Stereoscopic photography




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Stereoscopic photography

Stereoscopic photography

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Stereoscopic photography

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Stereoscopic photography

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Fed CTEPEO stereo camera

Item is a 35mm stereo camera with CdS metering. Manual or automatic exposure. 24 x 29mm images. Industar-81 F2.8/38mm lenses. Comes with leather pouch, sun shades, small parts, and hard plastic case.

Coronet "3-D"

Item is an inexpensive plastic "3-D" stereo camera made by the Coronet Camera Company. The camera has a binocular viewfinder for 4 stereo pairs or 8 single exposures and uses 127 film for 4.5 x 5 cm exposures, featuring a single speed shutter, 1/50, and a twin f11 meniscus fixed-focus lenses.