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North and Central America

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CCC - Vancouver Dec 9/91

File contains records pertaining to the Chiefs Committee Claims, specifically their meeting in Vancouver on December 9, 1991. Included is the agenda and accompanying materials for the meeting; an extract from the Auditor General of Canada's report on specific land claims; and speaking notes from Ovide Mercredi, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, presentation to the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs.

Claims - Joint Wkg Group August - Sept/92

File contains records from the Specific Claims Joint Working Group (First Nations and Government of Canada). Included are meeting minutes and updates from the meeting held August 17-19, 1992 in Kamloops, British Columbia and meeting minutes from the meeting held September 29-30, 1992 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

UBCIC - Delgamuukw 3/99

File contains records relating to three conferences:
1) Notes and agenda for "Implementing Delgamuuk'w - legal implications for Aboriginal title research in BC" held March 1-3 in Vancouver, British Columbia
2) Program for conference "Delgamuuk'w: One Year After" held February 18-19 in Victoria, British Columbia
3) Program for First Nations GIS mini conference "GeoSolutions: Integrating our World" held March 1-4 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Also in the file is "$3 treaty script" and "Delgammuukw Report Card - Canada's Record One Year Later".

Aboriginal Title & Comprehensive Claims conference

Conference kit for the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) "Title & Comprehensive Claims Conference" held February 24-25, 1998 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is unclear if all the materials were included in the kit or added later. Included in the file folder are:
1) Joint Statement on the Comprehensive Claims Policy, April 7, 1993
2) AFN Preliminary Assessment of the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: RCAP Recommendations on Treaties, Lands and Resources, February 21, 1997
3) Extinguishing Extinguishment: Bringing an Era to an End by Ovide Mercredi, May 1995
4) Correspondence between Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs and the Assembly of FIrst Nations
5) Federal Policy of the Settlement of Native Claims, March 1993
6) The Delgamuukw Case - What does it mean and what do we do now? by Melvin H. Smith Q.C., Feb. 10, 1998
7)Draft - Aboriginal Title and Comprehensive Claims Special Meeting notes
8) First Nations Summit - Analysis, Strategy and Statement on Delgamuukw, February 3, 1998
9) Newspaper and newspaper clippings
10) AFN Aboriginal Title & Comprehensive Claims conference report
11) background information and conference agenda

Interior Alliance 5/2000

File contains records created by/related to the Interior Alliance. Included in the file are press releases, a page titled "Tripartite Political Accord on Treaty Negotiation", and a legal update on Logging Cases for the AFN Committee to Implement Delgamuukw.

AFN Delg/May 2000

File contains records related to the Delgamuukw decision and the Canadian Government. Included in the file are:
1) Delgamuukw Implementation Committee background materials and meeting minutes
2) draft strategy framework on the recognition & affirmation of Aboriginal title
3) agendas and accompanying materials related to the May 6-7, 2000 Comprehensive Claims Strategy meeting and the May 8-9, 2000 joint AFN/DOJ/DIAND working session on comprehensive claims policy review
4) Correspondence and press releases
5) Assembly of First Nations - Canada's Comprehensive Claims Policy: The Need for Fundamental Change
6) News release re: Fraser Valley Blockade

National Committee on Treaties/AFN Centre for Treaty Advocacy meeting kits

Sub-series contains National Committee on Treaties/Centre for Treaty Advocacy information kits that coverage a range of issues including claims, treaties, Aboriginal titles, MBCA, border crossing, litigation updates, and federal/provincial policy. Included are:

2018. Treaty Rights Unit Activities Report, Ottawa, Ontario March 4, 1987

2018. Treaty Rights Conference Ottawa, Ontario January 14, 1987

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Kamloops, British Columbia, Sept. 20-21, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties meeting Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 9-10, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book - IXth Annual AFN Assembly Edmonton, Alberta May 20-June 2, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Ottawa, Ontario July 11-12, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties Quebec City, Quebec July 4, 1989

2018. National Centre for Treaties briefing kit Halifax, Nova Scotia September 28-29, 1989

2018. National Committee on Treaties Edmonton, Alberta March 6-7, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Vancouver, British Columbia May 1-2, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Hay River, Northwest Territories June 27-28, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties - Grand Council Treaty #8 Nations Edmonton, Alberta Sept. 19-20, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties summary of activities Oct. 1, 1990

AFN - Treaty 4/92 Vol. II

File contains records related to the National Treaty Conference "Indigenous Treaties/Self-Determination" held April 6-9, 1992. Included in the file is correspondence, reports, addresses and associated materials related to the conference.

C. Y. I. Umbrella

File contains a copy of the Council for Yukon Indians Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement in Principle, a newspaper clipping, and correspondence between the Minister of Indian Affairs and the Council for Yukon Indians.

BCTC - Sept. 2001

File contains records related to the treaty process in British Columbia. Included in the file are:
1) British Columbia Treaty Commission dual report - Treaty Commission 2001 annual report/Looking Forward Looking Back a review of the BC Treaty Process
2) newspaper clipping re: BC treaty talks
3) news release re: referendum ballot from the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs

Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation

File contains two published documents:
2018. Entente sur L'Autonomie Gouvernementale de la Premiere Nation de Little Salmon/Carmacks
2018. Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation Final Agreement

Tr'ondek Hwechi'in

File contains two published documents:
2018. Tr'ondek Hwech'in Self-Government Agreement
2018. Tr'ondek Hwech'in Final Agreement

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC)

Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement

File contains three documents:

2018. Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement Between Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada and The Gwich'in as represented by The Gwich'in Tribal Council, July 13, 1991

2018. Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement volumes 1 & 2, April 22, 1992

B. C. Treaty Comm Vol. I

File contains records related to the British Columbia Treaty Commission. Along with newspaper clippings, correspondence, and other related materials there are:
1) two copies of "Building a New Relationship with First Nations in British Columbia - Canada's response to the report of the B. C. Claims Task Force
2) newsletter "Pride in Partnership - British Columbia"
3) two copies of "British Columbia Treaty Commission Agreement"
4) newsletter "Treaty News" July 1995, and December 1996 editions
5) "The Report of The British Columbia Claims Task Force" July 28, 1991
6) "Aboriginal Rights and Title - A Made in B. C. Approach" by the Westbank Indian Council
7) Form 11 - Chief R. Kwasistala on behalf of the Lichkwilthach hereditary chiefs and others v. Canadian Government
8) Outline and background on BC Treaty Commission

UBCIC - 10/96

The majority of the file contains invitations, programs, and fact sheets for the "Voice of the Peoples" gathering at Cayoose Creek Indian Band Campgrounds, Stl'Atl'Imx Territory in Lillooet, British Columbia. Gathering was held July 11-12, 1997. Also in the file is a booklet created by the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs titled "Certainty: Canada's Struggle to Extinguish Aboriginal Title".


File contains a variety of documents created/collected by the Union of British Columbia Chiefs (UBCIC). Included in the file are:
1) brochures - Shuswap Cultural Working Committee
2) booklets -Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
3) Press releases and press statements from UBCIC
4) National Committee on Treaties - Resolution Respecting Treaty-Making & the Constitutional Definition of Aboriginal Rights
5) First Nations' Meeting agenda and accompanying materials Oct. 23-24, 1990
6) Inter-Tribal Treaties on Land Question: B. C. Indian Nations' Strategy for the 1990s discussion paper 2 - UBCIC
7) UBCIC Statement of Principles and Interim Process on Aboriginal Fishing in British Columbia
8) UBCIC Aboriginal Title and Rights Position Paper
9) Constitution of The Provisional Government of The Confederacy of Aboriginal Nations draft #5
10) Philip Christopher Paul memorial booklet
11) Meeting and speech notes

B. C. Claims Vol. I & II

Copy of Aboriginal Royal Commission: B. C. Issues by Mandell Pinder and created for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

Mandell Pinder Barristers & Solicitors

UBCIC - Nov. 1999

File contains records relating to British Columbia claims and claims policy. Included in the file are two copies of "Truth Behind Treaty Making: Canada's 1986 Comprehensive Claims Policy"; UBCIC 1999 case highlights; resolutions; correspondence; and a news clipping.

Douglas Treaties - DIA

File contains "The Vancouver Island Treaties (1850-1854) by Dennis Madill; "B. C. Indian Treaties in Historical Perspective" by Dennis Madill, published by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada; and correspondence between The First Nations of South Island to Deputy Minister Harry Swain re: Treaty and Aboriginal Rights.

BC Interior

File contains a variety of newspaper clippings, correspondence and brochures regarding Indigenous Nations of Interior British Columbia.

Nisga'a AIP 95-96

File contains correspondence, news clippings and stories regarding the Nisga'a Agreement in Principle with the Governments of British Columbia and Canada. Also in the file are Nisga'a Land Claim Negotiation brochures; a copy of framework agreement; and a copy of a statement of Claim by the Pacific Fishermen's Defence Alliance, and others against the Government of Canada, with the Nisga'a Tribal Council as the Intervenor.

Guerin - Musqueam

File contains copies of the judgement, commentary, and analysis on the Supreme Court of Canada ruling in Delbert Guerin, Joseph Becker, Eddie Campbell, Mary Charles, Gertrude Guerin and Gail Sparrow suing on their own behalf and on the behalf of all other members of the Musqueam Indian Band v. Her Majesty the Queen and The National Indian Brotherhood (Intervenors).

MC - Marshall Dec/2000

File contains the following documents:
1) Canada's Approach for Dealing with Section 35 rights
2) Consultation strategy for First Nation Governance (FNG)
3) DIAND's Key Priorities at the Start of a New Mandate
4) DIAND Communication Strategy
5) Memorandum to cabinet re: long term response to R. v. Marshall
6) newsclippings on FNG

E. Davie Fulton

File contains a copy of E. Davie Fulton's "Lubicon Lake Indian Band - Inquiry" discussion paper and a paper "Indian Tribal Councils".

Rainbow: Clippings

File contains records related to Operation Rainbow - a Ministry of Natural Resources sting operation targeting Indigenous Harvesters on Manitoulin Island. The majority of the file contains newspapers and newspaper clippings, but also contains an agenda for a United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin special assembly; a warning to all UCCM First Nation Harvesters regarding Operation Rainbow; and a United Indian Councils of the Mississauga and Chippewa Nations report "Ontario Indian Position on Ontario Game & Fish Regulations 1922".

Court of Appeal for British Columbia Reasons for Judgement CA 010153 - CA 013216

Bound volume of Court of Appeal for British Columbia Reasons for Judgment for the follwing cases:
Her Majesty the Queen v. William Alphonse (A) CA 01053 Vancouver Registry
Her Majesty the Queen v. Harry Thomas Dick (A) CA 011223 Vancouver Registry
Her Majesty the Queen v. Dorothy Marie Van Der Peet (A) CA 014436, CA014458 Vancouver Registry
Her Majesty the Queen v. William Gladstone (A) and Donald Gladstone (A) CA 014389 Vancouver Registry
Her Majesty the Queen v. N. T. C. Smokehouse Ltd. (A) CA 011962 Vancouver Registry
Her Majesty the Queen (A) v. Allen Jacob Lewis CA 011419, Allen Frances Lewis CA 011420, Jacob Kenneth Lewis CA 011428 (A) Vancouver Registry
Her Majesty the Queen (A) v. Jerry Benjamin Nikal CA 013216 Vancouver Registry

Banff Series

The file is comprised of 42 black and white acetate negatives. A selection accompanied "Banff 1958," a transcription of three addresses by Paul Rudolph at the annual Session at Banff and published in The Canadian Architect in March of 1959.

James A. Murray

Fountain in Rosedale

This file contains a series of black and white acetate negatives depicting a steel fountain by Gordon Raynor, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Meltzer of Toronto and published in the August 1958 issue of The Canadian Architect.

Gordon Raynor

Copies of Crutcher Paintings - City Scene

The file contains 3 black and white acetate copy negatives of paintings by Lewis Crutcher. Images of the paintings accompanied the article "Banff 1958 Cityscape" by Lewis Crutcher and were published in the March 1959 issue of The Canadian Architect.

Lutheran Church Bayview

This file contains 12 medium format black and white negatives of the St. Lukes Lutheran Church located at the intersection of Finch and Bayview avenues in Toronto, Ontario.

Copy Negs from J. Acland

This file contains a series of black and white acetate copy negatives produced by James H. Acland. A selection of these images appeared in the article titled Shopping Centres, a special issue, October 1958.

James H. Acland

Roy Thomson Hall

Home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Starting date of the construction is 1978, opened in 1982. photographs of the model,different construction stages, completed building, interior and prespective view of Roy Thompson hall.

Spalding-Smith, Fiona

Sunlife Tower

3 exterior views of whole office building, including details of exterior facade. 4 interior views of a work area, including Women's Lounge and Board Room, of Aluminum Co. of Canada Ltd., office reception, and a private office at Massey-Ferguson Ltd.

Parkin Architects Limited

CN Tower

Photographs of the CN Tower before, during and after construction. Mainly aerial views of exterior.

Panda Associates Photography and Art Services

Maple Leaf Gardens

Aerial view of the yellow brick arena with large dome, built in 1931, located at 438 Church Street in Toronto. It was home ice for the Toronto Maple Leafs (Hockey team) until 1999. It was purchased by Loblaw Companies in 2004 and in 2009 it was announced that a portion of the arena would be used for Ryerson University althletics, thanks in part to federal government contribution.

Don Mills, Row Housing -Missing

Exterior views of a multi-storey townhouse complex, showing yards and parking. The stacked residences have a bachelor apartment or garage under the two storey housing units above.

Shawcroft, B.

Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre

Interior and exterior views during construction and after completion. Construction view printed in Nov 1983 issue of Canadian Architect magazine, while full article was published in Nov 1984. An interior view of mezzanine was used as the cover image for that 1984 issue as well.

Harbour Terrace, Queen's Quay

Photographs of the architect's models. This building was given an Award of Merit by the Governor General's Awards for Architecture in 1990, and an Award of Excellence by the Ontario Association of Architects Awards in 1988.

Applied Photography Ltd.

Cube house, Sumach street

Photographs of the exterior of a building under construction, and two interior views looking out through the steel support beams, designed with 3 cubes balanced on their points on a rectangular concrete base. The idea was licensed from Dutch architect Piet Blom by Toronto entrepreneur Ben Kutner. Designed from prefabricated steel and glass, the houses were supposed to take advantage of otherwise unusable property space in Toronto like laneways and rooftops. The house has since been abandoned and the cubes are used for commercial signage.

Conway, William

37, 39 & 41 Heath Street West, Toronto

Exterior views of Victorian row houses originally built in the 1880s, altered in 1981. The house was first owned by Alfred Hoskin, a barrister, and is referred to in the Canadian Architect magazine issue for October 1985 as "Hoskin House".

Don Mills, Don Valley Woods

Interior and exterior views of two phases of development of a townhouse complex. Single and multi-storey buildings are pictured, as well as interiors.

Fleet, Max

Devonsleigh Place

Exterior view of a brick mansion with dormer windows and portico, renovated into a restaurant located at 4125 Steeles Avenue in Toronto. The restaurant Casa-Imperial serves Chinese cuisine.

ChumCity building

Interior and exterior views of the City TV building at the corner of Queen and John streets in Toronto, with interior views of the main floor and production areas. One illustration of the building dated November 1986. Details of the stonework on the original Gothic Revival office building are visible.

Charles O. Bick College, Toronto Police Service

Exterior view of the college which houses the Training and Education unit of the Toronto Police Service. The building houses classrooms, labs, a range, pool and gymnasium. A piece of paper taped to the back of the image gives the architects as: Wilson, Newton, Roberts, Duncan.

Central Technical School

Interior and exterior views of a high school campus. Several interior views of the school's Art Centre, which was profiled in Canadian Architect magazine in the July 1963 and 1964 issues.

Panda Associates Photography and Art Services

Head office, Bank of Toronto

Exterior views of the 1862 head office of the Bank of Toronto at Wellington and Church Streets, demolished to make way for the construction of the Toronto-Dominion Bank tower.

Canada Malting Company silos

Archive photograph of the Canada Malting Company silos on Toronto's harbourfront. The image was published in a December 1994 article in Canadian Architect magazine about their re-use in a new project.


Photograph of a scale model of the 80 acre CityPlace development inserted into an aerial photo of Toronto's skyline. Developed by CN Real Estate, CityPlace is bounded by Front Street, Lakeshore Blvd., Bathurst Street and CN Tower Lands and includes Toronto's new Domed Stadium (Rogers Centre/ SkyDome). (Text taken from sticker on verso of photograph.)

Myers residence, 19 Berryman street, Toronto

Two story residence designed by Barton Myers for his own use in Toronto's Yorkville area. The house fills a narrow urban lot, approximately 25 x 188 feet. There is a central courtyard with greenhouse roof. An article on the house was published in the April 1972 issue of Canadian Architect magazine.

Alexandra Park housing cooperative

Two photographs of the exterior of a low-rise public housing development. Built between 1964-68 by the Ontario Housing Corporation. The housing complex is located in the city block bounded by Dundas Street, Spadina Avenue, Queen Street West and Bathurst Street. A stamp on the back of the photograph gives the photographer as Roger Jowett.

Jowett, Roger

Helen Carr

Item is a portrait of woman. Imprint on surface reads, 'Abbe 15 West 57 St. New York'. In white on surface '91241'. Inscribed in black ink on back 'Please Credit Photo by Abbe', and 'Monster Musical Super-Spectacle Happy Days at the new york hippodrome'. Inscription in pencil reads, 'Helen Carr in the' Inscription in pen reads, 'they both in same show' and 'my first wife Elsie's sister, stage name'


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