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What's Happening Around Ryerson / On Campus This Week

This circular provided the Ryerson Community with information on day-to-day events taking place on Campus. From 1971 to April 1977, the publication was called "What's Happening Around Ryerson" with the name changing to "On Campus This Week" on the September 2, 1977 issue. "On Campus This Week" was last published in 1986. As an alternative, a number of departments agreed to pool their resources to sponsor, on a non-profit basis, a weekly full-page listing of campus events in the student newspaper, THE EYEOPENER.

This is Ryerson publication

A series of promotional materials designed and produced in three formats: posters, booklets, and brochures. It is assumed that all three were designed and produced by the Community Relations Department (formerly Information Services), for distribution by both Community Relations and the Admissions Liaison Advising Office.


File contains copies of the RSA Viewpoint, the "news and views of members of the Ryerson Staff Association".


File contain copies of the Update, The Ryerson Staff Association Newsletter.

Interface newspaper

  • RG 24.2
  • File
  • 1983-1989
  • Part of CESAR

File contains various editions of the Interface newspaper by the Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson.

Night Student newspaper

  • RG 24.1
  • File
  • 1978-1983
  • Part of CESAR

This file contains various editions of the Night Student newspaper for night course students.

Ryerson University Special Report

This file contain 2 copies of Ryerson University Special Report published for Ryerson Alumni and Friends. The Report includes articles: Alumnus returns to share 'lesson learned', Rogers family continues support for Ryerson students, On the road to success through mentoring and scholarships, Charting the path to success.

Intersections magazine

This file contains 4 copies of Intersections Magazine, published by Ryerson University Research and Innovation. The magazine celebrates the research innovations occurring at Ryerson University. The first edition was launched at a reception on Tuesday November 4, 2008 in the Atrium of the George Vari Engineering and Computer Centre.

60th Anniversary Alumni Magazine Insert

The magazine insert - in the January mailing of the Alumni Magazine contains many photographs from the archives collections. Archives staff worked closely with Magazine staff - which included weeks of work finding and pulling photographs to be included in the print and online editions of the magazine and timeline.

Ryerson Today

Effective October 19, 2009 Ryerson Today - an e-publication put out by the Marketing and Communications department of University Advancement - will replace the current Forum Online (RG 395.6), President's Newsletter (RG 12.146), Campus News (RG 395.84), and Infoline (RG 395.22).
As of November 12, 2012 Ryerson Today established a new format and will no longer be printed for our collection as a whole. Pertinent newstories and letters from the President etc. will continue to be printed as they appear.

Speakers' Bureau booklet

The Speakers' Bureau is designed to provide senior secondary school students with the opportunity to meet Ryerson Faculty members and to hear them speak on topics related to their areas of interest. The collection includes booklets for 1982 to the 1987-88 school year.

Book of photographs

A series of black and white photographs taken by third year Photographic Arts students, arranged and published in a book printed by students from the Graphic Arts Program.

The Alternative

File contains various editions of "The Alternative", the newsletter that was to be a permanent forum to discuss feminist issues.


This file contains 22 issues of Speakeasy publication, written and compiled by students of the Ryerson Journalism magazine course.


This file contains Ryerson Daily News newsletter.

Human Resources Bulletin

This file contains issues of Human Resources Bulletin published by HR Department to communicate human resources policies, procedures, explanations of programs, and new initiatives to the entire Ryerson community.

OH! Magazine

This file contains OH! Magazine (1986-1999), published by the Oakham House.

The Eyeopener Newspaper

45 bound volumes of the student newspaper The Eyeopener, 2 copies for each volume. Access copies are available in the Archives and Special Collections reading room.

Chinese Students' Association

  • RG 743
  • Fonds
  • 1973-

This fonds consists of materials related to the Ryerson Chinese Students' Association.

Chinese Students' Association

Ryebration Newspaper

File consists of various issues of the Ryebration Newspaper which is on the past and future Ryerson Chinese Students' Association (RCSA) events.

The Fifth Page

The Fifth Page was started in 1960 by a journalism student who felt that good literary material was crowded out of the four-page RYERSONIAN newspaper and needed a 5th page. Encouraged by English instructors D. G. Priestman and J. Hersh, students gathered short stories, poems, articles and art work from across the campus and began producing an annual literary magazine which the Publications Committee published.

Contacts booklet

This booklet is a guide to the subject expertise of Ryerson faculty. It contains 76 pages and is divided into three sections: alphabetical listings by topic, languages spoken and faculty name. "Contacts" was initiated by the President's Office under the direction of Gail Scott, Executive Coordinator, Community Relations and was produced with the assistance of John North, Director of the Learning Resources Centre. Until 1986 when the Department of Community Relations was established, the Information Services Department was responsible for the distribution and updating of future publications.(Information Services was incorporated into the Department of Community Relations.)

Papers - published

File contains papers published by a variety of faculty members:
RG 150.1.1 Ecosystem Stability & Biophysical Land Classification Techniques, 1981 G. McKibbon
RG 150.1.2 Urbanization In Ecuador: General Comments, 1982 L. Altrows
RG 150.1.3 Four Constituencies: Dilemmas Of the Planner As Civil Servant, 1980 N. Richardson
RG 150.1.4 The Conserver Philosophy: Theory Into Practice At The Local Level, 1980 N. Alcock/M. Kosney
RG 150.1.5 Saving Rural Ontario: Planning For The Preservation Of Ontario's Countryside Landscape, 1981 R. Brown
RG 150.1.6 Planning For Communities In the North, 1983 S. Deirmenjian/M. Jones
RG 150.1.7 Public Opinion On Community Issues: Selected Papers, 1980 R.Crow/M. Kosney (eds.)

Recording Recollections publication

Short stories of memories by senior students. Once produced as a small publication two or three times per year, more recently as an more profession end-year publication. First offered in Continuing Education, the course was established and taught by Greta Wood until her retirement in 1996. The final publication was printed in 2015. The course is still offered, but the format changed and they no longer publish.

Journalism magazines

Sub-series consists of magazines produced by the Journalism program: The Ryerson Magazine, Images, The Magazine, and The Ryerson Review of Journalism which went online in December 1997.
Also included is one ticket to the 30th anniversary celebration of The Ryerson Review of Journalism.

New Wave Magazine

Series contains McClung's magazine (1992-2017) and New Wave Magazine (2018-).

Ryersonian: bound volumes

Bound and loose copies of the Ryersonian newspapers from 1948 until the present day. Access copies available for consultation in the Archives and Special Collections reading room.

Ryerson Free Press newspaper

  • RG 24.29
  • File
  • 2007-2012
  • Part of CESAR

In July 2007 CESAR renamed their monthly circulation from "Nightviews" to "Ryerson Free Press". The name change also brought a new editorial approach to an increase in activist reporting and less about activities around the Ryerson community. Due to labour disruption, the last issue was September 2012.

Night Views newspaper

  • RG 24.5
  • File
  • 1989-2007
  • Part of CESAR

File contains editions of the Night Views newspaper, Ryerson students' newspaper for C.E., DE., Part Time and Off Campus Students.

FORUM newsletter, 1975-1987

Series consists of copie of the FORUM newsletter published by the Office of Information Services. They were published on the calendar year, each new volume starting in September. Topics included Ryerson-specific news, staffing update,s and staff and alumni notices.

For FORUM newsletters from 1987-1994 see RG 122.04
For FORUM newsletters from 1995-2009 see RG 395.06

The final hard copy edition of the FORUM was published October 2005 - moving to an electronic format with its next issue. It was replaced by an online email newsletter Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009.

Office of Information Services