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[Family portrait, outdoor rural setting]

Item is a photograph of a man holding a child on his knee and a woman standing next to him, outside a house with a view of a field in the background. The photograph is very informal, with the man looking down and away from the camera. A screen door to the house on the right of the photograph reveals an adult holding the arm of a child, the hand pressing against the screen.

[Portrait of a young woman, outdoors]

Item is a cream coloured bi-fold card (3 flaps) with the embossed drawing of a viking ship on the top left of the outer flap. Inside, a photograph of a young woman outdoors, smiling, and leaning against a pile of metal or concrete tubes, with shipping crates behind her in the distance. On the mat around the photograph, embossed in brown, "H.A. Osborne/ PENTANGUISHENE,/ ONT."

Osborne, H.A.C.

[Photographs from a Kodak No. 1 camera]

Item consists of twelve snapshots taken with the Kodak No. 1, the first rollfilm camera under the name "Kodak". Subjects include a house in a forest, a group of women posing in front of the house, a man walking by the house, cows, and men playing cricket or baseball. The images are round on a white background with a black border and gold gilded edges. On the back of one photograph is handwritten in pen "Set 2.00" on a piece of masking tape.