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Sweden album

Item consists of brown textured hardcover leather bound album with decorative flower detailing on cover. A metal coat of arms is attached to the centre of the cover and a metal latch is attached to keep the album closed. Leather has worn off the spine. The spine is in delicate condition and pages are coming loose. Pages are an off-white colour with decorative gold embossing. Photographs are slid in between two pieces of card with cutouts to view the images and hold them in place. Some photographs have a year and/or a name written on them in black ink.
Photographs are portraits taken primarily in Swedish photography studios, mostly in Gothenburg, although there is one that was taken in New York City. They are primarily single-subject portraits, but occassionally feature a small group. All have been posed for and taken in a studio.

Shields, Lorne

Assorted Cabinet Cards

Cabinet card by a variety of publishers. Mostly portraits with some landscapes, and a comedy.

13 cards by S. H. Ray
5 cards by Notman & Sandham
5 cards by J. W. Grealy
2 cards by Wm. H. Leonard
2 cards by Beazell
2 cards by Ray & Maxwell
2 cards by I. H. Oliver
2 cards by G. H. Wright
4 cards by Gardiner Hubbard Scudder
3 cards by C. R. Savage
1 card by Westlake
1 card by F. B. Brenner
1 card by J. R. Morden
1 card by George Chas. Arless
1 card by Edy Bros.
1 card by Fowler & Co.
1 card by Taber
1 card by Ahlborn
1 card by Richmond
1 card by Ritz Portraits
2 cards by Bass
1 card by W. T. Bowers
1 card by Dixon
2 cards by J. F. Ray
1 card by Fowler
1 card by S. Hays
2 cards by Frontier Photo Co.
1 card by Welland Photo Studio
1 card by Bruce
1 card by Mora
1 card by Bailey & Farr
1 card by Stiff Bros.
1 card by J. M. Clarke
1 card by F. G. Westlake
1 card by Kaufman Studio
1 card by W. H. Forscutt
1 card by A. Cooper
1 card by Poole
1 card by Sullivan & Corbett
1 card by Randell Studio
1 card by Frank Cooper
1 card by Phayer
1 card by Donovan
2 cards by B. W. Kilburn
13 cards by unidentified publishers