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The truth of history - the source of our strength

One poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing, and two loosely rolled posters, show the image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin with writing in black and white with red background. Image of Lenin is pixelated resembling a newspaper. image. H...

Avvakumov, M.

large green postage stamp album

Green hardcover album with black cardboard pages. Cover bears a gold symbol of postage stamp with inuit and caribou. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The album holds at least one hundred Soviet stamps, many bearing the im...

grey postage stamp album

Grey cardboard album with grey plastic cover. Cover is decorated with several children's stickers. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps and FDCs in place. Each page contains approximately 6-12 postage stamps, many bearing the imag...

All-union CPSU Conference ommemorative postage stamp

Framed commemorative postage stamp with a drawing of Lenin's head in the upper left corner, the Communist Party symbolic hammer and sickle in the lower left, and the Kremlin buildings to the right. Value 50 kopeks. It reads: Revolutionary res...

Set of Matrioshkas painted with Soviet political figures

Painted wooden nesting or Matrioshkas dolls of Russian Communist leaders. Mikhail Gorbachev is the first and largest doll, inside which in succession are the leaders: Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir I...

Transiberia album

Green cloth binding with "photos" embossed in black on the cover; number "7" stamped in blue. Grey pages with dark green border around photos. Notations in black ink. Photographs are mounted onto a card betwen two additional pi...

Documentary Films series

Series consists of biographical films about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924), leader of the Soviet Union and father of Communism. These films were created and produced in the Russian Soviet State and reflect the ideals of the state and the popula...

Porcelain bust of Lenin

Bust of Lenin in ceramic-coated porcelain, showing full length of chest, hollow interior. Two words in Russian etched into the back of the figure: Bogolyubov Ingll.

50 anniversary Kosomol commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, square shape, composed of bronze metal. Relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's face on a flag, with the number 50 and Russian text. Recto reads: VLKSM - 50 years with the name of Lenin. Verso has Russian text, and some adhesi...

Statue of Lenin, seated and holding a rolled paper

Small statue, composed of a metal alloy, shows the figure of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin seated on what appears to be a tree stump. He holds a rolled paper in his left hand. A piece of paper, probably the manufacturer's stamp, is adhered to the bot...

L. Torich

Square Kolsomolsk (VLKSM) commemorative medal

Commemorative square medal, composed of bronze metal. Relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin from the waist up, in a suit, one hand in his pocket. Lettering in Russian behind him reads: VLKSM XIX Congress. Verso has Russian text in quotation marks: &quo...

Starys, B.

October Revolution 60 years commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, resting in a box of red velvet, no cover. Medal shows image relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin looking towards a group of workers holding a flag, with lines radiating out from behind them. The flag rea...

USSR 1922-1982 commemorative medal

Commemorative medal, composed of a metal alloy, shows the image in relief of Vladimir Illyich Lenin with lines radiating from behind him. Lenin holds his hat in hand, and looks to his side. On verso, is the relief of the Russian flag, as well as a...

1905 Bloody Sunday commemorative medal

Commemorative bronze medal, image in relief shows a man with cloth around waist, chest bare, standing with arm raised straight up in the air. In the other hand he holds an urn. One foot is resting on an anvil with a hammer leaning on that foot. Th...

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