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AZ Watson Taken at Midnight

Item consists of a sepiatone black and white photograph of a man and a dog at midnight in Nome, Alaska. The man appears to be standing on a porch with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing a long dark coat, glasses and a hat. There are binoculars around his neck. There is a dog in the foreground, at the feet of the man. There is an uneven white border around the image and at the bottom of the photograph is written "AZ Watson Taken at Midnight" in pen. On the back of the photograph in pencil is handwritten "Taken at Nome Alaska at 12 oclock at night continuous light sun set at 10.20 pm June 21st 1902".

[Man and Dog on Steps]

Item consists of two black and white photographs of a man and a dog. The man is wearing is suit and tie and hat, and is scratching a black and white dog behind its ears. They are in front of a house, and the dog is sitting on the steps. The man is looking at the camera. It appears as though the photograph was developed or fixed incorrectly, as there are marks from developing the image. The two photographs are identical, but different exposures. There is an uneven white border around both images. On the back of each photograph is written in pencil "28" and "50¢"

[smoking man and captain]

green cardboard mount with captions recto and verso: "Authorized Ansco Color Finisher; Insist on Ariston Color Prints." depicts smoking man with glasses, captain with hat, third figure obscured by the first. Outdoors, wearing coats, somewhat out of focus.

[Portrait of one man]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a man sitting with his right arm resting on the armrest. His left hand is onl his lap. He looks directly at the camera, he is centred in the image. No background. He wears a dark suit with jacket and vest, with a chain watch. He wears a white shirt and his tie is loosely knotted in style with the 1890s slipknot tie with the ends hanging. His hair is slick and parted.