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<houses by location or context> (1) 0
Houses (8)

Use for: House

  • Individual dwellings designed to be occupied by a single tenant or family. May also refer to a building for human occupation, for some purpose other than that of an ordinary dwelling; with this usage,
Row houses

Use for: row house, dwellings, row, houses, row, row dwellings, row housing

  • Urban dwellings attached in a series of three or more. For individual freestanding urban dwellings use
<houses by construction technique> 0
town houses

Use for: town house, houses, town, houses, urban, townhouses, urban houses

  • Use only for individual freestanding urban dwellings. For attached urban dwellings each having its own private entrance, use
<houses by occupants> 0

Use for: News-letters

Boats and boating

Use for: Boat handling, Boats, Boating, Boats, Primitive, Boats and boating--Recreational use, Pleasure boating, Recreation boating, Recreational boating, Recreational boats, Watercraft


Use for: Darkroom technique in photography, Photographic processing, Photography-Darkroom technique, Processing, Photographic


Use for: Advertising, Pictorial, Picture posters

Photography--Equipment and supplies (2)

Use for: Photographic equipment, Photographic supplies, Photography--Apparatus and supplies


Use for: Films, Photographic film

Photographic chemicals

Use for: Chemicals, Photographic


Use for: Scrapbook, Album, scrap, Scrap Albums, Scrap-books

  • Blank books or albums designed so that a variety of items may be affixed to the pages, including photographs, clippings, and other memorabilia.

Use for: Edifices, Halls, Structures

  • Here are entered general works on structures or edifices. Works on the design and style of structures are entered under [Architecture.] Works on the process of construction are entered under [Building.]
Portraits (1)

Use for: Portrait, Portraiture

  • Representations of real individuals that are intended to capture a known or supposed likeness, usually including the face of the person. For representations intended to be anonymous, or of fictional or mythological characters, see "figures (representations)."
Group portraits X

Use for: Group portraits, Portrait groups, Group portrait

  • Portraits depicting two or more individuals.
Portrait X

Use for: Need to merge with Portraits

Group Portraits 20
Aerospace Engineering

Use for: engineering, aerospace

  • Branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, rocket propulsion systems, and other equipment operating both within and beyond the earth's atmosphere.
Medical laboratories 1
Publications (documents)

Use for: Publications (document)

  • Documents distributed to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending.

Use for: Art music, Art music, Western, Classical music, Musical compositions, Musical works, Serious music, Western art music, Western music (Western countries)

Vernacular photography
  • Here are entered works on amateur or anonymous photography that takes everyday life and objects as its subject.

Use for: Proposal

  • Includes offers by one person or organization to another of terms and conditions with reference to some work or undertaking and plans or schemes put forward for consideration, discussion, or adoption.

Use for: Beach

  • Shores comprised of an accumulation of sediment, such as sand or pebbles, along the edge of a sea or lake, and formed by coastal processes such as waves and tides.
Exhibit booths

Use for: Booths, exhibit, Exhibition booth, Exhibitions--Booths

  • Booths where art works or goods are exhibited or sold.

Use for: Equus caballus, Farriery, Hippology, Horse


Use for: Photography--Yearbooks


Use for: Automobile, Autocars, Cars (automobiles), Gasoline automobiles, Horseless carriages, Motor-cars, Motorcars, Passenger cars (automobiles)

  • Self-propelled vehicles designed primarily to transport passengers over ordinary roads.

Use for: Christmases, Mass of Christ, Christ's mass, Yule (Christmas)

  • Refers to the Christian feast and festival observed on December 25 to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Its observance is first documented in Rome in 336. The practice of celebrating on December 25 began in the 4th century in the Western church as a Christian replacement for the pagan festival held on the winter solstice to celebrate the birth of the unconquered sun. The East originally gave the date of January 6 for the nativity but the date of December 25 was generally accepted by the 5th century; the Armenian Church, however, still celebrates on January 6. Christmas took on the festivity (i.e. decorations and gift-giving) of the Roman Saturnalia and other pagan festivals of that time of year. Christmas has continued to accumulate traditions over the centuries; many of the customs associated with the holiday are of non-Christian origin. Evergreens, for example, are symbols of survival and have been associated with Christmas ever since the European Middle Ages. Christmas is traditionally regarded as a festival of the family and of children. In many countries presents are exchanged in the name of or in the spirit of the holiday's patron, Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus.

Use for: singer, singer's, singers', vocalist, vocalists

  • People who perform vocal music.
Musicians (1)

Use for: Musician, Musicians', Musician's

  • Those skilled or specializing in the art or practice of music, such as composers, conductors, and performers.

Use for: Babies, Infancy

  • Here are entered works on children from birth through two years of age.

Use for: Periodical

  • Publications issued at regular intervals, but not daily, containing articles on various subjects by different authors for the general reader.

Use for: Conference, Congresses, Conventions

  • Meetings of two or more people for discussing matters of common concern, usually a formal or public exchange of views.

Use for: Animal kingdom, Beasts, Fauna, Native animals, Native fauna, Wild animals, Wildlife

Interior decoration

Use for: Decoration, interior

  • The discipline focused on selecting and organizing the surface coverings, draperies, furniture, and furnishings of architectural interiors, usually of existing spaces.

Use for: Curiosa and miscellanea, Miscellaneous aspects

  • Use as a topical subdivision under subjects for works about miscellaneous or special aspects of those subjects for which no other subdivision exists or can be established and yet, because of their unusual nature, cannot be treated as general works on those subjects.
Chemical Engineering

Use for: Engineering, chemical

  • Discipline in which chemistry, physics, and mathematics are combined with basic engineering principles to solve environmental, biomedical, societal, or technological problems arising in the application of chemistry.

Use for: Legal holidays, National holidays

Landscapes (1)

Use for: Countryside, Landscape, Natural scenery, Scenery, Scenic landscapes

Nature (2) 60
Cultural landscapes 3
Stereoscopic photography

Use for: stereography (picture-taking technique), photography, stereoscopic , stereophotography

  • Refers to techniques used to produce the appearance of three-dimensionality in photographs by using two images made at slightly different positions, mounting them side by side, and viewing the pair through a stereoscope or other device. This type of photography was extremely popular in the Victorian period. The process was described in 1832, but the techniques were perfected only after 1856, when a twin-lens camera was designed to take two pictures of the same scene simultaneously. The viewpoints of the photographs were 2 1/2 inches apart, which is approximately the normal distance between human eyes.
  • Literary and oral genre rooted in the compressed and cogent imaginative awareness or associations of experiences, ideas, or emotional responses and arranged under an organized criterion of meaning, conscious and unconscious expression, symbolism, formal or informal pattern, sound, and rhythm. The genre encompasses narrative, dramatic, satiric, didactic, erotic, and personal forms.
Art museums (institutions)

Use for: Art museum (institution), Museums, art (institutions), Museums of art (institutions)

  • Institutions that collect and maintain works of art displayed for public benefit.

Use for: Snowfall

Dance parties

Use for: Dances

  • Here are entered works dealing with informal dances. Works concerned with formal dances are entered under [Balls (Parties).]
Architecture, Domestic

Use for: Architecture, Rural, Domestic architecture, Home design, Houses, One-family houses, Residences, Rural architecture, Villas

  • Here are entered works on the architectural aspects of residences. Works on the history and description of human shelters are entered under [Dwellings.] Works on the social and economic aspects of housing are entered under [Housing.]
Underwater exploration

Use for: Exploration, submarine, Exploration, underwater, Ocean exploration, Submarine exploration, Under water exploration , Undersea exploration


Use for: Children--education, Education, primitive, Education of children, Human resource development, Instruction, Pedagogy, Schooling, Students--education, Youth--education

Instamatic camera

Use for: Pocket instamatic camera


Use for: mountain

  • Prominent landforms rising considerably above the surrounding area, typically having steep slopes, a sharp summit area, and large mass. Mountains rarely occur individually, and in most cases, are found in ranges, chains, or systems.
Personnel records

Use for: Personnel record, Files, personnel, Personnel files, Records, personnel

  • Records maintained by an organization for each of its employees giving personal details and information relating to their service.
Art museums--Exhibitions 46

Use for: Photographs--Exhibitions

Toys 47
Art galleries, Commercial

Use for: Commercial art galleries, Print galleries, Prints--Galleries and museums

Administration buildings

Use for: administration building, administrative buildings, administrative office buildings, administrative services buildings, buildings, administration

  • Buildings constructed or used for offices from which the management and other administrative duties of an organization or institution are conducted.
Actors (performing artists)

Use for: Actor (performing artist), Actresses (performing artists) , Actress (performing artist)

  • Persons who use movement, gesture, facial expressions, speaking, and intonation to create a fictional character for the stage, motion pictures, or television.
Stereoviewers (wheel type)

Use for: View-Master, View Master

Project files

Use for: Project file, Files, project, Job files, Master files

  • Collections of files in which each file is related to one particular project, including but not limited to an engineering or architectural project. The term is also used to refer to electronic files related to a project.

Use for: Wintertime

  • Usually the coldest season of the year, occurring between autumn and spring.
Architectural models

Use for: Architectural models, Models, architectural

  • Representations that visualize architectural projects in three dimensions, often including a representation of the surrounding site or context, and usually, but not necessarily, built to scale.
Dealers (Retail Trade)

Use for: Sellers

Hats 44

Use for: Hotels, taverns, etc, Inns

Radio stations

Use for: Radio station, Radiostations, Radiostation

  • Broadcasting stations for sending and receiving radio programming transmissions; for rooms and spaces designed for the origination or recording of radio programs, use

Use for: Field sports, Pastimes, Recreations

Art in universities and colleges

Use for: Campus art

Universities and colleges (1)

Use for: Colleges, Degree-granting institutions, Higher education institutions, Higher education providers, Institutions of higher education, Postsecondary institutions

Schools (institutions) (2)

Use for: School (institution)

  • Organizations or establishments that provide instruction.

Use for: Calamites, Catastrophe


Use for: Metallurgical

  • Study of the structure of metal and alloys as related to properties that are important in their technological utilization.
Career education
  • Here are entered works on the efforts of educational institutions and the community to teach individuals the values of a work-oriented society in preparation for meaningful employment. Works on vocational instruction within the standard educational system, usually at the secondary level, are entered under [Vocational education.] Works on the process of training individuals in a particular skill after termination of their formal education are entered under [Occupational training.] Works on retraining persons with obsolete vocational skills are entered under [Occupational retraining.] Works on on-the-job training of employees are entered under [Employees--Training of.]
Theater programs

Use for: Theater programs, Programs, theater, Program, theater, Theater programmes, Theater programme, Programmes, theater

  • Printed or written lists of the acts, scenes, selections, or other features composing a theater performance, including the names of the performers.
Carriages and carts

Use for: Cabs, Carts, Coaches (Carriages), Hacks (Carriages)

Churches (buildings)

Use for: Church (building), Church architecture, Church buildings, Kirks (buildings)

  • Buildings for public Christian worship that are distinguished historically from chapels and oratories, which are buildings that are in some respect private, or not public in the widest sense. Church architecture generally somewhat follows standard models, which vary depending upon the date, location, and characteristics of the congregation.
Photographic lenses

Use for: Photographic lens, Camera lens, Camera lenses, Lenses (photographic), Lenses, camera, Lenses, photographic

  • Solid shaped pieces of transparent material which gather and select light rays reflected from a subject so that they enter the camera and form an image of that subject on the film.

Use for: Statue, Statuary, Figure sculpture

  • Sculpture in the round, usually but not always depicting humans, animals, mythical beings, or small figure groups. Statues are relatively large in scale, being life-size, larger than life-size, or only slightly smaller than life-size. For small-scale representations of humans, animals, or mythical beings, use
Photography--Lighting 38
Television specials

Use for: Special programs on television, Specials, television

Medicine (1)

Use for: Clinical sciences, Medical profession


Use for: Clinical nursing, Nurses and nursing, Nursing process

arch bridges
  • Bridges in which the main supporting elements are arches.
Bridges (built works) (1) 34

Use for: Bathing (swimming)

  • The activity of a person or animal propelling themselves in the water by natural means of progression, such as floating and kicking or paddling the limbs. For the activity of cleansing, prefer
Apartment houses (1)

Use for: apartment house, apartment buildings, apartment building, apartment blocks, blocks of flats, houses, apartment

  • Buildings, often multiple-story, containing more than one dwelling unit, most of which are designed for domestic use but sometimes including shops and other nonresidential features. Apartment houses have been in use since ancient times, notable examples having been known in ancient Rome and among ancient Native Americans. The apartment house as known today first appeared in Paris and other large European cities in the 18th century, when tall blocks of apartments for middle-class tenants became common.
cooperative apartment houses

Use for: cooperative apartment house, apartment houses, cooperative, apartments, cooperative, co-operative apartment houses, cooperative apartments, cooperatives (houses), co-ops (houses), coops (houses)

  • Apartment houses owned and managed by a corporation in which shares are sold entitling shareholders to occupy individual units in the building.
Portraits, Russian

Use for: Russian portraits

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