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B.W. Kilburn: A Mining Camp in the Klondyke

Item is an albumen stereograph. Images depict a group of men surrounding two log cabins in the forest. Many trees have been cut down. Recto caption, left: "James M. Davis, New York, St. Louis, Liverpool, Toronto, Sydney"; right:"Copyright 1898 by B.W. Kilburn"; bottom: "12730. A Mining Camp in the Klondyke." Verso caption, centre: "Photographed and Published by B.W. Kilburn, = Littleton, N.H."

Egypt album

Reptile pattern, black cover embossed design. Bound by braided string. Grey pages - photographs glued in. Album made in Great Britain by Ensign Albums. No notations or dates.

Themes include dogs, forest, camping, mountains, snow, biking, early motorbikes, railroads, families, log cabins, rivers, military, and mining at the beginning. From the fourth page to the ninth page the photographs feature images of palm trees, desert, the pyramids, other Egyptian landmarks, the construction of a railway, farming, camping, wagons pulled by camels, a river and waterfalls. The final pages completed of the album show family snapshots, a farm in the country (possibly England), croquet, a harbour, dogs and ships.

Family album

Brown cover, cloth bindings exposed. Minimal notations printed on very few photographs. Photographs glued to album pages.

Locations: Pine Lodge, Stratton Park, Colorado Springs, Pittmans & Dean Ice Company, Harris Abattoir Company Limited, Washington D.C., USA.
Themes: scenic landscapes, group and family and individual portraits, children, USA Flag, cars, companies, boats and ships, G.A.R. Encampment in Washington, D.C. in September 1915.

[Ontario: steam shovel in trench]

glossy gsp, white border. Depicts a steam shovel and two two other vehicles at work in a wide trench of rocky rubble with slanted sides. A figure stands watching the steam shovel work. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso, bottom left, pencil inscription, "12"

[Ontario: dump truck in trench]

glosst gsp, white border. Dump truck and other construction vehicles depicted working in rocky trench/quarry. Flat fields, power lines in background. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso, top right, in pencil, "9"

[Ontario: quarry explosion]

Glossy gsp, white border. Depicting hoses, machinery and stakes in a trench, and an explosion occuring further back in the trench. Verso bottom right, black ink stamp: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing."

[Ontario dump truck and steam shovel]

Glossy gsp, white border. Depicts machinery and labourers at a construction or mining site. Dump truck marked with number "63." Steam shovel reads: "Lorain," "King Paving Co. Ltd. Oakville, Ont." Verso black ink stamp, bottom right: "C.A. Love Druggist, Jun 8 - 1944, Ingersoll, Ont. Guaranteed Photo Finishing." Verso bottom left, in pencil: "1"

Northern Ontario album

Black cover with the word "photographs" embossed in gold; bound with red string. Black pages. Photographs are moutned directly to the page or inserted under cut-out windows overlaying the page. Front and back end pages are loose.

Themes include: portraits, landscapes, waterscapes waterfalls, boats and canoes, houses, carriages, railroad tracks, National Flag of Canada c. 1896.

Sites include the Canadian Bank of Commerce, W. J. Bauldry's Boat-House, Cobalt Open Call Mining Exchange, The Imperial Bank of Canada.

Stereographs, Mining

File contains stereographs, depicting people working in the mining industry (miners, prospectors, mining camps and mines).

4 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
3 Stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers, in association with James M. Davis
1 Stereoscopic photograph by John Anderson Publishing Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Forsyth & Wilson
2 Stereoscopic photographs by Littleton View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Rose Stereographs
2 Stereoscopic photographs by Griffith & Griffith
2 Stereoscopic photographs by an unidentified publisher