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Row houses

Use for: row house, dwellings, row, houses, row, row dwellings, row housing

  • Urban dwellings attached in a series of three or more. For individual freestanding urban dwellings use
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multiple dwellings (2)

Use for: multiple dwelling, dwellings, multiple, multiple-unit dwellings

  • Dwellings containing two or more complete residential units, each usually occupied by separate households.
town houses

Use for: town house, houses, town, houses, urban, townhouses, urban houses

  • Use only for individual freestanding urban dwellings. For attached urban dwellings each having its own private entrance, use
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residential structures (13)

Use for: residential architecture, residential structure, domestic architecture, residential buildings, residential facilities, domestic facilities, residential housing

  • Architecture or other accommodations produced for or adapted to provide shelter and security for the basic physical functions of life for an individual, family, or clan and their dependents, human and animal. Among the functions provided for are a place to sleep, prepare food, eat, and sometimes to work, usually having a door, window, or other source of light and with protection from the weather.
houses (8)

Use for: house

  • Individual dwellings designed to be occupied by a single tenant or family. May also refer to a building for human occupation, for some purpose other than that of an ordinary dwelling; with this usage,
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research structures 0
public accommodations 0
schools (buildings) (6) 0
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institutional buildings (8)

Use for: institutional building, buildings, institutional

  • Built works used by, or in support of, institutions.
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