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Egypt album

Reptile pattern, black cover embossed design. Bound by braided string. Grey pages - photographs glued in. Album made in Great Britain by Ensign Albums. No notations or dates.

Themes include dogs, forest, camping, mountains, snow, biking, early motorbikes, railroads, families, log cabins, rivers, military, and mining at the beginning. From the fourth page to the ninth page the photographs feature images of palm trees, desert, the pyramids, other Egyptian landmarks, the construction of a railway, farming, camping, wagons pulled by camels, a river and waterfalls. The final pages completed of the album show family snapshots, a farm in the country (possibly England), croquet, a harbour, dogs and ships.

[military tank]

glass covered slide, silver mat, red tpaed edges. Depicts military tank against treed background. Recto inscription, top right, blue ink: "6." Black tape across lower edgeo f image, between glass.

Portrait of a soldier

Item consists of a photograph (reproduction) of a military gentleman. Signature at the lower left reads "Karsh/ Ottawa" and another signature at the lower right gives the date as 1944, but the name is illegible.

Karsh, Yousuf

H.M.S. Superb Voyage album

Decorated blue cover with green pages. Photographs inserted into openings in pages. Handwritten notations in black ink. Some loose photographs; back indicate they were postcards.

Inside front cover: "Photographs taken from H.M.S. Superb during her voyage under sealed orders from Rosythe (Scotland) to take supreme command of the allied fleets in the Mediterranean and Near East, arrange the Armistice with Turkey and capture the German fleet in the Black Sea."

Themes include: exercises on the deck, uniformed sailors and marines, British Marines Guard of Honour to Sultan, German fleet surrendering and held captive, French flagship.

Locations include: Malta, Mundros, Grecian Archipelago, "River Clyde", Sea of Marmara, Golden Horn in Turkey, Sultan's Winter Place, Constantinople, Bosphorus, Sebastopol - Black Sea, Balaclava Bay - Crimea,

England album

Green cover bound by knotted green string. The word "Photographs" on the cover in gold lettering. Black pages - photographs held in with black photo corners. Some loose photographs. Many pages blank, missing photograph.

Photographs are mostly of people and various family snapshots in Great Britain and France. Some activities included are biking, picnicking, camping, canoeing, and many amateur shots from around the home. There are also photographs taken of the military, and of school composites.

Dates incude: May 27th, 1945 (back of a loose photograph).

Aloha Hawaii

Black cover with an eagle made of shell in 3D on cover. Very fragile. Hard cover. Black pages with photos held in with photo corners. Interlveaving between each page.

Military tour of duty album

Red cover embossed with foreign letters in gold; bound with yellow and black string. Notations in white ink and drawing on pages in yellow pencil. Black pages with thin protective paper bound between pages. Some photographs lose or partially loose.

Additional materials consist of stamps, envelopes, menus, business cards, receipts, advertisements, postcards, newspaper clippings, foreign [paper] currency; includes elements from British Red Cross Society, International Photo Supply Co., Kodak film, and a menu and program from Old Alleynians Annual Dinner containing multiple signatures on the back.

Sites and locations include Whitfield Barracks, The Bank of China in H.K., The Elinor, Hong Kong Bisley, the Sai King Patrol; countries include Singapore, Hong Kong, Repulse Bay,
Themes include military photographs, sailing, ships, rugby, individual and group portraits, early military tanks and activities.

Singapore album

Red cover album bound by blue and white braided string. Layers of cover are separating. Black pages with photographs held in with photo corners. Handwritten notations in white ink. Interleaving is pretty brittle, torn and cracked.

Album includes photographs showing the 1955/56 military tour of duty. Photographs are of Singapore, training boats, the H.M.A.S. Tobruk, Lok Ma Chau and the October 1856 riots, camp, rugby, swimming, water polo, the railway, Hong Kong, Malaya, and ends with some photographs taken in Australia. Themes and items also include early cars, buses and military vehicles, snapshot portraits, uniforms, Rugby Cup pamphlet, activities on board H.M.A.S. Tobruk, Riot squad and October '56 riots, Christmas 1956,

Locations and sites include Gilman Barracks, Kuala Lampur,

Loose materials include admission stub from The Balmy Beach Rugger Club Volleyball Tournament Dance in July, 1968; several loose photographs.

India military album

Purple textured cardboard cover bound with red string. Black pages, photographs mounted with glue. Tissue interleaving with spiderweb pattern.
Subject of photographs is primarily British military men riding horses and at camp in India. Some family photos are loose at the back of the album.

Print album

Black soft cover album with word "Photographs" on front in white lettering. Bound by green braided string. Black pages with photos glued in as well as tape. Mostly illustrations and sketches only 1 photo (g.s.p.) but note in pencil on photo says 1858 - Crimean War? Includes a receipt of "returned soldier's insurance" - 1930

[Navy Ship]

semi-gloss gsp with white border, printed on tectured paper. Depicts a navy ship in body of water, with shoreline visible behind it. The ship has a flag flying on the bow and stern, and the number "258" printed on the side. The ship has several antennas atop it, as wel las two cannons. Came along with one other print in a green paper envelope marked "Britannia."

Stereographs, War/Defence

File consists of stereographs depicting people engaged in conflict, weapons, soldiers, police, army supplies, and soldiers in camps.

28 Stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
29 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers, 16 in association with James M. Davis
2 Stereoscopic photographs by T. Eaton Co.
3 Stereoscopic photographs by Universal View Co.
3 Stereoscopic photographs by H. C. White Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by Realistic Travels
4 Stereoscopic photographs by J. F. Jarvis
1 Stereoscopic photograph by J. G. Parks
1 Stereoscopic photograph by American Stereoscopic Company
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Griffith & Griffith
1 Stereoscopic photograph by J. H. Ford
1 Stereoscopic photograph by P. Madsen
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Strohmeyer & Wyman
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Toronto Stero View Co.
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Canada View Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by E. W. Kelley
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Roberts & Fellows
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Webster & Albee
1 Stereoscopic photograph by International Stereoscopic View Co.
2 Stereoscopic photographs by W. Tylar
3 Stereoscopic photographs by T. W. Ingersoll
30 Stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers

South Africa-India album

Green cover with black edge and corners; spine and binding detached. Green end pages and brown pages throughout. Few handcoloured photographs; several photographs significantly yellowed.

Themes include landscapes, scenic views, snapshot portraits, man-drawn carriages, coastal views, beach scenes, ships and boats, architectural photographs of popular sites, traditional or tribal dress, early car, military uniforms, weddings, horse-drawn carriages, elephant-back carriage.

Sites and locations include: Bay Esplanade, West Street, The Old Fort and Ocean Beach at Durban, South Africa; some places in Natal, South Africa.

Toronto album

Black textured cover album with black pages. Handwritten notations in white ink. Photographs are glued in.

Inside cover has what appears to be a very small, very thin horseshoe mounted to the page; also, a small card is mounted to the page - contains two poems: "In Flanders' Fields" written by Colonel John McCrae from Canada serving in France 1917, and "America's Answer" written by R. W. Lillard appearing in the New York Evening Post.

On the third right-hand page, centre photo "Belle of a Masquerade", bottom left corner, faded date 1919. Other handwritten notations include summer 1911, summer 1913

Other items include newspaper clippings of marriage announcements,

Locations include: Simcoe, Humber River, Kew Beach, Toronto "Ex", Scarborough Bluffs, Scaroborugh Beach Park, Lake Ontario, Allan Gardens, Canadian Rockies, sites in Frisco [San Francisco], California, "Moore's Ltd" 380 Yonge - Toronto;
Thmes include: casual portraits, dogs,