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Assorted Cabinet Cards

Cabinet card by a variety of publishers. Mostly portraits with some landscapes, and a comedy.

13 cards by S. H. Ray
5 cards by Notman & Sandham
5 cards by J. W. Grealy
2 cards by Wm. H. Leonard
2 cards by Beazell
2 cards by Ray & Maxwell
2 cards by I. H. Oliver
2 cards by G. H. Wright
4 cards by Gardiner Hubbard Scudder
3 cards by C. R. Savage
1 card by Westlake
1 card by F. B. Brenner
1 card by J. R. Morden
1 card by George Chas. Arless
1 card by Edy Bros.
1 card by Fowler & Co.
1 card by Taber
1 card by Ahlborn
1 card by Richmond
1 card by Ritz Portraits
2 cards by Bass
1 card by W. T. Bowers
1 card by Dixon
2 cards by J. F. Ray
1 card by Fowler
1 card by S. Hays
2 cards by Frontier Photo Co.
1 card by Welland Photo Studio
1 card by Bruce
1 card by Mora
1 card by Bailey & Farr
1 card by Stiff Bros.
1 card by J. M. Clarke
1 card by F. G. Westlake
1 card by Kaufman Studio
1 card by W. H. Forscutt
1 card by A. Cooper
1 card by Poole
1 card by Sullivan & Corbett
1 card by Randell Studio
1 card by Frank Cooper
1 card by Phayer
1 card by Donovan
2 cards by B. W. Kilburn
13 cards by unidentified publishers

Stereographs, Scandanavia (Denmark, Sweden & Norway) & Finland

File consists of stereographs and stereographic sets depicting Scandinavian structures, famous locations, and scenery, such as lakes, bridges, waterfalls, and castles.

19 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers; 2 in association with James M. Davis
2 stereoscopic photographs by Universal View Co.
2 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
9 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
2 stereoscopic photographs by J.F. Jarvis
1 stereoscopic photography by H.C. White Co.
1 stereoscopic photography by Art Nouveau (Platine) Stereograph
2 stereoscopic photographs by Quaker Oats Company
16 Stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers
2 series of stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood(1 on Sweden & 1 on Norway)