the completed addition.

water wheel

borderless snapshot mounted on thin card of the same size. Depicts a wooden waterwheel with three female figures standing around it. Verso inscription: "May. The Water Wheel. Mr. L and I had half and hour 's argument- because I refused to sit upon the stump marked with a cross. if I had succeeded in getting on I should have fallen off backwards because it was much steeper behind than in front. You would hardly believe what a long jaw we had over such a silly thing. Mary has on the Russian headdress."

Arrow Sport airplane and pilot

unmounted print with white border. Depicts a pilot standing in front of a plane. Recto inscription "Arrow Sport - LeBlond - List $3485 - '29" Verso inscription "Arrow Sport- '29, Side by side seating. LeBlond 5 engine. Demonstrator with 25 hours- 1500. New- $2000, list 3485 FOB Lincoln."

[passenger ship]

semi-gloss print with white border, printed on textured paper. Depicts a passenger ship with one smokestack, three visible life boats, and three flag poles. It has a dark hull with a light stripe. It is flying four flags, one of which is the union jack. Verso sticker label, bottom right: Wilson Wonsey 324 Jefferson Marine City, Michigan." Came in a green envelope marked "Britannia," along with one other print.

[man working at machinery]

Item is a glass-covered 35mm slide with silver paper surrounding image. Red tape holds the edges of the glass. Image depicts a man in goggles working at a piece of machinery in a factory setting. Small sticker Recto top right reads "17."

[liquid air tank]

glass covered slide with silver mat, red taped edges. Depicts a tank with several hoses at bottom. It reads: "L.A. Bulk Oxygen Installation, Liquid Air, L.A. Oxygen." Recto inscription in pencil, top right: "31."

[spaceship illustration]

glass-covered slide with black tape on edges. A photo reproduction of an illustration of a spaceship. Verso reveals caption (backwards) not visible from recto: "Hermann Gansindt's spaceship. The two cylindrical containers right and left of the bell-shaped explosion chamber were to hold the supply of explosion 'pills.' The long passender cabin had a center well to permit passage of the exhaust."

Video and Audio of Press Related to Ryerson CATE October 1983

1 Umatic videocassette and 1 audio cassette containing footage of 2 media items related to the Centre for Advanced Technology Education (CATE):

The Umatic video contains two segments: 1. "Ryerson Grant - Mr. J Roberts" CFTO-TV Toronto World Beat News item October 3, 1983. 2 Ryerson Press conference with John Roberts - October 3, 1983.l

The audio cassette contains : Press conference October 3, 1983 Centre for Advanced Technology Education.

Welding booth

35mm slide in cardboard sleeve. Depicts a piece of machinery by a large window in a factory building. Recto captions, printed in blue- top left: "date," right side: "made in Canada," left side: "Patented," bottom edge: "Project from this side arrow shows position." REcto inscriptions, top edge: "Welding boom (I.M.A.) used by westeel Regina, Feb '57." Verso captions, printed in blue- top centre: "Mitchell Photo Supply Ltd. Dominion Sq., Montreal," bottom centre: "Processed by Etco."

B.W. Kilburn: Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Californaia

Item is an albumen stereograph. Images depict a series of buildings on a mountain, including a domed telescope enclosure. Recto caption, left: "James M. Davis, New York, St. Louis, Liverpool, Toronto, Sydney"; right: "Copyright 1895 by B.W. Kilburn"; bottom: "9990 Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Califoraia [sic]." Verso centre: "Photographed and published by B.W. Kilburn = Littleton, N.H."

[Navy Ship]

semi-gloss gsp with white border, printed on tectured paper. Depicts a navy ship in body of water, with shoreline visible behind it. The ship has a flag flying on the bow and stern, and the number "258" printed on the side. The ship has several antennas atop it, as wel las two cannons. Came along with one other print in a green paper envelope marked "Britannia."

[woman in oxygen tent]

Glass-covered slide with silver paper mat, red tape on edges. Image shows sleeping woman in hospital bed, covered with clear plastic tent. Gas tank is beside the bed, with sign that reads in part: "oxygene… attention… defense de fumer." small label recto, top right reads: "23"

[airliner over ocean]

glass covered slide with silver mat and red tape on edges. Depicts a silver and red propeller airliner over a large body of water. The image is quare, leaving the top and bottom of the frame black. Small label upper right recto: "7."

[worker welding]

35mm slide in cardboard holder. Depicts a worker in a welding mask working on a piece of machinery. A large spool of wire is visible in the top right corner. Recto caption, left edge: "5, Made in U.S.A.," embossed: "Apr 59." Recto inscription, top right, pencil: "4." Verso captions, left: "Processed by Kodak." right; "Kodachrome Transparency."

[welding worker]

slide with cardboard holder. Depicts a worker with welding mask doing some welding on a large piece of machinery. Recto caption, bottom: "9, Made in U.S.A." Recto inscription, top right: "1." Verso captions: "Processed by Kodak," "Kodachrome Transparency."

[factory machinery]

slide with cardboard holder, depicting a piece of machinery in a factory interior. Recto caption, bottom: "Made in U.S.A., 15," embossed: "Apr 59." Recto inscription, pencil, top right: "2." Verso captions; "Processed by Kodak," "Kodachrome Transparency."

[machinery close-up]

Silde with cardboard holder. Image depicts a close-up of some machinery. Recto caption, top: "5, Made in U.S.A." Recto inscription, pencil, top right: "3." Verso captions: "Processed by Kodak," "Kodachrome Transparency."