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Built Complexes and Districts (hierarchy name) (4)
  • The Built Complexes and Districts hierarchy contains terms for coherent groupings of built works and for parts of settlements. Complexes are defined as aggregations of buildings, other structures, and open spaces, often multifunctional and more extensive, and usually shaped over a longer period of time by more participants than single built works. Districts are defined as delineated or perceived components of settlements that are more extensive and less architectonic than built complexes. These areas are likely to be defined by socio-economic characteristics or topographic features, by a sameness of the built works they encompass, or by administratively created boundaries. Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for public transit systems (e.g.,
Built Environment (hierarchy name) (43)
  • The Built Environment hierarchy includes terms for the built and natural environment, covering constructed works and natural landscapes, forming a continuum from the largest natural landscapes and settled areas to the smallest of individual built works. Relation to other hierarchies: The constituent parts of constructed works, such as doors and walls, that extend the continuum at even smaller scale, are found in the Components hierarchy. Concepts may have multiple parents; therefore, in those instances where a concept may logically appear at more than one level of the continuum (e.g.,
condominiums (built works)

Use for: condominium (built work), condos

  • Buildings or complexes of buildings in which each unit is individually owned and ownership of common areas and facilities is shared.
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high-rise buildings (1)

Use for: high-rise building, buildings, high-rise, buildings, high rise, buildings, highrise, high rise buildings, highrise buildings, high-risers, high-rises, highrises, high rises

  • Buildings over nine or ten stories and served by elevators, especially when such buildings stand out in a skyline.
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<single built works by form: height> (3) 0
multistory buildings (2)

Use for: multistory building, buildings, multistory, multi-storey buildings, buildings, multi-storey, buildings, multistoreyed, buildings, multi-storied, multistorey buildings, multi-storied buildings

  • Buildings having multiple floors, usually reserved for buildings having more than two floors and that are not single family dwellings.

Use for: skyscraper, blocks, tower, buildings, high, buildings, tall, high buildings, tall buildings, tower blocks

  • Exceptionally tall buildings of skeletal frame construction.
twentieth century (dates CE)

Use for: century, twentieth (dates CE), 20th century (dates CE) , 20th-century (dates CE), 1900s

  • Century in the proleptic Gregorian calendar including the years 1900 to 1999 (or 1901 to 2000).
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office buildings (3)

Use for: office building, buildings, office

  • Buildings constructed or used primarily for offices, which are spaces where business, administrative, or professional activities are conducted.
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administration buildings

Use for: administration building, administrative buildings, administrative office buildings, administrative services buildings, buildings, administration

  • Buildings constructed or used for offices from which the management and other administrative duties of an organization or institution are conducted.
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single built works (built environment) (36)
  • Single structures in the built environment.
Single Built Works (hierarchy name) (37)
  • The Single Built Works hierarchy contains terms for freestanding buildings and other structures commonly considered individual built works or architectural types (e.g.,

Use for: acrobat

  • Those trained in or practicing acrobatics.
  • Collecting data, usually in monetary terms, about economic activity, processing those data, and reporting them for the use of interested decision-makers.
business (commercial function) (1)

Use for: commerce, commercial (business functions)

  • Broad area of commercial or mercantile activity involving the exchange of commodities, services, or financial resources.
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