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condominiums (built works)

Use for: condominium (built work), condos

  • Buildings or complexes of buildings in which each unit is individually owned and ownership of common areas and facilities is shared.
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high-rise buildings (1)

Use for: high-rise building, buildings, high-rise, buildings, high rise, buildings, highrise, high rise buildings, highrise buildings, high-risers, high-rises, highrises, high rises

  • Buildings over nine or ten stories and served by elevators, especially when such buildings stand out in a skyline.
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multistory buildings (2)

Use for: multistory building, buildings, multistory, multi-storey buildings, buildings, multi-storey, buildings, multistoreyed, buildings, multi-storied, multistorey buildings, multi-storied buildings

  • Buildings having multiple floors, usually reserved for buildings having more than two floors and that are not single family dwellings.

Use for: skyscraper, blocks, tower, buildings, high, buildings, tall, high buildings, tall buildings, tower blocks

  • Exceptionally tall buildings of skeletal frame construction.
twentieth century (dates CE)

Use for: century, twentieth (dates CE), 20th century (dates CE) , 20th-century (dates CE), 1900s

  • Century in the proleptic Gregorian calendar including the years 1900 to 1999 (or 1901 to 2000).
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office buildings (3)

Use for: office building, buildings, office

  • Buildings constructed or used primarily for offices, which are spaces where business, administrative, or professional activities are conducted.
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administration buildings

Use for: administration building, administrative buildings, administrative office buildings, administrative services buildings, buildings, administration

  • Buildings constructed or used for offices from which the management and other administrative duties of an organization or institution are conducted.
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single built works (built environment) (36)
  • Single structures in the built environment.
Single Built Works (hierarchy name) (37)
  • The Single Built Works hierarchy contains terms for freestanding buildings and other structures commonly considered individual built works or architectural types (e.g.,

Use for: acrobat

  • Those trained in or practicing acrobatics.
  • Collecting data, usually in monetary terms, about economic activity, processing those data, and reporting them for the use of interested decision-makers.
business (commercial function) (1)

Use for: commerce, commercial (business functions)

  • Broad area of commercial or mercantile activity involving the exchange of commodities, services, or financial resources.
actors (performing artists)

Use for: actor (performing artist), actresses (performing artists) , actress (performing artist)

  • Persons who use movement, gesture, facial expressions, speaking, and intonation to create a fictional character for the stage, motion pictures, or television.
performing artists (2)
  • People who practice the performing arts, such as such as singers, actors, dancers, acrobats, magicians, circus performers, comedians, etc. For persons who make performance art, considered a fine art and often seen in a museum, see
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