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Australia (4)

Usado por: Commonwealth of Australia, Australia, Commonwealth of

Adelaide 1
Victoria (AUS) 1
River Danube 1
Yukon 2
Chile 2
Boston 0
South Korea 0
Malta 2
Norway 3
Eurasia (3) 0
Asia (44) 1
Lok Ma Chau 2
India (4) 11
Agra 1
Thanjavur 2
Fukagawa 1
Kobe 1
Nagasaki 1
Nikko 1
Thailand 3
Singapore 6
Sri Lanka (1)

Usado por: Shrī Laṁkā, Shrī Laṁkā Prajātāntrika Samājavādī Janarajaya, Ilaṅkai, Ilaṅkai Jaṉanāyaka Choṣhalichak Kuṭiyarachu

  • Comprises island of the same name and small islets. Settled by proto-Australoid peoples from southern Asia; Indo-Europeans immigrated here in the 5th century BCE, developed into Sinhalese; was Buddhist center by 3rd century BCE; invasions by Hindu Tamils from India 1st-12th century; visited by Arabs in the 12th century, by Europeans in the 16th century; official languages are Sinhalese and Tamil, though English is also used.
Al Qāhirah

Usado por: Cairo, Al-Qāhirah, Al-Qahirah, Al Qahirah

Ethiopia 1
Madagascar 1
South Africa (3) 5
Niger 2
Morocco 1
Democratic Republic of Congo

Usado por: Congo, République Démocratique du (preferred,C,V,French,U,N) République démocratique du Congo (C,V,O,French-P,U,N) Congo, république démocratique du (C,V,French,U,N) Democratic Republic of the Congo (C,O,English-P,U,N) ............ 1964-1971, and again since May 1997 Congo, Democratic Republic of the (C,O,English,U,N) Democratic Republic of Congo (C,O) ............ name recognized by the US & other nations May 19, 1997 República Democrática del Congo (C,O,Spanish-P,U,N) Congo (Democratic Republic) (C,O,display,English,U,N) Демократическая Республика Конго (C,V,Russian-P,U) 刚果民主共和国 (C,V,Chinese-P,U) جُهور ةً ا ىًوهغو الدّيملراط ةَ (C,V,Arabic-P,U) COD (C,O,ISO3L) CD (C,O,ISO2L) ISO180 (C,O,ISO3N) CG (C,V) CG00 (C,O,FIPS) Congo Kinshasa (H,V) Zaïre (H,V) ............ 1971-1997 République du Zaïre (H,V,French,U,N) ............ 1971-1997 Zaire (H,V) ............ 1971-1997 Republic of Zaire (H,V,English,U,N) ............ 1971-1997 Kongo, Republik (H,V) Belgisch Congo (H,V,German,U,N) ............ 190

  • Region had early Niger-Kordofanian populations; was home of important Luba kingdom and Kuba chiefdoms during 16th-18th centuries; Portuguese arrived in 15th century; Belgium claimed the territory in 19th century; official language is French, though English, Lingala, Swahili, Kingwana, Kikongo, Tshiluba and over 400 Bantu and Sudanese dialects are also spoken.
Finland (1) 2

Usado por: Tammerfors

  • River port located on an isthmus traversed by the Tammerkoski (rapids); was medieval trading center; grew dramatically after 1821; now is large industrial center noted for striving to preserve the natural environment around it.
Germany (16) 126
Berlin 10
Stuttgart 8
Wetzlar 2
Wienhausen 3
Potsdam 4

Usado por: Sem título

Frankfurt 1
Heidelberg 2
  • Was an ancient metropolis of great importance; settled in Neolithic times. Acropolis was fortified by 1200 BCE; became great city-state, ruling and colonizing over a wide area. It was the center of culture influencing all of the Western world in philosophy, theater, and art. The name refers to the goddess Athena. In Homeric Greek the city's name was in the singular form (Ἀθήνη) then changed in the plural.
Great Britain 2
Vienna, Austria 2
Antwerp 1
United Kingdom (52) 9
Scotland (12) 5
Ballater 1
Culloden Moor 2
Inverness 2
England (35) 47
Spratton 1
Edgbaston 1
Banbury 1
Scarborough (UK) 1
Keighley 2
Skipton 1
Manchester 2
Ilford 4
Salisbury 0
Mopley 1
Poland 1
Netherlands (3) 7
  • Located in Gooiland area of lakes & woods; developed as small village dependent on agriculture & weaving; grew after arrival of railway in 1874; currently is suburb of Amsterdam.
Ukraine (2) 10

Usado por: Kharkov

Vilnius 1
Sarajevo 1
Zurich 1
Geneva, Lake of

Usado por: Lake Geneva

  • Located on French-Swiss border, between Alps & Jura mountains; is traversed by Rhone river, which exits at Geneva; has been long famed for clear, blue waters & picturesque surroundings.
Sweden (1) 6
Porto 1
  • The town of Roskilde in the county seat of the county commune of Roskilde, situated at the head of Roskilde Fjord in eastern Zealand, Denmark, in an area renowned for its ancient sacred springs. From ca. 1020 to 1416 it was the seat of the Danish kings and until 1443 the capital of Denmark. It was the most important ecclesiastical center in Denmark until the Protestant Reformation. In 1658 the Treaty of Roskilde was signed there, ending war with Sweden. Historic architecture includes the cathedral, partly Romanesque and partly Gothic, begun in 1170 and finished in 1464. A long line of Danish kings and queens are buried there. The modern town is a major railway center and its industrial activities feature bacon factories, tanneries, distilleries, and a high school for industrial workers. It serves as a residential suburb of Copenhagen. The 2004 estimated population was 43,700.
Milan 4
Lake of Como 1
Ontario (161) 45
Bramalea 2
Fort Erie 2
Ailsa Craig 1
Galt 1
Ancaster 1
Caledon Hills 1
Chatham-Kent 1
Chatham 10
Collingwood 4
Concord 1
Cooksville 1
Elmvale 2
Espanola 1
Fergus 5
Georgetown 2
Goderich 3
Bolsover 1
Alton 1
Hill Island 1
Newmarket 3
Lindsay 8
Port Stanley 5
Oshawa 8
  • Former town, now underwater.
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