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[Portrait of a man in a hat]

Item is a daguerreotype framed in brass matt, cover glass and brass preserver, but no case. Image is of a man with a mustache and a hat. He's wearing a dark suit with vest and silk tie tied in a bow. Looks as though the daguerreotype has been removed from its case.

[Portrait of two men with a book]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men. One on right is wearing a top hat (tilted to left side), with a black suit and striped pants. He has a big handlebar moustach, cigar in his mouth, open book in his lap and his legs are crossed. The man on the left has a cigar in his mouth, and is wearing a hat, with black suite. His legs are crossed and both hands rest on his lap, with his left arm resting on a table. Both their cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of a seated man with framed photograph and hat on table]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a seated man, his right arm resting on a table, his legs crossed. On the table is his hat, and a framed photograph of a woman standing, though unrecognizable (possibly mourning portrait). Table is quite ornate, as is the armoir in the background. Carpet is flowered. He is well dressed in a dark frock coat, with a white high-collared shirt and tie. He has a mustach and his cheeks are tinted pink. The hat is perhaps a boater hat, straw with a wide black band and trim. Due to frock coat and hat dated after 1870s. All four corners are rouned off.

[Group portrait with a car]

Item is an unmounted group portrait of four men and one woman sitting in a car. It is believed to be a Ford Model A car dating from 1903 which is how the photograph is dated. All four men are wearing bowlers hats, and suits with jackets and ties. Woman is wearing a large hat with flowers. Man behind wheel and another in backseat both have mustaches. Studio backdrop. Black band across top of image.

[Portrait of two men facing each other]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men, both seated and turned toward each other, but not looking at each other. Both wearing dark frock coat with white shirts, no ties. One on left has a mustach. Both cheeks are inted pink. Man on right has his arm on armrest, and the other one on his knee. Varnish coating gives tintype a brownish colouring. Studio background looks like a fireplace.

[Portrait of two men with pipes]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men seated, with a flowered curtain behind them, and a plaid carpet at their feet. Both men have facial hair. Both are wearing hats, and are holding pipes - man on right holds it in his mouth, and on left in his hands. One on right has a bandaged finger on his left hand. Man on left has his legs crossed, and is holding something white in his right hand, pipe in his left. White sticker on back of tintype with the letter 'c' written on it.

[Portrait of John Lonctot's father]

Item is a tintype, loose from mount. Cream card-frame with gold details and oval opening. Handwritten on back of card-frame "Probably the father of Uncle John Lonctot." Tintype is portrait of a man with beard and mustache. Hair is standing up on left side, like he has just removed a hat. He stares a camera. He wears a suit jacket and vest, no tie. White shirt underneath. Cheeks are tinted pink. All four corners are angled off.