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Senior Management meetings and retreats

File contains the senior management meeting and retreat records. It includes correspondence, requests, notes, summaries, meeting minutes, directions, agendas, publications, a case study, a report on the student experience, and funds.

Ryerson faculty conference

This sub-series was formerly entitled, "GREET/SRC Annual Workshops/Conference". It was changed to "Ryerson Faculty Conference", in keeping with common usage and references.

Canadian Space Agency Workshops

File contains photographs, agendas, correspondence and other materials relating to the week long workshops for the Canadian Space Agency.Workshops were subcontracted to RTA through T.V. Ontario - who were planning on making a documentary from space footage. Workshops took place from December 8 - 11, 1992.

Seminars and Workshops

File consists of email notices with information pertaining to various subject seminars sponsored by the Department of Geography and School of Retail Management.


1997:MANAGEmentality - Thinking Through The Theories
1998:MIRT: Managerial/Marketing Issues Relating To Technology
1999:Digital Possibilities2001:The Convergence Of Media

Nutrition and International Development

This file contains memorandums, Project Information forms, workshops information, articles, Women and Development bibliography, Seminar's booklet, workshop's presentation papers, biographical information, notices of events, expenses information.

World food day workshop

File contains brochures, registration forms, programs, promotion facts, publications, and a selected reading list from the world food day workshop.

Staff Training and Development workshops and seminar notices

Individual librarians were mandated to organize staff training. Eva Friesen was the first to assume the role of training co-ordinator in 1998 until 1999 when she became Acting Chief Librarian. Sara McDowell was hired on contract to fulfill the duties between 1999 and 2000. In 2000 Brain Cameron took over until his position focussed more on circulation co-management support, and, when a training committee was re-established in 2001, Brian was a committee member. The library was re-organized in 2002 into a team-based approach, initiated by the new Chief Librarian, Cathy Matthews.The file contains general training e-mails, announcements, attendee lists, new committee survey, and separate e-mails about workshop separate from the committee.See also RG5.102 (1978 - 1991), RG 5.164 (1992 - 1997), RG 5-281 (2007 - ) and RG 5.282 (2007 - )

Special Seminars hosted by the library

The file consists of invitations to non-library seminars hosted by the library and open to the teaching staff. The first is, "Social Trends in Canada, Focus on Toronto" (2003) and the second, "Open Access Week @ Ryerson" (2012).

Informal Learning Info-sharing sessions

Generally referred to as Lunchtime Drop-in, the sessions are not necessarily regulated to lunchtime. File contains e-mail announcements.See also RG 5.102 (1978 - 1991) RG 5.164 (1992 - 1997) RG 5.214 (1998 - 2006) and RG 5.281 (2007 - ).

Seminars, lectures, and workshops

This file contains announcements of seminars, presentations, summer school programs, and others offered by Research and Innovation and held at Ryerson. An example of a summer program is the V4 Lab, new in 2016, and offered to high school students.

Office of Vice President, Research and Innovation

Distance Education Workshops : Cassette Tapes, Brochures

RG 791.03.01.01 One cassette recording of a workshop held at Ryerson on May 18th with keynote speaker Dr. John Daniel, Academic Vice-President of Athabaska University, Edmonton. Tape is of Dr. Daniel's luncheon address.

RG 791.03.01.02 Three cassette recordings of the Distance Education in Canada Workshop held at Ryerson May 28-29, co-hosted by the Canadian Association For Adult Education. President Walter Pitman presented the welcoming address on the evening of May 28.Tape 1: Welcome speech; Introduction of IssuesTape 2: Discussion of Issue I (Copyright) and Issue II (Course Sharing)Tape 3: Discussion of Issue III (Feedback); Plenary Session; Closing

RG 791.03.01.03 Three cassette recordings of a Ryerson workshop held on May 8 to discuss the implications of the President's Working Group on Distance Education and their policy recommendations. Participants were representative from the various departments across the campus. The guest speaker was Fr. John Daniel, Academic Vice-President of Athabaska University, Edmonton.

Nutrition & International Development - professional development workshop

This file contains materials related to a Nutrition and International Development workshop held at Ryerson, on June 30, 1984. Includes cassette with recording of proceedings and 2 notices about the workshop.

The workshop preceded the 9th International Congress of Dietetics, which was held in Toronto under the theme "Dietetics in the Global Village." The workshop was co-presented by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and the Canadian Home Economics Association.

Retention - The Student Experience seminar

In 1986 President Brian Segal established a Promotional Planning Group to help ensure that Ryerson retain its current enrolment share of a high school student pool that was expected to shrink by 20% during the next decade.The early work of the Promotional Planning Group included references to retention and the student experience on campus, but it was decided to focus more on the traditional student and specifically on the development of a promotional plan. Arnice Cadieux, a member of the Planning Group, attended a convention which focused on marketing and recruiting and Ron Taber, also a member of the Planning Group, attended one ofthe many sessions related to the topic of retention. It was decided to present their information, with the assistance of the Registrar, Jennifer Brunzell, at Ryerson's Senior Management Retreat, May 1986, in the form of a seminar 'Retention - The Student Experience'.

GRADTalks: Growing you Network

File contains two copies of the handout "GRADTalks: Growing your Network" created by the Career Centre for the Graduate Studies/Career Centre seminar of the same name in March 2018.

Career Centre