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  • Literary and oral genre rooted in the compressed and cogent imaginative awareness or associations of experiences, ideas, or emotional responses and arranged under an organized criterion of meaning, conscious and unconscious expression, symbolism, formal or informal pattern, sound, and rhythm. The genre encompasses narrative, dramatic, satiric, didactic, erotic, and personal forms.

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Poetry sheets - authored by George Swede

File contains haiku sheets, brochures, cards and papers featuring the poetry of George Swede. Included in the file is Wind Chimes Press Haiku Sheet V; a small booklet by Silver Birch Press with one of George's poems in it; A brochure from The League of Canadian Poets with his poetry; a Haiku Canada sheet entitled "I eat a rose petal"; Several leaflets from Guardian Angel Press featuring George's poems as well as jwcurry; and several leaflets from CURVD H&Z featuring his poetry.

Swede, George

Wah Ching Chau fonds

  • F 442
  • Fonds
  • 1961-1989

Wah Ching Chau (1939 - 1987) was a Professor in the Department of English at Ryerson University. Chau was born in Guangdong, China, where he lived until 1949, when his family fled to Hong Kong to escape civil war. While there, he earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Hong Kong (1962), where he studied under the English poet Edmund Blunden. In 1962, he won the Governor's Scholarship to the University of Oxford, where he received his Bachelor of Letters from Merton College. Following graduation, he taught at Wakefield Grammar School. In 1971, he joined the faculty at Ryerson, where he taught English Literature and played an instrumental in raising the English curriculum to degree standards. He remained at Ryerson until his death in 1987.

Fonds consists of papers, poems, and books authored or co-authored by Chau, as well as tribute poetry written by others and records pertaining to an event partially organized by Chau.

Chau, Wah Ching

Lois Scott-Thomas fonds

  • F 273
  • Fonds
  • [between 1950 and 1955]

Fonds consists of notes and exercises for a course in poetry taught by Lois Scott-Thomas.

Scott-Thomas, Lois

The Old Oaken Bucket

photo of an engraving, mounted on card with gold border. Depicts boy drinking water from a well bucket. Two dogs nearby, house in background. Verso inscription, pencil: "The old oaken bucket." Verso caption, purple ink stamp: "Photographed by G.W. Squires, 4 State Street, Rochester NY."

Coming Thro' The Rye

Lantern slide, glass slide in thinner wood frame. Image area is circular, though in square glass. Image is hand coloured perhaps from an engraving. Printed on slide "Coming Thro' The Rye" and "Crystal Magic Lantern Slide." Sticker of a Y on frame. Image is of a woman and a man embracing, the man kissing the woman, a field behing them. It is an illustration representing the poem "Coming Thro' The Rye" by Robert Burns (1759-1796), composed 1796.


File contains #15/15 handmade editions of "BIFIDS" signed by the author and illustrator. Also in the file is a small of a CURVD H&Z booklet.

Swede, George

High Wire Spider

File contains 1 copy of the children's poetry book "High Wire Spiders". Poems were written by George Swede and the book was illustrated by Victor Gad.

Swede, George

Holes in my Cage

File contains 1 copy of the book "Holes in my Cage" poems for young adults.

Swede, George

Tick Bird

File contains 1 copy of the book "Tick Bird" poems for children. The book was illustrated by Katherine Helmer.

Swede, George

Time is Flies

File contains 1 copy of the book "Time is Flies" poems for children. The book was illustrated by Darcia Labrosse.

Swede, George

Erotic Haiku

File contains one copy of the book "Erotic Haiku" edited by Rod Willmot and illustrated by Ed Roach and Phil McLeod. George Swede contributed several poems to the work.

Willmot, Rod

Leaping Lizard

File contains 1 copy of the book "Leaping Lizards". The book was illustrated by Kimberley Hart.

Swede, George

Multiple Personality

File contains 1 copy of the book "Multiple Personality". Book is a small blue cardstock book with poems on white cardstock inserted into the pages.

Swede, George

The Space Between

File contains 1 copy of the book "The Space Between" by George Swede, Eric Amann, and LeRoy Gorman.

Swede, George


File contains 1 copy of the book "Unwinding".

Swede, George

five-o'clock shadows

File contains 1 copy of the book "five o'clock shadows" by George Swede, George Amabile, Leonard Gasparini, Seymour Mayne, Ted Plantos.

Swede, George

First Light, First Shadow

File contains 1 copy of the book "First Light, First Shadows". This book is his first full book of tanka poetry. Book was edited by John Barlow.

Swede, George

Micro Haiku

File contains 1 copy of the book "Micro Haiku - three to nine syllables".

Swede, George

The Modern English Haiku

File contains 1 copy of the book "The Modern English Haiku". The book is an introduction to the history of and information on haiku poetry.

Swede, George

Books authored by George Swede

File consists of published copies of books written by George Swede. Published with a variety of publishers and a variety of formats the majority of the series are poetry books. Also included are several textbooks and children's books.

Haiku sans frontieres

File contains 1 copy of "Haiku san frontieres - une anthologie mondiale". The book contains poetry for Haiko poets from Germany , England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazile, Canada, Croatia, Spain, U. S. A., France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Poland, Russia, Singapore, and Yugoslavia. A biography of and poetry by George Swede can be found on page 180.

Les Editions David

Mushimegane - "Haiku in English"

File contains 1 copy of the literary magazine Mushimegane. Issue 14 commemorated the publication of "Haïku sans frontières: una anthologie mondiale", the first world-wide haiku anthology in history edited by André Duhaime in Canada. The publishers chose and translated works from around the world. George Swede's entry can be found on page 62.

Yotsuya, Ryu

This is my Best - "Magicians"

File contains 1 copy of the book This is My Best. The poem by George Swede "Magicians" is published on page 123 of the book.

The Coach House Press

Do Whales Jump at Night?

File contains 1 copy of the book "Do Whales Jump at Night". George Swede had many poems published in this book including: circling higher (pg. 43); the windowsill cat (pg. 55); Crack of/the bat (pg. 76); Again, the bald barber (pg. 91); Around the Eyes (pg. 92); and Gas station attendant (pg. 93).

McNeil, Florence

Haiku - Canadian Anthology

File contains one copy of book "Haiku - Canadian Anthology" edited by Dorothy Howard, and Andre Duhaime. George Swede's work can be found on page 203.

Howard, Dorothy

Global Haiku

File contain 1 copy of the book Global Haiku. George Swede and Randy Brooks were the editors.

Swede, George

Tanka Splendor 1997

File contains 1 copy of the book Tanka Splendor 1997. George Swede acted as judge for this poetry contest held by AHA Books. This publication marks the 8th year of the contest.

Swede, George

Karen Mulhallen Reading Poetry

Professional tape of Karen Mulhallen reading poetry. Recorded in RTA studios Winter 1968.Label information on tape: 1) Written by Richard Mulhallen; Additional Script by Ken Bruder; Produced by Ken Bruder.2) Incognito - A Radio 'Epic Fantasy' in Non-Communication and Avoidance.Reel-To-Reel Collection No. RR-155

The Volunteer's Vision

albumen print of painting, mounted on card. Depicts soldier surrounded by family in clouds. Group of men watch from a distance. Recto caption: "The volunteer's vision. The pledged we the wine cup and fondly swore / from my home and my weeping friends never to part / my little ones kissed me a thousand times o'er / my wife sobbed aloud in her fulness of heart. Lith. and Pub. by J.H. Bufford, 313 Wash. St. Boston. Bufford's print, Soule photo. Entered according to act of congress, in the year 1862, by J.H. Bufford in the clerk's office, of the district court for the district of Massachusetts. Bufford's publishing house, 313 Washington St. Boston Mass."

The Universe is One Poem

File contains 1 copy of the book - The Universe is One Poem edited by George Swede. He is also one of the authors, along with Penn Kemp, Ted Plantos, and Yvonne Trainer.

Swede, George

There Will Always be Sky

File contains 1 copy of the children's poetry book There Will Always be Sky. Poems in the book were selected by George Swede and the illustrations were completed by Chum McLeod. Poems contributed by George Swede "Dropping" on page 22; "After coming" on page 36; "All" on page 42; and "As Far" on page 46.

Swede, George

Canadian Haiku Anthology

File contains 2 copies of the book - Canadian Haiku Anthology, edited by George Swede. He is also a contributor in the book - page 86.

Swede, George