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MC CCP 1986 + More

File contains records related to the Comprehensive Claims Policy. Included in the file are:

1) National Overview of Comprehensive Claims Policy and the Constitution Act 1982 (draft - for discussion only)
2) Status report on Comprehensive Claims
3) Package of topics, issues, background information, talking points, and status dealing with comprehensive land claims across Canada.

BCTC - Sept. 2001

File contains records related to the treaty process in British Columbia. Included in the file are:
1) British Columbia Treaty Commission dual report - Treaty Commission 2001 annual report/Looking Forward Looking Back a review of the BC Treaty Process
2) newspaper clipping re: BC treaty talks
3) news release re: referendum ballot from the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs

Delgamuukw - Govt's

File contains various analyses and reports regarding the impact of the Delamuukw decision. Included in the file are:
1) Union of British Columbia Municipalities - Conference on the Supreme Court of Canada Decision on Delgamuukw
2) three analysis by Bull, Housser & Tupper barristers and solicitor regarding decision
3) Specific claims and Delgamuukw by Mandell Pinder for UBCIC
4) Delgamuukw - a preliminary anaylsis of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision for a discussion with legal counsel for British Columbia and First Nations - Dept. of Justice


File contains records related to the Dene/Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement. Included in the file are:
1) Correspondence
2) Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement between Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada and the Gwich'in as represented by the Gwich'in Tribal Council and supplement to the agreement
3) Dene/Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement in Principle
4) Analysis and Commentary: March 31, 1990 Draft of the Dene/Metis Claims Agreement - Assembly of First Nations Centre for Treaty Advocacy
5) Dene Leadership Meeting motions
6) Supreme Court of Canada appeal re: unpatented crown land in the Northwest Territories


File contains Conseil Attikamekw-Montagnais records related to comprehensive claims and other records related to this.

C. Y. I. Umbrella

File contains a copy of the Council for Yukon Indians Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement in Principle, a newspaper clipping, and correspondence between the Minister of Indian Affairs and the Council for Yukon Indians.

CYI - Bands

Photocopy of the agreement between the Vuntut Gwich'in First Nation, the Government of the Yukon, and the Government of Canada. Some of the agreement pages have handwritten notes on them.

Dene/Metis - 90

Copy of the comprehensive land claim between the Canadian government and the Dene/Metis Negotiations Secretariat.

United States

File contains newspaper and magazine clippings, magazines, journals and other publications related to Indigenous Peoples in the United States. File also contains statements and reports regarding the U. S. Government and self-government.

AFN Treaty Conf. 11/95

File contains records related to the National Treaty Gathering held November 21 - 23, 1995 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. File contains agendas, papers, correspondence and other records related to the gathering. There is also a copy of the National Treaty Conference book from the April 1992 gathering.

AFN - Treaty 4/92 Vol. II

File contains records related to the National Treaty Conference "Indigenous Treaties/Self-Determination" held April 6-9, 1992. Included in the file is correspondence, reports, addresses and associated materials related to the conference.

AFN Treaty April 92

File contains records related to the National Treaty Conference "Indigenous Treaties/Self-Determination" held April 6-9, 1992. Included in the file is correspondence, reports, proposals, and other records related to the conference.

RCAP Treaty Policy April 1994

File contains four writings regarding treaty policy. In the file are:
1) Evolving New International Laws from the Fourth World - Rudolph C. Ryser
2) Will Canadian Accept the New Relationship - thoughts on the seminar on sovereignty, citizenship, and treaties - James Tully
3) Making Waves newsletter Vol. 4, No. 3 (August 1993)
4) The North and National Policy - Peter Jull

AFN Confed 3/91

File contains draft agenda and accompanying materials for the Confederacy of Nations Meeting held in Ottawa, Ontario on March 19-20th, 1991.

W. Rudnikick - 1982 Patriation Debate

File contains several copies of brochure "Support the Right to Self-Government" put out by the Assembly of First Nations, and a copy of "Indian Development Issues Post-Patriation" notes from a speech given by W. Rudnicki at McMaster University, June 2, 1982.

National Committee on Treaties/AFN Centre for Treaty Advocacy meeting kits

Sub-series contains National Committee on Treaties/Centre for Treaty Advocacy information kits that coverage a range of issues including claims, treaties, Aboriginal titles, MBCA, border crossing, litigation updates, and federal/provincial policy. Included are:

2018. Treaty Rights Unit Activities Report, Ottawa, Ontario March 4, 1987

2018. Treaty Rights Conference Ottawa, Ontario January 14, 1987

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Kamloops, British Columbia, Sept. 20-21, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties meeting Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 9-10, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book - IXth Annual AFN Assembly Edmonton, Alberta May 20-June 2, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties briefing book Ottawa, Ontario July 11-12, 1988

2018. National Committee on Treaties Quebec City, Quebec July 4, 1989

2018. National Centre for Treaties briefing kit Halifax, Nova Scotia September 28-29, 1989

2018. National Committee on Treaties Edmonton, Alberta March 6-7, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Vancouver, British Columbia May 1-2, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties Hay River, Northwest Territories June 27-28, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties - Grand Council Treaty #8 Nations Edmonton, Alberta Sept. 19-20, 1990

2018. National Committee on Treaties summary of activities Oct. 1, 1990

Assembly of First Nations annual reports

Annual reports of by the Assembly of First Nations delivered at their annual Chiefs Assembly. Included are:

2018. "Ours to Build - Forward in Unity" Third annual Assembly of First Nations Conference April 20-22, 1982 Penticton, British Columbia

2018. Report to VI Annual Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations July 29-31, 1985 Vancouver, British Columbia

2018. Report to VIIIth Annual General Assembly June 24-26, 1987 Toronto, Ontario

2018. "Sovereignty and Self-Determination The Next Step" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the IXth General Assembly May 30-June 2, 1998 Edmonton, Alberta

2018. "Rebuilding First Nations" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the Xth Annual Chiefs Assembly July 5-7, 1989 Quebec City, Quebec. Also included is "Text of the Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, submitted by the drafting committee".

2018. "Determining our Agenda Through Reconciliation of Our Past Lives" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the XIth Annual Chiefs Assembly May 4-7, 1990 Whitehorse, Yukon. Included with the report are some handouts from the assembly.

2018. "Our Land Our Government Our Heritage Our Future" Assembly of First Nations Annual Report for the XIIth Assembly of First Nations June 10-12, 1991 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Interior Alliance 5/2000

File contains records created by/related to the Interior Alliance. Included in the file are press releases, a page titled "Tripartite Political Accord on Treaty Negotiation", and a legal update on Logging Cases for the AFN Committee to Implement Delgamuukw.

AFN Delg/May 2000

File contains records related to the Delgamuukw decision and the Canadian Government. Included in the file are:
1) Delgamuukw Implementation Committee background materials and meeting minutes
2) draft strategy framework on the recognition & affirmation of Aboriginal title
3) agendas and accompanying materials related to the May 6-7, 2000 Comprehensive Claims Strategy meeting and the May 8-9, 2000 joint AFN/DOJ/DIAND working session on comprehensive claims policy review
4) Correspondence and press releases
5) Assembly of First Nations - Canada's Comprehensive Claims Policy: The Need for Fundamental Change
6) News release re: Fraser Valley Blockade

Delgamuukw clippings

File contains news clippings and press releases regarding treaty negotiations and Indigenous land claims in British Columbia after the Delgamuukw v. British Columbia Supreme Court ruling.

Aboriginal Title & Comprehensive Claims conference

Conference kit for the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) "Title & Comprehensive Claims Conference" held February 24-25, 1998 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is unclear if all the materials were included in the kit or added later. Included in the file folder are:
1) Joint Statement on the Comprehensive Claims Policy, April 7, 1993
2) AFN Preliminary Assessment of the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: RCAP Recommendations on Treaties, Lands and Resources, February 21, 1997
3) Extinguishing Extinguishment: Bringing an Era to an End by Ovide Mercredi, May 1995
4) Correspondence between Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs and the Assembly of FIrst Nations
5) Federal Policy of the Settlement of Native Claims, March 1993
6) The Delgamuukw Case - What does it mean and what do we do now? by Melvin H. Smith Q.C., Feb. 10, 1998
7)Draft - Aboriginal Title and Comprehensive Claims Special Meeting notes
8) First Nations Summit - Analysis, Strategy and Statement on Delgamuukw, February 3, 1998
9) Newspaper and newspaper clippings
10) AFN Aboriginal Title & Comprehensive Claims conference report
11) background information and conference agenda

Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement

Published book of land claims agreements between The Government of Canada and the Inuit of Labrador.

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC)

Litigating and Aboriginal Law

Conference program for "Litigating Aboriginal Law" held in Ottawa, Ontario on June 6-7, 2002. Conference was given by the Pacific Business & Law Institute.

Delgamuukw - One Year After conference

File contains program for the "Delgamuukw: One Year After" conference. The conference was sponsored by The Aboriginal Policy Forum and The University of Victoria and was held February 18-19, 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia.

UBCIC - Delgamuukw 3/99

File contains records relating to three conferences:
1) Notes and agenda for "Implementing Delgamuuk'w - legal implications for Aboriginal title research in BC" held March 1-3 in Vancouver, British Columbia
2) Program for conference "Delgamuuk'w: One Year After" held February 18-19 in Victoria, British Columbia
3) Program for First Nations GIS mini conference "GeoSolutions: Integrating our World" held March 1-4 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Also in the file is "$3 treaty script" and "Delgammuukw Report Card - Canada's Record One Year Later".

CCC - Vancouver Feb 2002

Copy of the program from the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs Committee on Claims - Independent Claims Body (ICB) meeting held in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 13-14, 2002. Included in the program is background information on ICB, the ICB proposal, claims updates, and other related materials.

Indian Claims Commission Proceedings (1999) 11 ICCP

Indian Claims Commission proceedings volume 11. Included are reports on: Gamblers First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement inquiry; Nekaneet First Nation Agricultural and other benefits under Treaty 4 inquiry; Moose Deer Point First Nation Pottawatomi Rights inquiry. Also in the volume are responses from the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to Gamblers First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement inquiry and response regarding the Qu'Appelle Valley Indian Development Authority flooding claim inquiry to the Muscowpetung First Nation, Pasqua First Nation, Standing Buffalo First Nation, Sakimay First Nation, Cowessess First Nation, and Ochapowace First Nations.

AFN-ICB - May 2001

File contains records related to the establishment of an Independent Claims Body. Included is correspondence between Matthew Coon Come, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and Robert D. Nault, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; Assembly of First Nations update: Independent Claims Body - AFN Confederacy report; and other records.

AFN Claims - 1997 Report

Assembly of First Nations National Land Claims Conference report. Conference held in Quebec City on November 5-6, 1997.

AFN Claims - 12/1997

File contains a program for the Assembly of First Nations National Land Claims Conference held in Quebec City November 5-6, 1997. Also in the file is a "Joint First Nations - Crown Task Force on Claims Policy Reform" (also found in the conference program) and "First Nations Independent Claims Commission Act" by Bruce Gilpin.

CCC - Halifax April/93

File contains records created by or related for the National Chiefs Committee on Claims. Included in the file are:
1) Summary notes from April 15-16 meeting held in Halifax, Nova Scotia
2) Chiefs Assembly resolutions on land claims
3) Specific Claims Joint Working Group (JWG) chronology of meetings and discussions
4) First Nations Submission on Claims - Dec. 14, 1990
5) Draft objectives for new First Nations claims resolution process and accompanying materials
6) Quarterly report from JWG

JWG - 23-25 Feb 1993

File contains a copy of the meeting agenda and accompanying material for the Joint Working Group on Claims Policy held February 23-25, 1993 in Ottawa, Ontario. Included is information on the previous meetings held in Val D'Or, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.

CCC - Vancouver Dec 9/91

File contains records pertaining to the Chiefs Committee Claims, specifically their meeting in Vancouver on December 9, 1991. Included is the agenda and accompanying materials for the meeting; an extract from the Auditor General of Canada's report on specific land claims; and speaking notes from Ovide Mercredi, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, presentation to the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs.

Claims - Joint Wkg Group August - Sept/92

File contains records from the Specific Claims Joint Working Group (First Nations and Government of Canada). Included are meeting minutes and updates from the meeting held August 17-19, 1992 in Kamloops, British Columbia and meeting minutes from the meeting held September 29-30, 1992 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

CCC Dec-Jan/92

File contains the agenda and accompanying materials for the December 9, 1991 meeting of the National Chiefs Commission on Claims held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Also in the file are a meeting follow-up, correspondence, speaking notes, and an extract from the Auditor General of Canada's report.

ITAB - Utility Tax By-Laws B. C.

File contains records relating to taxation and First Nations. File contains two copies of the Skuppah First Nation assessment by-law; news releases about appointment to Indian Taxation Advisory Board; and a copy of "Why Tax? - Considerations for First Nations Councils".

Mi'kmaq Education 14 Jan/97

File contains records about the Mi'kmaq Education Act. Included in the file is a news release; two copies of "An Agreement with respect to Mi'kmaq Education in Nova Scotia" between The Federal Government and the Mi'kmaq Bands in Nova Scotia; and copies of the various legislations and other documents related to this initiative.

Sechelt /86

File contains records relating to the Sechelt Indian Band and the Government of Canada. Included in the folder are correspondence regarding the Sechelt Band Comprehensive Claim; a copy of "A Practical Proposal for Resolving the Indian Land Claim in British Columbia as it Affects The Sechelt Indian Band" by the Sechelt Indian Band Council; 2 copies of the Sechelt Indian Band act; a copy of a Communique from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada regarding the renewal of federal self-government funding to the Sechelt Indian Band.

UBCIC Brown Paper

File contains a copy of the Brown Paper - A Declaration of Indian Rights, The B. C. Position paper prepared by the UBCIC (The Union of B. C. Indian Chiefs), dated November 17, 1970.
Also in the file is an invitation to the Spring graduation of the Institute of Indigenous Government in Burnaby B. C.

Citizens +, 1970

Copy of "Citizens +", a presentation by the Indian Chiefs of Alberta to Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in June of 1970.

4 Pillars - 9/90

File contains notes for an address to the House of Commons by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on the House Resolution with respect to Oka, Sept. 25, 1990 and a copy of "Building a New Relationship - the Native Agenda - 4 Pillars".

Toronto album

Black textured cover album with black pages. Handwritten notations in white ink. Photographs are glued in.

Inside cover has what appears to be a very small, very thin horseshoe mounted to the page; also, a small card is mounted to the page - contains two poems: "In Flanders' Fields" written by Colonel John McCrae from Canada serving in France 1917, and "America's Answer" written by R. W. Lillard appearing in the New York Evening Post.

On the third right-hand page, centre photo "Belle of a Masquerade", bottom left corner, faded date 1919. Other handwritten notations include summer 1911, summer 1913

Other items include newspaper clippings of marriage announcements,

Locations include: Simcoe, Humber River, Kew Beach, Toronto "Ex", Scarborough Bluffs, Scaroborugh Beach Park, Lake Ontario, Allan Gardens, Canadian Rockies, sites in Frisco [San Francisco], California, "Moore's Ltd" 380 Yonge - Toronto;
Thmes include: casual portraits, dogs,

Canada album

Item consists of a brown album with gold embossing and darker brown detailing. Item has part of a metal clasp on right of cover. Pages are white with gold embossing and sleeves with cutouts to insert the photographs into. Spine is torn and in very poor condition.
Photographs are all carte de visite size, and there are 5 tintypes in paper mats spread throughout the album. Some are hand-coloured. They are all portraits, some are labeled in pencil or black ink on the back of or below the photograph with the subject's name and sometimes a date. The photographs were taken accross Canada in Charlottetown, Montreal, Halifax, Pictou, Ottawa, and others as well as Boston, Washington D.C., New York and Auckland New Zealand. Some of the studios that made the photographs in this album are the Notman Studio, Brady's National Portrait Galleries, James Inglis, and J.W. Black. Photographers include C.S. Lewis and Tanton.

Loose materials include: photographs, tintypes in individual envelopes.

Shields, Lorne

Souvenir of Toronto, Ont

Brown soft cover album with gold details. Bound by brown braided string. Black pages with photos held in with photo corners. Handwritten notations in black ink and green pencil.
Photographs are snapshots of houses, interiors, cars and a few of people in Shanty Bay, Toronto and around Ontario.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 150 outfit case

Item is a Polaroid Land Camera Model 150 with hard leather case, Polaroid flash model 281, 3 developing vials, leather strap, manual, and 7 loose papers. It used 40 series Polaroid Picture Roll Land film.

Polaroid Corporation

Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model

Item is a small hand held box camera with Bakelite body, brilliant viewfinder and Kodalite Flash-holder attachment. For 6 x 6 cm exposures on 620 roll film. One of the best selling Brownie cameras ever made, it is a simple easy to use design created by Eastman Kodak employee Arthur H. Crapsey. The original sales price was $5.50 for the camera alone and $7.00 for the flash model.

Kodak Brownie Starflex

Item is a pseudo twin lens reflex camera with flashgun attachment. It has a black plastic body with metal faceplate and fittings and was made for use with 127 rollfilm. It has a Dakon lens with a simpler folding finder, as well as an additional sports finder built into the base. Includes a Kodalite Midget Flasholder.

Signet 50 with flash attachment

Item is a viewfinder camera with black bakelite body, metal fittings and large attached flash. It is the fourth model in the Kodak Signet line, featuring a selenium photocell exposure meter. Featuring an Ektanar lens with thorium oxide, the camera is slightly radioactive.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Stereo

Item is a stereo camera for creating two 24 x 24 mm exposures on standard 35mm cartridge film. The camera has a built in sprit level to ensure that ideal stereo effect is achieved. Kodak produced a corresponding Kodaslide Stereo Viewer and proprietary stereo slide holders for viewing images shot with the camera. Lenses are Kodak Anaston F3.5/35mm with a Kodak Flash 200 shutter.

Bell & Howell Two Fifty Two

Item consists of a Bell & Howell Two Fifty Two motion picture camera. It takes 8mm film, and has a Bell & Howell Super-Comat 10mm f/2.3 lens. There is a dial on the front of the camera to select aperture, light settings, and black & white or colour. It has a two-toned brown body and a winding knob on the side.

Kodak XL 362 movie outfit

Item consists of a Kodak XL 362 movie outfit, including camera, 4 AA--size batteries, wrist strap, and eye cup. Originally also included a super 8 cartridge of Kodak type G Ektachrome 160 movie film.

Cine-Kodak Model B

Item consists of a Cine-Kodak Model B. It is the follow-up model to the Cine-Kodak, the first 16mm camera. As opposed to the Cine-Kodak, the motor Cine-Kodak Model B is spring-driven rather than hand-cranked, which allowed for it to be used without a tripod. It has an f/3.5 20mm lens and a Newton finder. It has a portrait attachment for close ups from 2 to 5 feet.

Kodak Brownie Reflex, Synchro Model

Item consists of a Brownie Reflex Synchro Model, made in Canada by the Canadian Kodak Co. Limited. It has a twin-lens reflex pattern and a large finder with a folding hood. It uses 127 film, a rotary shutter, and has a meniscus lens. It is in the original box with two manual booklets and has a fabric braid strap.

Kodak Film - the dependable film in the yellow box

Item consists of a portrait format, white, board poster, featuring a black and white image of two boxes of Kodak Film, with "Kodak Film - the dependable film in the yellow box / The film that gives the same results from roll to roll, so that you can rely on it. / Kodak Film excels on every count - speed, latitude, uniformity - and each is of picture-making importance. / Use Kodak Film, the dependable film in the yellow box. / Canadian Kodak Co., Limited, Toronto" printed beneath.

Kodak Canada Inc.

The Nussbaum Tray

Item is a clear glass tray for developing photographic prints. A removable glass dowel holds the paper down so it remains inmmersed in the chemical solutions. Sold by the E. & H.T. Anthony company in New York.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Brownie Movie Camera Turret f/1.9

Item consists of a Kodak Movie Camera Turret f/1.9. It is a motion picture camera for double run 8mm film with 25 feet load, made in Canada. The three lenses are on a rotating turret offering 13mm, 24mm, and 9mm wide angle options.

Fotolarger enlarger

Item is a photographic enlarger consisting of nine parts; a metal base, two shafts, one bellows/negative holder assembly with red filter, lens assembly, lamp with cord, and three cardbooard negative guides. Cast into the vertical assembly are the words: "Fotolarger, Testrite, N.Y." On the negative holder, there is a metal plate printed with the CSA logo, and "Fotolarger, use #211 lamp 75 W 110-115 V, Testrite Instrument Co., Inc., New York, N. Y. -- made in U.S.A."

Testrite Instrument Co., Inc.

No. 3A Autographic Kodak camera, Model C

Item is a folding camera with black leatherette case and leather bellows. Features a cord with metal push button shutter-release. Fitted with a Kodak Antistigmat lens f7.7 (170mm), No. 11592. Took Autographic film No. A-122. Serial no. 652261.

Ansco Memo

Item is a leather covered wooden box camera. The Ansco Memo is a single frame, fixed focus which takes landscape oriented images. Film is advanced by pushing down on a lever in the back of the camera. While not the first American camera made for 35mm film, it is the first to sell in abundant quantities.

Kodak Petite camera (blue)

Item is a promotional model of the Kodak Vest Pocket Model B, manufactured in 5 colours: blue, green, grey, lavender and pink. This version also includes an art deco pattern on the camera body, a particularly rare model. Marketed to young women, it was promoted as easy to use and small enough to fit in a lady's hand. Some models included a vanity carrying case, lined with sating and housign a lipstick, powder, rouge, clutch and mirror. Produced 4.5 x 6 cm exposures on 127 film.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Brownie Holiday Flash

Item is a small camera with moulded brown and tan plastic body. Made for use with 127 roll film, it has an eyelevel viewfinder, Dakon lens and a rotary shutter. Prior to 1955 it was made with a Kodet lens.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Kodak Disc 8000

Item is a small, flat, hand-held camera with black plastic body and brushed metal, gold-coloured front plate. Intended by Kodak to replace their instamatic line of cameras, the Kodak Disc cameras were designed to be simple to use, with all automatic functions. Took Disc film, a proprietary format that made 15, 11 x 8 mm exposures; this small negative size made the resulting prints very grainy when enlarged and the camera model was not Kodak's most popular. Item has a built in flash and wrist strap. In plastic display original packaging. Uses HR disc.

Kodak Disc camera (demonstration model)

Item consists of a demonstration verion of the Kodak Disc camera. Disc cameras were compact fixed-focus cameras with built-in flash that used 11x8mm film that came in the form of a flat disc. Camera body is made of clear plastic so the internal mechanics can be seen. Made in U.S.A.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Disc 4000

Item is a small, flat, hand-held camera with black plastic body and brushed metal, gold-coloured front plate. Intended by Kodak to replace their instamatic line of cameras, the Kodak Disc cameras were designed to be simple to use, with all automatic functions. The camera used Disc film, a proprietary format that made 15, 11 x 8 mm exposures; this small negative size made the resulting prints very grainy when enlarged and, while the camera did well when it was first introduced, it lost populatiry due to the low quality prints it produced. Item includes a built in flash and wrist strap.

Kodak Tele disc

Item is a simple to use camera for use with the proprietary "Disc" film format. Kodak introduced the 15 exposure cartridges in 1982, while they were popular when first introduced, the small negatives 911 x 8 mm) often resulted in poor quality prints and the format soon lost its popularity.

Expo Watch Camera

Item is a small novelty film camera that is disguised as a railroad pocket watch, first produced into early 1900's and sold until 1939. The exposure is made through the winding stem and the winding knob serves as a lens cap, and required special film cartridges. The camera is relatively common, as it was marketed for so long and several variations exist in the "Expo" trademark style, the winding knob, and the viewfinder shape. Black, red, blue enameled versions produced about 1935 are rarer. Item has its original box and triangular viewfinder, but the lens cap is missing.

Panoram Kodak No.4

Item is a rollfilm panoramic cameras in which the lens pivots and projects the image to the curved focal plane. The camera uses No. 103 rollfilm to take 3.50 x 12 inch exposures. It has a rapid rectilinear lens and a 142 degree angle. This model is the original model for the Panoram Kodak series and has no door to cover the swinging lens.

Hand painted photograph album

Album cover in plastic held together with string. Black pages, photos glued in. Handpainted photographs. Doodles and drawing on pages in white ink. Several handcoloured photographs.
Pages in very poor condition - torn, flaking. Several loose photographs; yellowed and faded photographs.

Themes include snapshot portraits, domestic and farm animals - horses, dogs, sheep, cows; horse racing, crop fields, early vehicles and possibly an early tractor.

Kodak Heights Building #5

Appear to be loose prints from the Kodak Heights series of albums that document the construction of Kodak Heights during 1913-1917, See related records for albums: 2005. Note that a group of these prints were organized in a separate box, P-56 and P-64, they have been assigned the same number and the different locations noted in the record.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Heights aerial and ground level views and marching band

Photographs consist of views of Kodak Heights :

  • Three aerial views, one slightly earlier in years
  • One panorama of three buildings
  • One at entrance gate with buildings nos. 3 and 5 in background
  • One of Kodak Canadian soldiers (or air men) in marching band, passing in front of Building No. 9 (Employees Building).
    Previously in 3-ringed binder.

Kodak Canada Inc.

ZAS Architects, high schools and community centre

File consists of 92 35mm slides of buildings designed by ZAS Architects. Schools including: St. Augustine High School in Markham, Bear Creek Secondary School in Barrie, Elgin West Community Centre in Richmond Hill, Berry High School, and Richmond Hill High School.

Burley, Robert

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