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Soviet Union 1
Local transit--Ontario--Toronto 1
3-D photography 3
35mm cameras

Use for: 35 mm cameras, Thirty-five millimeter cameras, cameras, thirty-five millimeter, cameras, 35mm, 35mm camera

  • Cameras of varied form designed to shoot images on frames of strip film 35mm wide.
<components by specific context> (5) 0
<generic styles, periods, and cultures> 0
<houses by construction technique> 0
<houses by form: plan> (1) 0
<houses by form> (2) 0
<houses by function> 0
<houses by location or context> (1) 0
<houses by occupants> 0
<institutions by activity> (2) 0
<office buildings by form> 0
<office buildings by function> (1) 0
<photographs by form> 0
<photography and photographic processes and techniques> (14)
  • (<image-making processes and techniques>, <processes and techniques by specific type>, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name))
<processes and techniques by specific type> (Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name)) (3) 0
<rooms and spaces by function> (2)
  • Collective term referring to interior areas that are enclosed by walls or defined by other divisions. Always used in the plural. Collective term referring to interior areas that are enclosed by walls or defined by other divisions. Always used in the plural.
<school buildings by form> 0
<school buildings by function> 0
<school buildings by level of education> (1) 0
<school buildings by ownership> 0
<school buildings by subject> 0
<single built works by form: height> (3) 0
<single built works by form> (4) 0
<single built works by ownership> (1) 0
<single built works by specific type> (7) 0
<styles, periods, and cultures by association> 0
<styles, periods, and cultures by era> 0
<styles, periods, and cultures by region> (24) 0
<transferring and transferring techniques> (<processes and techniques by specific type>, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name)) (2) 0
<work and instructional spaces> (1) 0
A. C. Nielson Company of Canada Limited 1
  • Collecting data, usually in monetary terms, about economic activity, processing those data, and reporting them for the use of interested decision-makers.
Activism 1
Acton, Ontario--Pictorial works 2
Actors (performing artists)

Use for: Actor (performing artist), Actresses (performing artists) , Actress (performing artist)

  • Persons who use movement, gesture, facial expressions, speaking, and intonation to create a fictional character for the stage, motion pictures, or television.
Ad-hoc Faculty Committee in Support of the GAA 1
Adam Wardrope Steele 0
Administration Planning 15
Administration buildings

Use for: administration building, administrative buildings, administrative office buildings, administrative services buildings, buildings, administration

  • Buildings constructed or used for offices from which the management and other administrative duties of an organization or institution are conducted.
Advertising (2)
  • Public presentation of or calling attention to a product, service, event, or idea, that is openly paid for by an identified entity. Media for advertising include print and online publications, posters, television, and other media.
Aerospace Engineering

Use for: engineering, aerospace

  • Branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, rocket propulsion systems, and other equipment operating both within and beyond the earth's atmosphere.
Africa--Pictorial works 1
African (general, continental cultures) 0
Afro-Asiatic (style) 0
Agricultural colleges--Saskatchewan 1
Agricultural machinery 2
Agriculture 13
Air pilots 1
Aircraft accidents 2
Airline industry 1
Airplanes 3
Airplanes, Military 4
Airport buildings 1
Airport concourses 1
Airport parking lots 1
Airports--Saskatchewan 1
Airships 2
Alberta--Pictorial works 1
Alexandra, Queen of the United Kingdom, 1844-1925 1
Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, 1844-1900 0
Algonquins of Eastern Ontario Land Claim 0
Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine, 1843-1878 1
Alleys 1
Alligators -- Juvenile literature 1
Almanacs, American--Massachusetts 1
Altars 6
Alternative Dispute Resolution 2
Alumni 9
Alumni Achievement Awards 1
Alumni Weekend 6
Alvin (ship) 2
Amateur films 4
Ambrose, Tommy, 1939 1
American annual of photography and photographic times almanac --Indexes. 1
Americas, The (12) 0
Amphitheaters 3
Amsterdam--Pictorial works 2
Amusement parks 2
Amusement rides 1
Ancaster, Ontario--Pictorial works 1
Anderson, Mary Antoinette, 28 Jul. 1859-29 May 1940 1
Anglican church buildings 2
Animal feeding 2

Use for: Animal kingdom, Beasts, Fauna, Native animals, Native fauna, Wild animals, Wildlife

Anniversaries 6
Annual reports 4
Antarctic 0
Antwerp, Belgium--Pictorial works 2
Apartment houses (1)

Use for: apartment house, apartment buildings, apartment building, apartment blocks, blocks of flats, houses, apartment

  • Buildings, often multiple-story, containing more than one dwelling unit, most of which are designed for domestic use but sometimes including shops and other nonresidential features. Apartment houses have been in use since ancient times, notable examples having been known in ancient Rome and among ancient Native Americans. The apartment house as known today first appeared in Paris and other large European cities in the 18th century, when tall blocks of apartments for middle-class tenants became common.
Apartments 15
Apples 1
Aprons 2
Aquatic sports--New Brunswick 1
Arcades 5
Arch of Constantine (Rome, Italy) 1
Arch. Renderings 1
Archer, Frederick James, 11 Jan. 1857-8 Nov. 1886 1
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