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Red filter

Imprinted on the red filter metal holder is "Rolleifilter - hellrot, 999283." Imprinted on the front of the brown plastic case is "OMAG" and on the back is "3459, SWITZERLAND."


Geneva, Switerzland

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold with gold printing on slide "Ancne. Mon F.P.F. & S. J.L. & Co. Sucrs. Paris Steroscopic and Lantern Slides, Vues Stereoscopiques & Lanternes Magiques." Sticker with Y on it. On other side, handwritten in black ink "Geneva." Image of a city view with bridge and river in foreground. Geneva is situated where the Rhône River exits Lake Geneva, which could be the river in the slide.

View of Lugano, Switzerland

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold. Handwritten in lack ink on a white sticker on the glass "View of Lugano from Hotel du Parc, Swiss" but Swiss is crossed off in pencil and "Italy" is written overtop. Sticker on wood reads "Lugano Switz" and on wood in pencil "Swiss." On slide itself "7493 Vue du Lugano, prise de l'Hotel du Parc (Suisse)." Image of statue, mountains, seaside town. Lugano in Switzerland borders Italy which may be why Swiss is scratched off and Italy is written overtop.


photomechanical print of painting mounted on card. Depicts castle, lake with sailboat, surrounded by mountains. Recto caption, bottom right: "Direnmann & Zurich." Recto inscription, bottom: "Chillon."

Kern-Paillard Bolex B8VS

Item is a Kern-Paillard Bolex B8VS motion-picture camera. Uses 8mm film. When a roll runs through the camera, only half the width of film is exposed. The spool is then reversed and run through again, exposing the other half. When processed, film is split and spliced together giving 50' for projection, approximately 4 minutes. Has spring motor. Turret for two standard D mount lenses. Optical type viewfinder with adjustable dial.

Kern-Paillard Bolex B87 A

Item is a Kern-Paillard Bolex B87 A motion-picture 8mm camera with duraluminum body covered in leather. Metal parts are chrome-plated. Manual threading. With a Bolex Declic Handle to hold camera while filming, manufactured by Kern-Paillard between 1958 and 1969, and 2 additional lenses with leather cases and a selection of lens parts, all manufactured by Kern-Paillard.

Tessina 35

Item is a subminiature camera for 14 x 21 mm exposures on 35 mm film in special cartridges. The camera is a side-by-side twin-lens reflex camera with one lens reflecting upward to the ground glass for viewing and the other lens, a Tessinon f2.8/25 mm, reflects the image down to the film which travels across the bottom of the camera. The shutter speed is 2-500 and the camera has a spring-motor advance for 5-8 frames per winding.

Stereographs, Switzerland

File consists of stereographs depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in Switzerland, such as mountains, and natural scenes.

37 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
24 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers; 4 in association with James M. Davis
3 stereoscopic photographs by J.F. Jarvis
2 stereoscopic photographs by E.W. Kelley
4 stereoscopic photographs by W. England
3 stereoscopic photographs by A. Braun
1 stereoscopic photograph by M. Rothschild
1 stereoscopic photograph by N.L.
1 stereoscopic photograph by C. Degoix
1 stereoscopic photograph by M. Hutton
1 stereoscopic photograph by R. Laury
1 stereoscopic photograph by Forsyth & Wilson
1 stereoscopic photograph by Universal View Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by the Universal Photo Art Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by International View Co.
3 stereoscopic photographs by T. W. Ingersoll
49 stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers