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Rogers Communications Centre

Two sets of architectural drawings by NORR Partnership Limited, Architects and Engineers, of the Rogers Communications Centre. The larger set is comprised of floor plans whereas the smaller set is more detailed and technical in nature. Pencilled notations on the larger set of drawings seem to refer to the possible naming of areas within the Centre in return for donations to the Institute ("Named-Gift Opportunities"), thus explaining why these drawings were found in the offices of Community Relations.

Howard Kerr Hall - Unit III blueprints

The file consists of a set of 115 blueprints (numbered 44) for Unit III of Howard Kerr Hall. Notations on the drawings include, among others : Burwell R. Coon, Architect ; Prov. Ont. Dept. of Public Works ; D.G. Creba - Chief Architect ; J.D. Millar - Deputy Minister.

The drawings are divided and numbered according to 5 categories : architectural (34), structural (21), heating and ventilation (14), plumbing (15) and electrical (31).
Plans are as follows:

Architectural (33 drawings) :

    1. Site Plan And Borings
    1. Plot Plan
    1. Basement & Swimming Pool Part "A"
    1. Ground Floor Plan Part "A"
    1. First Floor Plan Part "A"
    1. Second Floor Plan Part "A"
    1. Third Floor Plan Part "A"
    1. Basement Plan & Details Part "B"
    1. Ground Floor Plan Part "B"
    1. First Floor Plan Part "B"
    1. Second Floor Plan Part "B"
    1. Third Floor & Penthouse Plans Part "B"
    1. Basement Plan Details Part "C"
    1. Ground Floor Plan Part "C"
    1. First Floor Plan Part "C"
    1. Second Floor Plan Part "C"
    1. Third Floor Plan Part "C"
    1. Roof Plan And Details
    1. Gerrard St. Elev.; Section Through Cafeteria & Gym; North Elev. From Courtyard
    1. Victoria Street Elevation: Section Through Portico CC-55
    1. Elev. From Court Looking West/Section Through Porticos CC-55 & A108
    1. Gould St. Elev; South Elev. From Court; East Elev. Of Portico CC-1 & A108/ North Elev. Of Porticos CC-1 & CC-55
    1. Longitudinal Sections
      Longitudinal Sections :
    1. Sections #1 To #6 #9 #11
    1. Sections #12 #13
    1. Sections #14 #15 #16 #17
    1. Typical Corridor Sections /Section #10 /Section #15
    1. Stage & Proscenium /Sections #18 & #19
    1. Section #20 /Stair #1
    1. Section #21 /Stair #5
    1. Section #22 /Stair #11
    1. Section #7 /Stair #13
    1. Section #8 /Stair #14

Structural (22 drawings) :

  • S1 Foundation Plan
  • S1A Foundation Section "A"
  • S2 Ground Floor Framing Plan "A"
  • S3 First Floor Framing Plan "A"
  • S4 Second Floor Framing Plan "A"
  • S5 Third Floor Framing Plan "A"
  • S6 Roof Framing Plan "A"
  • S7 Column Schedule "A"
  • S8 Foundation Plan "B"
  • S9 Ground Floor Framing Plan "B"
  • S10 First Floor Framing Plan "B"
  • S11 Second Floor Framing Plan "B"
  • S12 Third Floor Framing Plan "B"
  • S13 Roof Framing Plan "B"
  • S14 Column Schedule Part "B"
  • S15 Foundation Plan "C"
  • S16 Ground Floor Framing Plan "C"
  • S17 First Floor Framing Plan "C"
  • S18 Second Floor framing Plan "C"
  • S19 Third Floor Framing Plan "C"
  • S20 Roof Framing Plan "C"
  • S21 Column Schedule "C"

    Heating & Ventilation (14 drawings) :

  • H1 Basement Floor Plan & Low Level Of Swimming Pool Part "A"
  • H2 Ground Floor Plan Part "A"
  • H3 First Floor Plan Part "A"
  • H4 Second Floor Plan Part "A"
  • H5 Third Floor; Heating & Ventilation RM. Floor Plan Part "A"
  • H6 Basement & Ground Floor Plans Part "B"
  • H7 First & Second Floor Plans Part "B"
  • H8 Third Floor & Penthouse Floor Plan Part "B"
  • H9 Basement Floor Plan Part "C"
  • H10 Ground Floor Plan Part "C"
  • H11 First Floor Plan Part "C"
  • H12 Second Floor Plan Part "C"
  • H13 Third Floor Plan Part "C"
  • H14 Roof Plan & Details

Plumbing (15 drawings) :

  • P1 Basement & Details Part "A"
  • P2 Ground Floor & Details Part "A"
  • P3 First Floor & Risers Part "A"
  • P4 Second Floor & Risers Part "A"
  • P5 Third Floor & Schedule Part "A"
  • P6 Basement & Plot Plans Part "B"
  • P7 Ground Floor & Risers Part "B"
  • P8 First Floor & Details Part "B"
  • P9 Second Floor & Details Part "B"
  • P10 Third Floor & Penthouse Part "B"
  • P11 Basement & Details Part "C"
  • P12 Ground Floor & Schedule Part "C"
  • P13 First Floor & Risers Part "C"
  • P14 Second Floor & Risers Part "C"
  • P15 Third Floor & Risers Part "C"

Electrical (31 drawings) :

  • E1 Plot Plans & Symbols
  • E2 Panel Riser & Details
  • E3 Basement Lighting Part "A"
  • E4 Ground Floor Lighting Part "A"
  • E5 First Floor Lighting Part "A"
  • E6 Second Floor Lighting Part "A"
  • E7 Third Floor Lighting part "A"
  • E8 Basement Power Part "A"
  • E9 Ground Floor Power Part "A"
  • E10 First Floor Power Part "A"
  • E11 Second Floor Power Part "A"
  • E12 Third Floor Power part "A"
  • E13 Basement Lighting & Power Part "B"
  • E14 Ground Floor Lighting Part "B"
  • E15 First Floor Lighting Part "B"
  • E16 Second Floor Lighting Part "B"
  • E17 Third Floor Lighting Part "B"
  • E18 Ground Floor Power Part "B"
  • E19 First Floor Power Part "B"
  • E20 Second Floor Power Part "B"
  • E21 Third Floor Power Part "B"
  • E22 Basement Lighting & Power Part "C"
  • E23 Ground Floor Lighting Part "C"
  • E24 First Floor Lighting Part "C"
  • E25 Second Floor Lighting Part "C"
  • E26 Third Floor Lighting part "C"
  • E27 Ground Floor Power Part "C"
  • E28 First Floor Power Part "C"
  • E29 Second Floor Power Part "C"
  • E30 Third Floor Power Part "C"
  • E31 Stage Lighting

Howard Kerr Hall - architectural drawings

Floor plans for the basement, first floor, second floor and third floor of Howard Kerr Hall, dated March 11, 1959. The main notations on the four drawings read as follows: "Ryerson Institute of Technology -- S.B. Coon & Son Architects" and "Department of Public Works of Ontario, Parliament Buildings Toronto, D.G. Creba, Arch., M.R.A.I.C. -- Chief Architect", as well as, a stamp marked, "Burwell R. Coon". The drawings are in pencil on either linen or vellum.

Text Accompaniments to Stereocards published by Underwood & Underwood

Volumes list all the stereocards in a series and then describe each card, including the significance of the depiction. Certain volumes are accompanied by maps and plans.
Real Children in Many Lands
Italy: Through the Stereoscope
Norway: Through the Stereoscope
Russia: Through the Stereoscope
The United States: Through the Stereoscope
Traveling in the Holy Land: Through the Stereoscope(Have 3 of this title)
Palestine: Through the Stereoscope
Jerusalem: Through the Stereoscope
Part I - A Trip to Jerusalem: Through the Stereoscope

Campus Planning

  • RG 204
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1981

Records under review.

Campus Buildings - plans, maps, and architectural drawings

This file contains 24 plans, maps and drawings of campus buildings, including :

  • 19 Bay Street
  • Floor plans of various campus buildings
  • Campus Expansion Master Site Plans
  • 20 Church Street alterations
    -18 Church Street
  • Jorgenson Hall Boardroom
  • Kerr Hall (Quadrangle), 1972 & 1973
  • Locker Relocation Plan
  • O'Keefe Brewhouse proposed renovation
  • Podium Area, Locker Location Plans;
  • Technology Annex
  • 21 Victoria St. (CJRT Bldg.)
  • Proposed Athletics Facility