rail transit systems



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rail transit systems

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rail transit systems

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rail transit systems

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NYC, Flying Clubs album

Blue fabric cover, bound with white string. Black pages, photographs mounted with photo corners. Features photographs taken in of landscapes, farms, and flying clubs in various North Eastern states, as well as Southern Ontario and Quebec.

Factory and railroad tracks

Print with white border, depicting large factory building with railroad tracks running in fron of it. Steam engines/machinery sit outside near the tracks. Several smokestacks and smaller garages surround the factory.

men on horses crossing railroad tracks

borderless unmounted print depitcs four men on horses corssing railroad tracks in rural setting. Orchards are visible in background. Verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

Records pertaining to railway line and trestle construction

File consists of correspondence, orders, contracts and technical drawings related to the construction of a railway line and steel trestle connecting Canadian Pacific rail lines to the Kodak Heights Powerhouse (Building 1) between 1913 and 1915. Correspondents include members of Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd., Eastman Kodak Company, Canadian Pacific Railway, the Standard Steel Construction Co. of Welland, Ontario, and C.E. Deakin, Ltd. of Mount Dennis, Ontario. The Standard Steel Construction Co. was contracted to design and construct the trestle. C.E. Deakin Ltd. was contracted to perform a number of tasks in the construction of Kodak Heights, including driving piles beneath trestle footings. The project was executed under the supervision of C.K. Flint (a.k.a. C.O. Flint), a former employee at Kodak Park in Rochester, who later became Engineer in Charge at Canadian Kodak Co. Ltd. The trestle was erected in October of 1914.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Branding - Texas

Item is an albumen stereograph. Glossy image surface. Depicts a man standing on ramp with railroad tracks in front, fenced in corral behind. Recto ink inscription, lower left: "Branding - Texas."

Transiberia album

Green cloth binding with "photos" embossed in black on the cover; number "7" stamped in blue. Grey pages with dark green border around photos. Notations in black ink. Photographs are mounted onto a card betwen two additional pieces of paper; the outside pieces of paper have windows cut to fit around the photographs.

No loose photographs however several photographs are becoming loose and peeling out of their windows. Many photographs are significantly faded and yellowing has occurred.

Locations include Scheveningen, Antwerpen, Kharbin, Kayota (Korea), Seoul, Kobe.

Themes include: street views, architecture, Transiberian railroads, landscapes and waterscapes.

Dates include September - December, 1912; 1-12 Januari, 1913; Februari, 1913.

Columbia University, New York City, N.Y.

matte gsp with white border. Aerial view of university campus and surrounding area. Signs across river read: "Palisade Amusement Park, Surf, Bathing," "The National Sugar Refining Co., Jack Frost Sugars." Recto caption, bottom left, in white: "(0305-876A-8)(2-27-33-1:00P)(12-2000) COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK CITY, N.Y."

Railroad Bridge by Moonlight

Lantern slide, glass slide in wood frame. Image area is circular as is the hole in the wood frame. Illustration is hand painted onto the glass. Printed on a sticker on wood frame "Express Train - Railroad Bridge by Moonlight." Illustration of a railway bridge over water, with a forest behind and the moon above. Unable to find reference to title on slide.

Mass. State House, Boston Mass.

matte gsp with white border. Aerial view of government building and surrounding city scape. Signs on buildings include: "Hotel Taft," "Chevrolet." recto caption, bottom left: "(0130-885-0-8)(5-25-32-1P)(12-2500) MASS. STATE HOUSE, BOSTON MASS."

Double-Sided Stereographs

File contains stereographs with images on both sides of the card. Images depict various animals, people, and buildings from across the world; by unknown publishers