44°18′N 78°19′W Carte de Peterborough

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Portrait of a woman

Item is a cream card with red letterpress at bottom, "JOHN BULL. PETERBOROUGH." Photograph shows a woman in tight fitting polonaise style dress with no bustle fullness at the back, a style popular briefly at the end of the 1870s. She wears a feathered hat and beaded necklace with a small chain looped from a button near her waist to her left pocket. She stands in front of a painted backdrop with outdoor scene, resting her left hand against a low stick fence. On verso, lithographed in brown, "ART/ Photographer/ John Bull/ CITY ROAD/ PETERBOROUGH."

John Bull

Lady sitting for D. parnes

Item is a cream carte de visite with photograph of two women in a studio with formal park backdrop. At bottom, handwritten in pink ink, "S/4 illegible of Leil." On verso, photographer's stamp, "Thomspon & Sun(sic),/ Photographers,/ George Street, Peterborough/ NEGATIVES PRESERVED./ No." In blue ink, "2162/ - of Lady sitting/ for/ D.parne(?)" Below, in grey ink, "Dparnes" is scratched out with blue and below, also in blue ink, "W. Pepper." In pink, at centre of card, "202" and in pencil, at upper left "1083". Finally, beside the text "No." is the penciled number "127".

Thompson & Sun Photographers