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Kodak Canada Ltd.--Kodak Heights

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Kodak Canada Ltd.--Kodak Heights

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Kodak Canada Ltd.--Kodak Heights

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Posters and Signage

Series contains posters and signs from Kodak Canada Ltd. Most posters are reproductions of the original Eastman Kodak advertisements on foamcore boards for the purposes of display in the Kodak Heritage Museum. Objects originally intended for the Kodak Heritage Museum have been indicated in the notes field of the record. Subjects include: promotional posters from Kodak's The Techniques of the Masters Videoconference Series, advertising campaigns and Kodak slogans printed on posters, historical images of Kodak cameras, and medical imaging posters from the Health Sciences Division of Eastman Kodak Company. Also included are a group of large-scale foamcore posters of Kodak Heights operations reproduced from glass plate negatives in the collection.

Graphic materials series

Series contains graphic materials related to the operations of Kodak Canada Limited including Blueprints and Plans, Kodak Advertising Materials, and Posters and Signs. Blueprints and plans document the establishment of Kodak facilities in Ontario, including historical blueprints of the Kodak King street plant, as well as early diagrams and cyanotype blueprints of the Kodak Heights property drafted by The Canadian Pacific Railway. Kodak Advertising Materials includes a group of 35 Ad Ledgers containing proofs for Kodak ad campaigns from 1920-1987. Poster and signage include a group of posters publicizing Kodak's The Techniques of the Masters Videoconference Series, early images of Kodak Heights operationas reproduced on large-scale foamcore boards, and Kodak advertising campaigns reprinted on foam-core boards for the Kodak Heritage Museum.

Kodak Canada In Focus - Sport Special

Item is a group snapshot of Kodak employees wearing Kodak sweatshirts lined up under a banner that reads "The Todd Brooker Spirit Cup Challenge". A description enclosed with the print reads the date and issue, followed by "Kodak Sales and Market Dept. Sport Special Kodak Sweat Shirt's". It was featured in Vol. 1 No. 3 on pg. 8 of Kodak In Focus.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Heights map 1972

Item is a colour print featuring an outline map of Kodak Heights including Building #1, Building #3, Building #4, Building #5, Building #7, Building #8, Building #9, Building #10, Building #11, Building #13, Building #21, and Building #22 along with their respective parking lots and the locations of Englinton Avenue West, the Railway Lands, Industry Street and Goddard Avenue.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Blueprints and Plans

Sub-series contains plans and blueprints of Kodak factories and facilities in Ontario including : early blueprints and schematics for the King Street plant, approval drawings and area plans for the Kodak Heights facility showing buildings 1, 3,5, and 8, and detailed blueprints relating to the construction of Kodak Brampton Paper Finishing Plant, Building #35. Subject terms have been used to indicate Kodak site locations in Ontario, specifically the King street, Brampton and Kodak Heights operations.

Reproduced photographs

File contains reproductions of photographs used by corporate communications and also likely by the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum. Subject matter includes: Plant and facilities at Colborne and King streets; Kodak Heights; factory work; employees; wartime; product images; dental and medical photography; George Eastman; corporate events; and others. Some reproductions annotated.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Records pertaining to the history of building #18

File contains correspondence, pamphlets, and photocopied articles pertaining to the history of Kodak Heights building #18. The building was purchased from Moore Business Forms by Kodak Canada in 1981 and housed Kodak's engineering offices from that date until its demolition in 1987 as part of the Toronto Expansion Program (TEP).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Miscellaneous correspondence with Eastman Kodak

File includes miscellaneous correspondence between Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd. and Eastman Kodak Company pertaining to construction, maintenance, and operations of Kodak Heights between 1913 and 1940. Topics include land surveying and levelling, building insurance, flooring, structural steel, and equipment and materials handling procedures. File also contains orders of equipment made by Canadian Kodak through the Kodak Park Works Department, as well as technical drawings related to land surveys of the Kodak Heights property.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Records pertaining to plant, equipment, and supplies

Sub-series consists of records related to the construction, outfitting, maintenance and/or use of Kodak Canada's facilities in Toronto, Brampton, Montreal and Vancouver from roughly 1900 to 1987. Includes correspondence, contracts, notes, technical drawings, inventories, order forms, and other ephemera related to plant construction, particularly Kodak Canada's main manufacturing facility, Kodak Heights, at Eglinton Avenue and Weston Road in Toronto, Ontario. Also includes: publicity and public relations records related to plant open houses; records pertaining to Kodak Heights' use as military barracks in WWI; engineering field notes compiled during Kodak Heights construction; records pertaining to the opening of the Kodak processing laboratory in Vancouver, as well as plant procedures and engineering codes.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Record pertaining to Kodak Heights construction, maintenance and use

Sub-sub-series consists of contracts, correspondents, technical drawings, and notes pertaining to the construction, maintenance, and use of Kodak Canada's facilities at Eglinton Avenue and Weston Road in Toronto, Ontario from 1913 to 1987. Having outgrown its facilities on King Street in Toronto, the company purchased the land at Eglinton Avenue and named it "Kodak Heights" in 1913, beginning construction in 1914. The site acted as the main manufacturing and distribution centre for Kodak Canada, serving this purpose until 2004, when manufacturing operations ceased and most of the site was demolished. Sub-sub-series includes records related to the construction of the original seven buildings of the facility, as well as records pertaining to the use of building #5 as military barracks during WWI and records related to the history of building #18, which was purchased from Moore Business Forms in 1981.

Kodak Canada Inc.

The move of the distribution warehouse from Kodak Heights to Kodak Brampton

Item is a report written in 1972 reviewing the move of Kodak Canada's distribution warehouse from Kodak Heights to Brampton in April of 1971. Binder is divided into the following sections: introduction; facts and figures; meetings; memoranda; personnel; schedules; worklist; and miscellaneous.

Kodak Canada Inc.

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