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Rivers and creeks 16
City halls--Ontario 15
City halls--British Columbia 4
Carriages, carts and wagons 38
carpentry 1
instant cameras

Use for: instant camera, cameras, instant, Polaroid camera, Polaroid cameras

miniature cameras
  • General term applied to any 35mm (or smaller) camera.
folding cameras

Use for: folding camera, cameras, folding

panoramic cameras

Use for: panoramic camera, cameras, circuit, cameras, cirkut, circuit cameras, cirkut cameras, cameras, panoramic

  • Cameras with a special horizontally scanning lens which rotates about its rear nodal point. It produces an image on a curved plate or film and can cover a very wide angle of view.
stereoscopes (2)

Use for: stereoscope , stereo viewer (card type), stereoviewer, stereocard viewer

  • Viewers in which pairs of stereoscopic images are mounted and appear as a single, three-dimensional image when viewed. Use for objects designed to view individual stereo cards, usually photographic prints. For the devices used to view wheels of mounted transparencies, marketed as a children's toy from the mid-20th century, use
photographic equipment (19)

Use for: apparatus, photographic, equipment, photographic, photographic apparatus, photographic tools and equipment, photography apparatus, photography equipment, photography supplies, photography supplies, Photography--Equipment and Supplies

  • Refers to a broad array of equipment that aids the purpose of capturing images photographically, including cameras, darkroom equipment, and any ancillary objects used specifically to capture and process these images.
35mm cameras

Use for: 35 mm cameras, Thirty-five millimeter cameras, cameras, thirty-five millimeter, cameras, 35mm

flash equipment 18

Use for: megalethoscope

  • Apparatuses invented by Carlo Ponti of Venice ca. 1870, for viewing large albumen photographs on thin paper, using a large lens to create the optical illusion of depth and perspective and having candles or kerosene lamps as a source of light. The photographs themselves were translucent, often colored and pierced with pinprick holes to create dramatic visual effects with backlighting, such as that of lights in a night scene.

Use for: alethoscope

  • Optical devices invented by Carlo Ponti in 1860, and patented in 1861. These were used to view photographic transparencies or prints. It was claimed that stereoscopic relief was obtained from a single photograph, though the stereo effect was due to the nature of an illusion caused by the single viewing lens of the alethoscope.
stereoviewers (wheel type)

Use for: View-Master, View Master

cameras (photographic equipment) (11)

Use for: camera

  • Lightproof boxes fitted with a lens through the aperture of which the image of an object is recorded on light-sensitive material such as film, or transformed into electrical impulses for direct transmission or for video recording.
digital cameras

Use for: digital cameras, cameras, digital

stereoscopic cameras

Use for: double-lens cameras, twin-lens cameras, stereo cameras

box cameras

Use for: box camera

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