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RISIS II Project files

RG 63.24.1 Correspondence and Memoranda 1982-1983
RG 63.24.2 Proposals for RISIS II 1980-1981
RG 63.24.3 Budget Details for RISIS II 1981-1982
RG 63.24.4 Restart Automated Support Systems General Requirements 1982
RG 63.24.5 Preliminary Finds: An Assessment 1982
RG 63.24.6 Acceleration of RISIS II: Progress and Plans 1982
RG 63.24.7 Restart General Requirements Definition 1982
RG 63.24.8 Factors Involved in the Acceleration of RISIS II 1981
RG 63.24.9 Appendix: Factors Involved in the Acceleration of RISIS II 1981
RG 63.24.10 Finance Department Requirements for RISIS II 1982
RG 63.24.11 Status of RISIS II Project 1982

Finance System Project files

RG 63.53.1 Westinghouse Information Services/York-RPI Agreement, 1982
RG 63.53.2 Proposal for Financial Accounting System, 1981
RG 63.53.3 Request for Proposal for Financial Systems, 1981
RG 63.53.4 Review of Financial Systems Report, 1981
RG 63.53.5 Correspondence and Memoranda, 1980-1982

Dr. Roberta Bondar

RG 646.106.1 NSERC/CSA/MRC Site Visit, 1993-1996
RG 646.106.2 Agreement - Univ. of Western Ontario/RPU, 1996
RG 646.106.3 Grant Applications, 1992-1996
RG 646.106.4 Dr. Bondar's Appointment as Professor, RPU, 1991-1996
RG 646.106.5 Proposal of Endowed Chair/Funding, 1996
RG 646.106.6 Project File: TCD-Microgravity Research, 1991-1993
RG 646.106.7 Research Proposal: Physiological Responses to Stand Test With/Without Countermeasures, 1992-1993
RG 646.106.8 Project File: Cerebral Auto Regulation During Environmental Challenge, 1992-1997
RG 646.106.9 Project File: Cerebral Auto Regulation Plasticity, 1994-1995
RG 646.106.10 Canadian Space Agency, 1989-1993
RG 646.106.11 General Files: Microgravity Research (NASA), 1989-1996
RG 646.106.12 Budget Files, 1994-1995

Dunlop:Dissatisfied Client

File contains the documentation on the Dunlop Project, a dissatisfied client of Ryerson Applied Research Limited. It includes correspondence, memorandums, summaries, data sheets, and purchase orders.

Project Files:Completed Projects

File contains the project files for completed projects by Ryerson Applied Research Limited. Documentation includes memoranda, financial statements, correspondence, work orders, reports, estimates, summaries, and invoices.

Shanghai University of Technology linkage

Files include:
SUT Correspondence 1983-1990
SUT Lecture Notes 1987-1988
Ryerson-Shanghai Linkage 1986-87
China-Sut Teaching Assignment Report (M. Levett)
Development of Technology Transfer Data Software, Third Draft
Sut Phase II & III Reports, 1988-1989.

Solar Cooker

This file contains notes, employees personal data and attendance report, clippings, Solar cooker design and testing project submission for funding, correspondence, notices, Ontario Work-Study Plan documentation, financial statement, Energy Project guidelines, 7 photographs of Brace Research Solar Cookers by Daniel Pigeon.

Ontario Recycling Information Centre

This file contains Ontario Recycling Information Centre documentation including proposals, discussion papers, budget information, memorandums/correspondence, notes of meetings, Board meetings agenda and minutes.

Fashion Factory

This file contains correspondence, Ryerson Fashion Factory documentation, copy of An Agreement between The Aquatic Federation of Canada and The Board of Governors of RPI.

China-Beijing Film Academy initiative

This file contains correspondence/memorandums, China Notes document, Agreement between Beijing Film Academy of China and RPI of Canada for the Establishment of Inter-University cooperation, financial statements, notes, brochure "A Brief Introduction to The Beijing Broadcasting Institute, Report from a visit of E.Sauro and B.Damude to the Beijing Film Academy, 1986, China Trip, A Report by Brian Damude.

Finance Oracle system project

This file contains documentation regarding installation and operation of computer software system at Ryerson by Oracle Corporation Canada. This include: memorandums, agreements, Statements of Work, terms and conditions, price list,, Minutes of Administrative Systems Project Meetings.

Project Snowgoose

File contains a report on Project Snowgoose (300-554), a project under the Opportunities for Youth Program that aimed to design and build a manufacturing prototype of a low power FM broadcast station for use for local programming by unskilled personnel in Canada's Far North.