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Photography--Printing papers

Photography--Printing papers

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Photography--Printing papers

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Photography--Printing papers

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Velox postal cards

Velox film with prepared postal card backings, ready sensitized, in brown paper envelope that has been opened at one end. The envelope still contains 5 film sheets (of the original 12) as well as instructions for use in English and French, and dated June 1914. On the verso of the package, the vendor has stamped the last return-by date as May 1, 1916.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Cyko contrast developing paper

1 envelope of "Cyko Prints at Night", a high contrast developing paper "made for brilliant and contrasty(sic) effects". Package contains 1 dozen papers for 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 prints. Includes a folded piece of paper with instructions, and a receipt for the purchase of 2 photographic postcards at Ruth Ingram Antiques in Unionville, Ont dated July 2, 1973. Stamp on back of envelope gives date as Sept 1, 1918, which could indicate the develop-by date rather than the date of manufacture.

Agfa Ansco Co.

Seltona collodion self-toning paper

Grey printed label on envelope reads : Seltona Collodion Self-Toning Paper. Containing Gold, Needs fixing in Hypo only. Full directions enclosed. Sole manufactures: Wellington & Ward. LTD. Elstree, Herts." Envelope has been opened, but the developing papers and a sheet with instructions are still inside. Dates given indicate the lifespan of the company.

Wellington & Ward, Ltd.

Sensitized paper for photographic printing

Package of fine grain double weight bromide paper produced by Canadian Kodak Co., Limited. The envelope is stamped "Expires Feb. 1, 1933". Originally contained 12 sheets. Package has been opened.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Informational assignment : Eastman Kodak paper manufacturing / Stuart W. Irvine

Item is a binder consisting of information on Eastman Kodak's paper manufacturing department and processes. Includes: organizational charts of Eastman Kodak's paper manufacturing departments; photographs of employees; paper samples; histories of papermaking; diagrams; flow charts; and other materials. The binder appears to be the result of an information-seeking project assigned to Canadian Kodak employee, Stuart W. Irvine, and was presented on April 18, 1966.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak product packaging

File contains packaging for Kodak photofinishing--including envelopes for mail-order processing and developed negatives--from roughly 1907 to 1997. File also includes product packaging and instructions for Canadian Kodak's Azo developing paper from between 1909 and 1911. Azo is a silver chloride contact printing paper originally produced by Photo Materials Company of Rochester, NY. This latter company was purchased by Kodak in 1898, which then began producing and distributing Azo paper under its own name.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Daily production activity logbooks

File contains two logbooks detailing the daily production activities of Kodak Canada from 1947 to 1955 and from 1960 to 1962. The latter logbook, labelled as the "Paper Ctg. Day Book," records the activities of the paper manufacturing department of Kodak Canada. Though unidentified, the former logbook likely pertains to the same department.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Photograph & Film Technology Collection

  • 2005.005
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 2008

This collection consists of photographic films, papers and chemicals used by various individuals for amateur or professional purposes. The collection also includes camera accessories, flash equipment, various lenses, exposure meters (light meters) and equpiment used for darkroom processing and printing. This is a growing collection, created to help preserve the materials used for analogue photographic developing, printing and enlarging.

Velox paper information sheets

  • 2005.003.2.29
  • Item
  • [between 1907 and 1909]

Item consists of 3 publications regarding Velox Form 1A photographic paper, dating from November 1912, and an empty Velox developing paper pacakage.