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Al Qāhirah

Use for: Cairo, Al-Qāhirah, Al-Qahirah, Al Qahirah

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Palestine (historical region) 0
Panama 0
Costa Rica 0
Norway 0
New Zealand 0
Argentina 0
Mesopotamia 0
Arizona 0

Use for: Iraq, Republic of Iraq , Jumhüriyyat al ʻIrāq, Al Iraq, Al Jumhouriya al 'Iraquia, al-Jumhūrīyah al-ʻIrāqīyah

Montana 0

Use for: Brasil , Federative Republic of Brazil

  • Large nation comprising the Amazon basin in the north and the Brazilian plateau in south. The area was inhabited by Tupí-Guaraní peoples, who were semi-nomadic and lived in scattered settlements, when it was charted by the Portuguese ca. 1500. European colonization began in 1530. The official language is Portuguese.
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