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residential structures (13)

Use for: residential architecture, residential structure, domestic architecture, residential buildings, residential facilities, domestic facilities, residential housing

  • Architecture or other accommodations produced for or adapted to provide shelter and security for the basic physical functions of life for an individual, family, or clan and their dependents, human and animal. Among the functions provided for are a place to sleep, prepare food, eat, and sometimes to work, usually having a door, window, or other source of light and with protection from the weather.
houses (8)

Use for: house

  • Individual dwellings designed to be occupied by a single tenant or family. May also refer to a building for human occupation, for some purpose other than that of an ordinary dwelling; with this usage,
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research structures 0
public accommodations 0
schools (buildings) (6) 0
<school buildings by ownership> 0
<school buildings by subject> 0
<school buildings by form> 0
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institutional buildings (8)

Use for: institutional building, buildings, institutional

  • Built works used by, or in support of, institutions.
<school buildings by level of education> (1) 0
elementary schools
  • Buildings that house schools providing the first stage of compulsory education, generally extending from grade 1 through grades 6 or 8 and teaching the rudiments of learning; may house a kindergarten.
correctional institutions (buildings) 0
air transportation complexes (1)

Use for: air transportation complex, complexes, air transportation

  • Complexes containing facilities to accommodate people, functions, and vehicles having to do with air transportation.
transportation complexes (2)

Use for: transportation complex , complexes, transportation

  • Buildings or complexes providing transportation facilities or otherwise serving transportation needs.
  • Typically refers to large tracts of open, level land upon which runways, hangars, terminals, and other buildings have been constructed to allow for the takeoffs, landings, loading and unloading, and maintenance of aircraft. For smaller areas that have a runway but no or few additional facilities, see
aerial photography

Use for: air photography, aerophotography, airborne photography, photography, aerial , photography, air

  • Refers to the activity of taking photographs from aircraft. The term may also be used to refer to any photography from the air, including photographs obtained by cameras mounted on aircraft, rockets, or Earth-orbiting satellites and other spacecraft. The purpose of photography from airborne or spaceborne vehicles is generally to provide information on ground features for military and other reconnaissance, or to record the dimensional disposition of such features for surveying or mapmaking. To refer specifically only to photography taken from beyond the Earth's atmosphere, use
trains (vehicle groupings)

Use for: railroad trains, railway trains , trains, railroad, trains, railway

  • Two or more rail transit vehicles physically connected and operated as a unit.
railroad cars
  • Vehicles adapted to the rails of railroads and used to carry passengers, freight, or mail or used for track and roadbed maintenance.
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