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Use for: Protest


Use for: Graffiti culture


Use for: Snapshot

  • Photographs made with simple cameras without artistic pretensions or commercial considerations; beginning especially in 1888 with the appearance of the first roll film box camera. Snapshots thus are often recognizable in that they were processed not by the photographer but by a commercial concern.
Postage stamps

Use for: Stamps, postage

  • Library of Congress Subject Headings

Use for: Cards, postal, Picture postcards, Post cards, Postal cards

  • Here are entered works both on cards sold by post offices with stamps already printed on them, usually mailable at rates lower than those for letters in envelopes, as well as on commercially printed cards, usually having a picture printed on one side, to which a stamp must be affixed for mailing.
Photographic laboratories 23

Use for: Crossdressing

  • found: National Center for Transgender Equality, WWW site, Mar. 31, 2017:(Crossdresser: A term for people who dress in clothing traditionally or stereotypically worn by the other sex, but who generally have no intent to live fulltime as the other gender. The older term "transvestite" is considered derogatory by many in the United States.) -
Tents 4
School children

Use for: Elementary school students, Primary school students, Pupils, School children--Education, Schoolchildren

Children with disabilities

Use for: Children with special educational needs, Children with special health care needs, Children with special needs, Handicapped children, Physically handicapped children, Special needs children

  • found: Rhode Island Kids Count Program. Issue brief, Nov. 2003, via WWW, Apr. 18, 2006(Children with special needs are those who have a chronic condition that requires educational, health and related services ... beyond that required by children generally ... physical, developmental, behavioral and/or emotional)
Nesting dolls

Use for: Nested dolls, Matryoshka dolls

Cities and Towns

Use for: Global cities, Municipalities, Towns, Urban areas, Urban systems

Churches (buildings)

Use for: Church (building), Church architecture, Church building, Kirks (buildings)

  • Buildings for public Christian worship that are distinguished historically from chapels and oratories, which are buildings that are in some respect private, or not public in the widest sense. Church architecture generally somewhat follows standard models, which vary depending upon the date, location, and characteristics of the congregation.
Banks and banking

Use for: Agricultural banks, Banking, Banking industry, Commercial banks, Depository institutions

Banks (buildings)

Use for: Bank (building), Bank buildings

  • Buildings that house establishments for the custody of money received from, or on behalf of, customers, with the essential duty of payment of the orders given on it by the customers. Banks' profits arise mainly from the investment of the money left unused by the customers. Bank buildings typically have indoor counters and windows where customers may make transactions, often with bars or other security devices securing the window, offices where bank officials may meet with customers, vaults for the secure storage of money and other valuables, and other security devices and measures. Exterior bank architecture traditionally imitates a Greek temple, although many other styles are employed as well.
Politics and government

Use for: Government and politics, Political history, Politics, Politics and suffrage

  • Use as a topical subdivision under names of countries, cities, etc. Also use under ethnic groups for the internal or self-government of the groups and/or the political activity of the group or its individual members.
Military officers

Use for: Military officer, Officer (military officer), Officers (military officers), Military officer's, Military officers', Officer's (military officer), Officers' (military officers)

  • Those who hold a position of authority or command in the armed forces, specifically those holding it by commission. For those holding positions of trust and authority within a civil, governmental, or private context, see
Lantern slides

Use for: Lantern slide, Lanter-slide, Hyalotypes (lanter slides), Lantern slide transparencies, Magic lantern slides, Slides, lantern

  • Transparent positive images made or mounted on glass for projection, usually but not necessarily photographic, measuring 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 by 4 inches for projection onto a screen by means of a specialized projector.

Use for: Benevolent institutions, Infirmaries

Health facilities

Use for: Facilities, health, Health care facilities, Health care institutions, Health institutions, Institutions, health, Medical care facilities, Medical care institutions, Medial facilities

Public health (1)

Use for: Community health, Health services, Hygiene, public, Hygiene, social, Public health services, Public hygiene, Social hygiene

Health (2)

Use for: Biography--Health

  • Use as a topical subdivision under names of individual persons and families for works on the person's or family members' state of health, including diseases suffered and accounts of specific diseases. Also use under individual animals and groups of animals and individual plants and groups of plants.

Use for: Foods

Blackface entertainers

Use for: Black-face entertainers, Entertainers, Blackface, Minstrels (Blackface entertainers)

  • Blackface is a form of theatrical make-up used predominantly by non-Black performers to represent a caricature of a Black person. It refers to the racist act of artificially darkening the skin in an attempt to impersonate Black people.
  • Here are entered general works on the history and description of directories and directory-making.
College buildings

Use for: Universities and colleges--Buildings, University buildings

Stereoscopic cameras

Use for: double-lens cameras, twin-lens cameras, stereo cameras

Box cameras

Use for: box camera, Camera, box, Cameras, box

  • Early type of camera consisting of a lightproof box, with lens, shutter, and viewfinder, and employing film rather than a plate.
Mass media (1)

Use for: Mass communication, Media, Mass, Media, The

  • Here are entered works on the modern means of mass communication. Works on the communications industries treated collectively are entered under [Communication and traffic.] Works on human communication, including both the primary techniques of language, pictures, etc. and the secondary techniques, such as the press and radio, are entered under [Communication.]
Television broadcasting

Use for: Telecasting, Television--Broadcasting, Television industry

  • Here are entered works on the transmission of television programs that are intended for general public reception. Works on the technical aspects of television transmission, including television transmitters, are entered unde
Variety shows (Television programs)

Use for: Television variety shows, Variety programs (Television programs), Variety television programs

  • The encyclopedia of television, via the Museum of Broadcast Communications Web site, May18, 2007:Variety programs (Variety shows almost always featured musical (instrumental, vocal, and dance) performances and comedy sketches, and sometimes acrobatics, animal or magic tricks, and dramatic recitations; variety series)

Use for: Cafes, Dining establishments, Restaurants, lunch rooms, etc.

Minstrel shows

Use for: African American minstrel shows, Blackfaced minstrel shows, Negro minstrel shows

  • Here are entered works on the 19th and early 20th century entertainments in which comedians portrayed racial stereotypes.
Security 0
hospital architecture 1

Use for: Travelling, Travelled

  • The action, condition, or cultural concept of visiting different cities, countries or regions, especially distant or unfamiliar places, whether by necessity or for pleasure or education. One common purpose of travel is to see different sights and acquaint oneself with cultures different from one's own.
Entertainers (1)

Use for: Performers, Performing artists, Show business personalities, Show-men


Use for: Pupils, School life, Student life and customs, Student--Education

Music-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.)

Use for: Cabarets, Concert gardens, Concert rooms, Concert saloons, Variety shows (Theater), Variety-theaters

Medical supplies

Use for: Medicine--Equipment and supplies, Hospital supplies, Medical products, Supplies, medical

Medical imaging equipment industry 27

Use for: Machinery--Curious devices, Machines

Photography--Printing papers

Use for: Photography--Papers

Miniature cameras

Use for: Miniature camera, Cameras, miniature

  • General term applied to any 35mm (or smaller) camera.
Diffusion transfer process

Use for: Instant photography, Diffusion transfer

  • Photographic process used primarily for instant or self-developing photographs in which the positive image is formed from undeveloped silver halides in the negative. The negative is placed in contact with a support in the presence of a developing agent, and the unexposed silver diffuses to the support to form the positive image. For making color instant camera photographs, it is dye couplers that are in the negative, in which case use
Photographic processes

Use for: Photographic processing

  • Procedures by which light-sensitive materials are made to produce an image. For procedures related to how a photograph is taken or composed, or is manipulated during or after processing, use
Flash photography

Use for: Photography, flash, Electronic flash photography

Kirlian photography
  • A process to record the surface conduction characteristics of an object or material by placing it on photographic film, which is then exposed by the blue and ultraviolet light of a corona generated by a high-voltage, high-frequency power.

Use for: x-ray photography

  • The making of radiographs, images produced on photographic film by a radiation other than light, especially x-rays or gamma rays. Modern radiography systems are moving away from x-ray sensitive film to produce these images, with a digital plate replacing film. For the science or practice of dealing with x-rays or nuclear radiation in general, use
aerial photography

Use for: air photography, aerophotography, airborne photography, photography, aerial , photography, air

  • Refers to the activity of taking photographs from aircraft. The term may also be used to refer to any photography from the air, including photographs obtained by cameras mounted on aircraft, rockets, or Earth-orbiting satellites and other spacecraft. The purpose of photography from airborne or spaceborne vehicles is generally to provide information on ground features for military and other reconnaissance, or to record the dimensional disposition of such features for surveying or mapmaking. To refer specifically only to photography taken from beyond the Earth's atmosphere, use
Stereoscopic photography

Use for: stereography (picture-taking technique), photography, stereoscopic , stereophotography

  • Refers to techniques used to produce the appearance of three-dimensionality in photographs by using two images made at slightly different positions, mounting them side by side, and viewing the pair through a stereoscope or other device. This type of photography was extremely popular in the Victorian period. The process was described in 1832, but the techniques were perfected only after 1856, when a twin-lens camera was designed to take two pictures of the same scene simultaneously. The viewpoints of the photographs were 2 1/2 inches apart, which is approximately the normal distance between human eyes.
Underwater photography

Use for: photography, submarine, photography, underwater, submarine photography

  • Refers to the activity of taking photographs while below the surface of water, often occuring in tandem with activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle. Either waterproof cameras or dry work cameras stored in waterproof housings are used to produce underwater photography.
multiple exposure 0
Picture-taking techniques (10)

Use for: Techniques, picture-taking , Picture-taking technique

chronophotography 0
high-speed photography (still photography) 0
telephotography 0
Black-and-white photography

Use for: Black and white photography , Photography, black-and-white

  • The art or practice of taking and/or processing photographs whose images are composed of gray tones, black, and white, and sometimes one hue, which may result from toning or aging.
Colour photography

Use for: Chromophotography

  • Generally, the art or practice of taking and/or processing photographs that reproduce hues perceptible to the human eye. Extended to include imagery in which colors have been artificially enhanced or altered.
Photographic techniques (13)

Use for: Photography technique, Photography techniques

  • Use with regard to specialized procedures related to how a photograph is taken or composed, or is manipulated during or after processing. Use
<photography and photographic processes and techniques> (14)
  • (<image-making processes and techniques>, <processes and techniques by specific type>, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name))
Commercial buildings

Use for: Commercial building, Commercial structures, Architecture, commercial, Buildings, business, Buildings, commercial, Business facilities, Commercial architecture, Commercial facilities, Facilities, business, Facilities, commercial

  • Use broadly to refer to buildings associated with any aspect of the various activities and business relationships of industry and trade; when referring to structures associated with the purchase, sale, or exchange of goods in business, use
Winter Olympics

Use for: Olympic games (winter), Winter Olympic games

  • Here are entered general works on the winter Olympics. Works on the winter Olympic games of a particular year are entered under the appropriate name heading, e.g. [Olympic Winter Games (20th : 2006 : Turin, Italy).]

Use for: Applied science, Arts, useful, Science, applied, Useful arts


Use for: Exposure, photographic


Use for: Games, olympics, Olympic games, Summer olympics

  • Here are entered comprehensive works on the Olympics, as well as general works on the summer Olympics. General works on the winter Olympics are entered under [Winter Olympics.]
Nursing schools

Use for: Hospital training-schools, Schools of nursing, Training schools for nurses


Use for: Yards (lawns)

Architectural photography

Use for: Photography, architectural

  • Specialization of photography focused on architecture as subject.
Shipwrecks -- North Atlantic Ocean 32
Lakes (bodies of water)

Use for: Lake (body of water)

  • Bodies of fresh or salt water surrounded by land.

Use for: Farm, Complexes, farm, Farm complexes, Farmsteads

  • Complexes where plants or animals are raised for livelihood or commerce.
Art--Exhibitions 31
Graphic arts

Use for: Graphic art, Graphics (graphic art), Arts, graphic

  • Processes and techniques for making images using the arts of printmaking, illustration, drawing, and other techniques that depend upon line and not color to render the design. In historical usage, the term referred more broadly to presentation in two-dimensional visual form, including most arts on paper, panel, or canvas, including painting.
  • The sport or business of catching fish
Exhibit booths

Use for: Booths, exhibit, Exhibition booth, Exhibitions--Booths

  • Booths where art works or goods are exhibited or sold.
Exhibitions (1)

Use for: Exhibits, Expos (Exhibitions), Expositions, Industrial arts--Exhibitions, Industrial exhibitions, International exhibitions, Technology--Exhibitions, World's fairs

Projectors (1)

Use for: Film strip projectors, Magic lanterns, Projection apparatus, Stereopticon

Motion picture projectors

Use for: Moving-picture projectors


Use for: Vessels (ships)

Group Portrait 20
Portraits, Russian

Use for: Russian portraits

Apartment houses (1)

Use for: apartment house, apartment buildings, apartment building, apartment blocks, blocks of flats, houses, apartment

  • Buildings, often multiple-story, containing more than one dwelling unit, most of which are designed for domestic use but sometimes including shops and other nonresidential features. Apartment houses have been in use since ancient times, notable examples having been known in ancient Rome and among ancient Native Americans. The apartment house as known today first appeared in Paris and other large European cities in the 18th century, when tall blocks of apartments for middle-class tenants became common.
cooperative apartment houses

Use for: cooperative apartment house, apartment houses, cooperative, apartments, cooperative, co-operative apartment houses, cooperative apartments, cooperatives (houses), co-ops (houses), coops (houses)

  • Apartment houses owned and managed by a corporation in which shares are sold entitling shareholders to occupy individual units in the building.

Use for: Bathing (swimming)

  • The activity of a person or animal propelling themselves in the water by natural means of progression, such as floating and kicking or paddling the limbs. For the activity of cleansing, prefer
arch bridges
  • Bridges in which the main supporting elements are arches.
Bridges (built works) (1) 34
Medicine (1)

Use for: Clinical sciences, Medical profession


Use for: Clinical nursing, Nurses and nursing, Nursing process

Television specials

Use for: Special programs on television, Specials, television

Photography--Lighting 38

Use for: Statue, Statuary, Figure sculpture

  • Sculpture in the round, usually but not always depicting humans, animals, mythical beings, or small figure groups. Statues are relatively large in scale, being life-size, larger than life-size, or only slightly smaller than life-size. For small-scale representations of humans, animals, or mythical beings, use
Photographic lenses

Use for: Photographic lens, Camera lens, Camera lenses, Lenses (photographic), Lenses, camera, Lenses, photographic

  • Solid shaped pieces of transparent material which gather and select light rays reflected from a subject so that they enter the camera and form an image of that subject on the film.
Churches (buildings)

Use for: Church (building), Church architecture, Church buildings, Kirks (buildings)

  • Buildings for public Christian worship that are distinguished historically from chapels and oratories, which are buildings that are in some respect private, or not public in the widest sense. Church architecture generally somewhat follows standard models, which vary depending upon the date, location, and characteristics of the congregation.
Carriages and carts

Use for: Cabs, Carts, Coaches (Carriages), Hacks (Carriages)

Theater programs

Use for: Theater programs, Programs, theater, Program, theater, Theater programmes, Theater programme, Programmes, theater

  • Printed or written lists of the acts, scenes, selections, or other features composing a theater performance, including the names of the performers.
Career education
  • Here are entered works on the efforts of educational institutions and the community to teach individuals the values of a work-oriented society in preparation for meaningful employment. Works on vocational instruction within the standard educational system, usually at the secondary level, are entered under [Vocational education.] Works on the process of training individuals in a particular skill after termination of their formal education are entered under [Occupational training.] Works on retraining persons with obsolete vocational skills are entered under [Occupational retraining.] Works on on-the-job training of employees are entered under [Employees--Training of.]

Use for: Metallurgical

  • Study of the structure of metal and alloys as related to properties that are important in their technological utilization.

Use for: Calamites, Catastrophe

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