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  • Refers to still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials (sensitive to light, electron beams, or nuclear radiation), generally by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal. Photographs may be positive or negative, opaque or transparent. The concept does not include reproductive prints of documents and technical drawings, for which descriptors found under

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Reference file photographs

7cm of black and white photographs taken by Journalism studentsf or publication in the campus newspaper THE EYEOPENER, during the1986-1987 academic year.

Reference file photographs

5cm of black and white photographs taken by Journalism students for publication in the campus newspaper, THE EYEOPENER, during the 1988-1989 academic year.

Faculty of Arts floor hockey tournament photographs

Photographs of faculty members and spectators taken during and after a Faculty of Arts floor hockey tournament. Participants in the tournament were faculty members from the departments of History, Economics, Politics and Applied Geography.

Ryerson Presidential photographs

Six framed colour photographs of Ryerson's first principal and subsequent presidents and acting presidents. These are: Howard Kerr, Fred Jorgenson, Tony Wilkinson, Donald Mordell, George Korey and Walter Pitman.

Class of 1952 photograph

This print was donated to the Archives, via the School of Graphic Communications, by an alumnus and the GCM Alumni Association executive member. The alumnus was present at the official opening of the GCM Building: Heidelberg Centre on April 7, 2003.

Oakham House Choir

This file contains 2 photographs of Oakham House Choir performing in its first concert at St. Michael's Cathedral on April 10, 1985, directed by Mathew Jaskiewicz.

BOG First Student Members photographs

Ten black and white photographs taken during the 1968 BOG election. These photographs document the first time students were permitted to elect two representatives to sit on the Board. The first two members were Richard Finlay and Gord Jackson.The photographs, filed in a binder, were removed from the binder and their plastic sleeves, then placed inside an acid-free file folder.

Ryerson Hall and Quadrangle photographs

File contains two photographs. One shows the quadrangle from its south east corner looking north west. The other photograph is facing the "Ryerson Institute of Technology" sign at 50 Gould Street.

Miscellaneous photographs

A collection of miscellaneous 4 x 6 colour prints. Some photos have been identified while others have been assigned a temporary subject until further information is available to confirm the event or individuals capturedin these photograhs.
RG 10.60.1: Christmas Parties, c1983-1993
RG 10.60.2: Dr. Donald & Elizabeth Barr/Olive Baker Reitrement Reception, 1989
RG 10.60.3: Staff, n.d.
RG 10.60.4: Counselling - 25th Anniversary Reception, c1990
RG 10.60.5: Orientation Event, n.d.
RG 10.60.6: Student (Volunteers) Christmas Party, 1993
RG 10.60.7: Miscellaneous, n.d.

Building and Campus photographs

Images are scanned from existing images in the archives collections. Original images can be found in:
RG 76.14.1067
RG 395.40.70
Howard Kerr Hall documentation file 1
RG 76.10
RG 76.14.1074
RG 76.14.1081


This file contains slides from LINK Program and a 2 pages promotional flyer "Thinklink, the Ryerson link program".

Ryerson Presidents' photographs

File contains one b&w photograph of Ryerson president Terry Grier and six photographs of Ryerson president Walter Pitman. All photographs are mounted on foamcore.

Print (O/S): RIOT Set Production Crew*

  • RG 215.12
  • File
  • 1970
  • Part of RIOT

This file contains one large photograph of construction crew for RIOT 70 "The Gap". Photograph framed in a wooden casing

Kerr Hall student residents

This file contains one black and white group photograph of first Kerr Hall residents, and 3 photocopies of group photograph.

Faculty and Staff photographs

File contains images of various faculty and staff from the Photographic Arts and Image Arts programs. Included are 2 framed portraits - one of Reginald Soame and the other of Geoffrey M. Bullock.

Prints/Negatives: various ROW Productions

This file contains photographic images and negatives related to various Ryerson Opera Workshop productions including: The Beggar's Opera, Snow White, Brigadoon, Once Upon a Mattress, Kiss me Kate, Bye Bye Birdie, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, & A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Board Member photographs

This file contains photographs. Included are two copies of a posed colour photograph of the members of Ryerson`s Board of Governors from the 1970s.

Robert C. Ragsdale Ltd.

Contact Sheets : RTA Students

File contains photographs of student headshots adhered to cardboard, photocopies of these sheets, and contact sheets. Arranged by academic year, each file holds sets of photographs of each of the three years the program ran.

RTA School of Media

Advisory Committee (incl. Norman Jewison) photograph

File contains photographs of the members of the Film and Photography (now Image Arts) Advisory Committee in the mid-1980s, including famed film producer and director, Norman Jewison. Included are files on who is who and a brief description of Norman Jewison.

Mary Jane Gomes(?) photographs

File contains photographs of a woman who is possibly Mary Jane Gomes, a 1982 Image Arts grad and a former Image Arts faculty member. File also includes a short biography on Mary Jane Gomes and her debut feature.

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