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Montreal, Place Bonaventure

Photographs of building under construction, different views of exterior, terrace, swimming pool. Photographs of architectural model, illustrations of the building. Eight photographs of Concordia Hall including under construction and development views. Aerial view.

Jowett, H.R.

Montreal, Place des Arts

Photographs of the interior and exterior of La Grande Salle (later renamed Salle-Wilifrid Pelletier), including a wall mural designed by Julien Hébert.

Panda Associates Photography

Montreal, Windsor station

Photographs from different years in the building's history, from the opening in the late 1880s to the renovations carried out in the 1970s. Most photographs were provided by Canadian Pacific Rail. One photograph features the sculpture of an winged angel carrying a soldier, which resides at the south end of the pedestrian concourse.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Montreal, Expo 67, Aerial views

erial views of the Exposition grounds during construction. The site after construction of new land. The site of Expo then and ow. One photograph (2009. 00.1303.001) is site just before work began on enlarging in July 1963 and the exhibition grounds after.

Montreal, Expo 67, Africa Place

Photographs of the exterior and construction of the pavilion. Text on the lower margin of one of the photographs reads "The roof system of Expo's African Place is a giant jigsaw puzzle of 999 fir plywood stressed skin panels. Toronto architect John Andrews designed the complex, which features a unique wind scoop ventilation system." A stamp on verso reads "Plywood Manufacturers of B.C. Photograph".

Plywood Manufacturers of B.C.

Montreal, Expo 67, Man Pavilions

Construction views and one view of a finished interior, showing the 1967 theme pavilions Man the Explorer and Man the Producer. The various other Man-themed pavilions (not represented in the collection) included: Man in the Community, Man the Provider, Man and his Health, and Man the Creator.

Plywood Manufacturers of B.C.

Montreal, Expo 67, Ontario Pavilion

The Ontario pavilion, located between the Canada and Quebec pavilions, features an opaque glass roof made up of several pyramids of different sizes. A group of large granite blocks, symbolizing the Canadian shield, forms an interesting rest area and provides a popular spot for young climbers. Young people are the focus of this pavilion, alongside exhibits about Ontario's past, present and future.

Montreal, Expo 67, Place d'Accueil

La Place d'Accueil is the main gate for Expo 67. A huge plaza of 2½ acres is on a middle level, above a bus station which is also used by taxis and the terminals of the Expo-Express and the Trailer Train which connects to Ci du Havre points.On the middle level, and on a third level, are information booths, travel offices, accommodation bureaux, shops, banks, a liquor store, restaurants, snack bars, lounges and a day hotel. There is a direct footway from the plaza to the International Broadcasting Centre. A striking architectural feature of the place is its roof -- in the shape of a huge umbrella. It is made up of seven plexiglass hexagons.

North Hatley, Minton Hill House [project folder]

Project binder describing the construction of Minton Hill House, a private residence for a single occupant in Quebec's Eastern Townships. The binder contains information on the architect, client, and consultants as well as a brief description of the landscape and the design influences. Floorplans and elevations are included as well as photographs of the finished residence.

Affleck + de la Riva Architects

Bruce Etherington: Toronto-Dominion Bank

Photographs of architects participating in the planning proces for a new branch of the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Mississauga. Persons pictured are: A. Bruce Etherington, Harry Waring, Robert McCague (office manager and spec. writer), Valentin Petschar and Edmond Ruud (draftsmen), Mrs. Rosa Teshima (secretary).

Chiefs Claims Committee - Aug./91

File contains records pertaining to/created by the Chiefs Committee on Claims. Included in the file are meeting minutes, briefing notes, memorandums, reports, and correspondence.

Ansco Orthochromatic film box

Packaging for Ansco Orthochromatic Non-Curling Non-Halation film, opened and empty. The film box is blue and orange and is made of cardboard. The box would have contained roll film that was 8x14cm and had 6 exposures. The film cartridge that the box once contained was prepared for machine development. A stamp on the side of the box gives the expiry date as Dec 1 1913.

Agfa Ansco Co.

Triple Print colour film

Triple Print Colour Film 126 roll, 12 exposures, in original packaging. One of the boxes has been opened but the film roll is still sealed in plastic envelope and a set of instructions are included in the box. The boxes are stamped with develop-by dates of Jan and Dec 1976.

Triple Print Film Labs Ltd.

Kodak Verichrome pan film

Box of Kodak verichrome pan black & white panchromatic film, unopened. VP 116. Develop by date stamped on back - Sept 1970.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Edison Mazda Photoflash bulb

G.E. Edison Mazda Photoflash Lamp with foil interior in original packaging. Package is stamped along a side edge "FEB 1937-A".

Canadian General Electric Company

Westinghouse M2 flash bulbs

Box of 1 dozen Westinghouse M2 small wire-filled flash bulbs, colour balanced. Package has been opened but all bulbs are present.

Canadian Westinghouse Company

Polaroid Polacolor Land film type 108

3 boxes of Polaroid Colorpack film type 108, 2 packages have been opened but the film inside remains sealed in plastic envelopes. A folded sheet with instructions and a pack of film mounts accompanies the film in each package. Each film pack contains 8 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch prints. All three boxes are stamped with a use-before date of Aug 1972.

Kodak Professional film: Vericolor III type S

Packages of Kodak Professional Vericolor III film, type S for 8 x 10 inch prints. One package is unopened, the other has been re-sealed with scotch tape. The boxes are stamped for processing by 07/1990 and 11/1990.

Eastman Kodak Company

Nesbitt Burns offices

File consists of 9 images of the interior of the Nesbitt Burns offices. Views include workstations, offices, conference rooms and hallways. Designed by Dermott Sweeny architects.

Burley, Robert

Kodak for Kids Microscope Set

Item is a Kodak for Kids Microscope Set made by Tyco. It is a 54 piece kit that includes 1 clear petri dish with lid, 2 clear plastic vials (1 is missing), a spatula, tweezers, a stirring rod, 6 glass slides (4 are missing), 3 prepared slides (1 is missing), 12 cover glasses, 12 statical covers, 12 blank labels, a microscope with 25x to 100x magnification and instructions in both french and english. In original packaging.

Kodak Canada Inc.

GAF View-Master

Item is a handheld plastic view master containing a reel of 7 diametrical, 16 mm colour transparencies of Old Covered Bridges, New England. It was manufactured by GAF, Corporation in Portland, Oregon, USA. The lever on the side of the viewer will rotate the reel one frame at a time once pressed. Item is made of plastic and metal. Reels are interchangeable and come with a variety of themes.

Pages from album

Grey pages with photographs and cards adhered. Two holes in the left side of each page indicate where album was probably bound with string. Covers missing. First page has image of Old Orchard, Michigan. Most photographs feature two women and two children, seaside.


Item consists of photographs of a family taken at Atherley. Subjects include water bodies, a canoe, the Samuel de Champlain monument (in present day Orillia and designed by Vernon March), a house, and a cow.

Stereographs, Niagara Region (US and Canada)

File consists of stereographs depicting scenes, famous locations, and structures from the Niagara Region (both American and Canadian sides), such as the falls, bridges, and gardens.

8 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
12 Stereoscopic photographs by Griffith & Griffith
12 Stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
9 Stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers, 14 in association with James M. Davis
34 Stereoscopic photographs by C. Bierstadt
85 Stereoscopic photographs by Geo. Barker
5 Stereoscopic photographs by J. H. Ford
3 Stereoscopic photographs by H. C. White Co.
19 Stereoscopic photographs by Geo. E. Curtis
3 Stereoscopic photographs by Whiting View Co.
8 Stereoscopic photographs by International Stereoscopic View Co.
4 Stereoscopic photographs by F. A. Williams
5 Stereoscopic photographs by Samuel Mason
11 Stereoscopic photographs by S. Davis
4 Stereoscopic photographs by Robinson
3 Stereoscopic photographs by Universal View Co.
3 Stereoscopic photographs by London Stereoscopic Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by Greater New York Stereo Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by O. W. Kimball & Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by J. M. Fernald
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Chandler & Estes
1 Stereoscopic photograph by A. R. Miller
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Frank Rowell
1 Stereoscopic photograph by H. A. Porter
1 Stereoscopic photograph by John P. Soule
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Notman
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Canadian Stereoscopic View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Pett's
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Bool's
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Dominion Photograph Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Union View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Northwestern View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Alfred S. Campbell
1 Stereoscopic photograph by T. W. Ingersoll
1 Stereoscopic photograph by G. W. Woodward
1 Stereoscopic photograph by G. H. Nickerson
1 Stereoscopic photograph by W. H. Illingworth
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Ackermann Bro's
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Webster & Albee
2 Stereoscopic photographs by J. W. Love
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Purviance Photo
1 Stereoscopic photograph by W. McLeish
2 Stereoscopic photographs by R. R. Whiting
96 Stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers

Stereographs, Canada

File consists of stereographs depicting scenes, landmarks, and structures from Canada, such as plants, waterfalls, mountains, and cityscapes.

84 Stereoscopic Photographs by Keystone View Co.
30 Stereoscopic Photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
76 Stereoscopic Photographs by Underwood & Underwood
41 Stereoscopic Photographs by J.G. Parks
25 Stereoscopic Photographs by The Canada View Co.
34 Stereoscopic Photographs by Kilburn Brothers, 62 in association with James M. Davis
10 Stereoscopic Photographs by Griffith & Griffith
8 Stereoscopic Photographs by Canadian Stereoscopic View Co.
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by W. B. Sherk
9 Stereoscopic Photographs by Jas. Esson
14 Stereoscopic Photographs by L. B. Taylor
15 Stereoscopic Photographs by L. P. Vallee
12 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. H. Ford
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by Webster & Albee
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by G. B. Sproule & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by E. W. Kelley
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by C. Bierstadt
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by Alfred S. Campbell
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by R. I. Seddons
18 Stereoscopic Photographs by W. Notman
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. Hampden Field
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by T. Eaton Co.
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by The Torley Studio
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by H. C. White Co.
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by Nerlich & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. McClure & Co.
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by Ellison & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by F. E. Grafton
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by F. J. Haynes
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by T. W. Ingersoll
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by John Saunders Climo
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by Universal View Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by American Stereoscopic Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by O. B. Buell
3 Stereoscopic Photographs by Ewing & Co.
4 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. R. Woodburn
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by J. Robinson
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by A. C. McIntyre
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by S. R. Proctor
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by G. F. Sproule
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by L. E. Desmarais
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Ackermann Bro's
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by C. R. Chisholm & Bros.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Realistic Travelers
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by London Stereoscopic Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by W. E. Hendrie
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by J. H. Noverre
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Whiting View Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Dominion Stereoscopic Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by C. G. Cobban & Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Woodward Stereoscopic Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by H. A. Kimball
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Talbot & Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Liberty Brand-Stereo Views
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by H. E. R.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Alex. Henderson
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Hugh McCorkindale
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Canadian Promotion Co.
Approx. 250 Stereoscopic Photographs by unidentified publishers
1 series of 10 Stereoscopic Photographs by John R. Steffen
2 series by Underwood & Underwood(Series #2 &3)

Copy Negs from B.C. Langley Museum

This file contains a series of copy black and white acetate negatives of the interior and exterior of the Langley Museum in British Columbia. The article "Fort Langley, B.C.: Museum and Fort" written by J. Calder Peeps appeared in the 1958, November issue of The Canadian Architect.

J. Calder Peeps

Carling Building

File contains 27 black and white acetate negatives depicting exterior and interior views of the Carling Breweries building. A selection of these photographs were reproduced in the 1959 June issue of The Canadian Architect for an article titled, "Office Building, Toronto. The building was designed by the architects Weir, Cripps & Associates.

Copies Acland water

This file contains 19 copy black and white acetate negatives by James H. Acland. A selection of these images accompanied the article "The Architecture of Water" by Charles W. Moore and published in the 1959 November issue of The Canadian Architect.

J. Acland

Toronto Pearson International Airport, Old Terminal 1

Interior and exterior of the development of the Toronto International Airport, showing photographs of planes, baggage claim, parking garages. Design drawings were published in the May 1958 issue of Canadian Architect. The airport was originally known as the Malton Airport, opened in 1937, and was redeveloped as an International Airport in the 1960s, and renamed in 1984 for former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson.

Jowett, H.R.

Toronto, Bank of Montreal, 30 Yonge Street

Built in 1885 for the Bank of Montreal, this branch bank was one of the few buildings in the are to survive Toronto's Great Fire of 1904. Designed by Darling and Curry, the architects who had recently completed the equally august Victoria Hospital for Sick Children on College Street, the Bank of Montreal's head office was the most striking of Toronto's nineteenth-century bank buildings. The building remained a branch until 1982. The Hockey Hall of Fame officially opened in this building, incorporated into the BCE Place development, in 1993. The new $35 million facility has almost 60,000 square feet of floor space. There is access from shopping mall concourse level at BCE Place. The Hockey Hall of Fame is a world-class sports and entertainment facility and is one of Toronto's prime tourist attractions drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. "Hockey Hall of Fame - About Us," Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum, 2010. Accessed on October 21, 2010.

Meteorological Headquarters building

The headquarters building is four storeys high, aproximetely 430 ft. long by 210 ft. wide and has a gross floor area of 340.000 sq.ft. Two courtyards occupying the center bays of the building provide natural light to interior offices and laboratories. The building programme included offices, warehousing facilities, classrooms, lecture theatre, research library and archives, cafeteria and specialized scientific facilities such as observetion domes, radar equipment and wind tunnels. Views of the courts, lobby, typical service core. Interior and exterior views.

North York City Hall

Interior view of office space on main level. The building ceased to function as a municipal city hall after North York was amalgamated into the Toronto Metropolitan Area in the late 1990s. It now serves as the North York Civic Centre, located on Yonge Street north of Sheppard Avenue.

Applied Photography Ltd.

North York, Joseph Shepard Federal office building

The Joseph Shepard Building is located in the urban core of the North York region of Toronto. The fourteen-storey, modern office complex is pyramidal in form with stepped massing and an asymmetrical plan. The building's walls are clad in rust-red and brown clay brick and have continuous bands of windows and brick spandrels that create a strong horizontal emphasis. Prominent features of its design are its five-storey atrium, many open-air terraces, public courtyard and accessible mall. A strong architectural vocabulary unifies the interior and exterior. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Applied Photography Ltd.

Don Mills, Don Mills Centre

Photographs from different stages of development of the Don Mills Centre. The strip plaza was opened in 1955 with a small number of shops, and it expanded in the 1960s to serve the growing community. A project was undertaken in 1978 to enclose the mall. One photograph shows the original outdoor walkways, and the second photograph is an aerial view showing the parking lot and the central Eaton's store.

Shawcroft, B.

Etobicoke, One west Mall

Folder contains 2 b&w photographs of the 1962 Canadian Housing Design Council National Award - Multiples. Exterior views of One West Mall in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Canadian Architect

North York, Burns Hall, Canadian Forces College

Interior and exterior views , including aerial views of the historic brick and ivy building with the concrete and brick additions and parking lot. Interior views include stairwells, library space, and hallways. One copy of an axonometric drawing of the newer addition to the building.

Evans, Steven

Burndy Canada Ltd. office & plant : Scarborough

The industrial building and offices has a steel frame, bolted in the factory area, and bolted and welded in the office area. The curtain wall of windows in the office area is accented by exposed exterior columns. This architectural detail (the columns) was originally developed by the architects for a school building, to aid in the addition of a second storey. The building has concrete floors throughout and a steel roof deck.

Canadian Architect

Atrium on Bay

Exterior and aerial views of an office and retail building. One illustration of interior design. Construction lasted from 1981-1985.

McCleary Towers

Photograph of the exterior of a high rise apartment building that has been retrofitted by Westeel. The new exterior cladding is advertised as thermally efficient and durably constructed, and was featured in a Spec Sheet for Preformed Metal Siding in Canadian Architect magazine for July 1985.

Jerome Markson residence

Interior views of a townhouse designed by Jerome Markson (owner & architect), showing living room with fireplace and wood panneled ceiling, and exterior views of brick patio in the rear of the house.

Canadian Architect

Homeworld Mega Centre

Architect's model of the building. Sticker on back of photograph reads: Model of the Homeworld mega centre in Metropolitan Toronto, looking north towards Highway 401. The semi-translucent fibreglass dome will measure 240X240 feet and soar 120 feet from ground level. Photo credit: Zeidler Roberts Partnership/ Architects. Information: 416 968 2100."

Gloucester Mews

Renovation and addition to a heritage property located at 2 Gloucester Street in Toronto. The original Masonic building was constructed in 1888. The addition to this building won a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 1972.

Clark, Clive

Gas Works

The gas works building located at 251 Front St., built in 1887-1888, belonged to the Consumers Gas Company and produced gas for light fixtures. It was known as Purifying House No. 2. The file contains an image of the interior of the building being gutted. The basilica-style interior space is evident in the empty room. In 1985, The Canadian Opera Company purchased the buildings north of the lane and commenced an comprehensive $10 million restoration program with Bregman, Hamann and Arcop Associates. It would later house the Imperial Oil Opera Theatre and the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre.

North York Central Library / Crown Life Building

Architect's model of the stepped library building, with arched main entrance, an atrium connecting six floors, curved staircases, and semi-circular balconies. Design by Moriyama and Teshima. Adhered to the same paper backing is a photo of an artist's illustration of the Crown Life building by Bregman + Hamann.

Casa Loma and Baldwin Steps

Aerial views of the Gothic Revival castle located at 1 Austin Terrace in Toronto, and a small colour photograph of the base of the Baldwin steps, named for the original landowner and former premier of Ontario Robert Baldwin, a public pathway which connects two sections of Spadina Road and is often used by visitors to the historic castle.

Bell Trinity square

Aerial view of a high-rise office building. Photographer's stamp visible through tissue on verso: Art James. One interior view showing a board room through a closed door.

James, Arthur

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