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Use for: skyscraper, blocks, tower, buildings, high, buildings, tall, high buildings, tall buildings, tower blocks

  • Exceptionally tall buildings of skeletal frame construction.
twentieth century (dates CE)

Use for: century, twentieth (dates CE), 20th century (dates CE) , 20th-century (dates CE), 1900s

  • Century in the proleptic Gregorian calendar including the years 1900 to 1999 (or 1901 to 2000).
<office buildings by form> 0
office buildings (2)

Use for: office building, buildings, office

  • Buildings constructed or used primarily for offices, which are spaces where business, administrative, or professional activities are conducted.
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administration buildings

Use for: administration building, administrative buildings, administrative office buildings, administrative services buildings, buildings, administration

  • Buildings constructed or used for offices from which the management and other administrative duties of an organization or institution are conducted.
<single built works by specific type> 0
single built works (built environment)
  • Single structures in the built environment.
Single Built Works (hierarchy name)
  • The Single Built Works hierarchy contains terms for freestanding buildings and other structures commonly considered individual built works or architectural types (e.g.,

Use for: acrobat

  • Those trained in or practicing acrobatics.
  • Collecting data, usually in monetary terms, about economic activity, processing those data, and reporting them for the use of interested decision-makers.
business (commercial function) (1)

Use for: commerce, commercial (business functions)

  • Broad area of commercial or mercantile activity involving the exchange of commodities, services, or financial resources.
actors (performing artists)

Use for: actor (performing artist), actresses (performing artists) , actress (performing artist)

  • Persons who use movement, gesture, facial expressions, speaking, and intonation to create a fictional character for the stage, motion pictures, or television.
performing artists
  • People who practice the performing arts, such as such as singers, actors, dancers, acrobats, magicians, circus performers, comedians, etc. For persons who make performance art, considered a fine art and often seen in a museum, see
tracing (technique) (transferring techniques, <transferring and transferring techniques>, ... Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name))

Use for: traced

  • Copying from an original by drawing over it onto a transparent or translucent piece of paper, cloth, or other material.
<transferring and transferring techniques> (<processes and techniques by specific type>, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name)) (2) 0
transferring techniques (<transferring and transferring techniques>, <processes and techniques by specific type>, Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name))
  • Techniques where images or designs are transferred from one material to another.
<processes and techniques by specific type> (Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name)) (1) 0
Processes and Techniques (hierarchy name)
  • The Processes and Techniques hierarchy contains terms for actions and methods performed physically on or with materials and objects, and for processes occurring in materials and objects. Included are types of process or technique pertaining to the production and handling of objects or images (e.g.,
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