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Kodak Canada Inc.
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She does her share to support the family...but she can afford to make movies every week-end : Ciné-Kodak Eight...home movies at less than 10 [cents] a scene

Photograph of young woman sitting at a table, and photograph of young woman making a movie of a man with a dog; photograph of camera being advertised. Text contains consumer information.

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

"Here's where I nail this holiday for keeps!" : Nothing remembers like a Kodak - be sure to take yours along

Four photographs of a young boy and girl walking through grass, a young girl hugging a dog, four young men and women standing along a wall, and a young child pulling on a sock, with illustrations of couple holding a camera, a Verichrome film box, and the camera being advertised. Text contains captions for each photograph and consumer information.

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

"L'un après l'autre - voilà comment j'obtiens une histoire en instantanés" : Prenez aujourd'hui les instantanés que vous voudrez demain

Four photographs showing progression of children and adults climbing over wooden fence, and illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains captions for each photograph and consumer information - describes use of film to capture sequences of action.

"You can't add anything to what these snapshots say!" : Kodak Verichrome Film - A Canadian Product

Photograph of man pulling cart with woman inside, photograph of man with boy sitting on fence, photograph of couple with two children standing at fence, and illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains consumer information - describes affordability of cameras and film.

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

"Want to see a family? _ look at these snapshots!" : Kodak Verichrome film - a Canadian product

Four photographs of adults and children engaged in various activities: playing on the beach, petting a horse, and a portrait of a kitten, and an illustration of a Verichrome film box. Text contains captions for each photograph and consumer information.

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

Kodak Verichrome film pack

Box contains one pack of 8 x 10.5 cm (3 14 x 4 1/4 inches) film sheets, 12 exposures, for use in film pack cameras or in plate cameras with film pack adapter, opened and unused. Dates given reflect the lifespan of the product (exact date unknown). Kodak Verichrome Film was introduced in 1931 and discontinued in 1956 with the introduction of Verichrome Pan film. Kodak/ History of Kodak : Milestones 1930-1959. 2009.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodacolor VR-G 110 film

Box of Kodacolor VR-G 110 Film, ISO 200/24 exp. The logo from the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, 1988 is printed on the box. The box is stamped with directions for the user to develop before 08/89.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Gold 35mm colour print film

Empty box of Kodak Gold 200 colour print film for bright sun and flash photography, originally contained 8 rolls of 35mm film with 24 exposures each. Kodak Canada catalogue #109 0091. The box is stamped with a develop by date of 06/2007.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak verichrome pan film

2 boxes of Kodak verichrome pan black & white film in original, unopened packaging with directions to process before March 1972. ASA 125, VP 122. Produced by Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester. A 3rd box, produced by Canadian Kodak Co., Limited in Toronto has instructions to develop before 1969. ASA 125, VP 122. Box is opened and contains 1 roll of film, held closed with a piece of clear tape. Film may have been exposed.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak verichrome pan film

Kodak verichrome 116 mm black and white film, ASA 125. Develop by dates are given as Sept and March 1970.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Star

Item is an automatic Kodak snapshot camera for photographs on 110 film. This model was manufacutred in Brazil.

Kodak Brasileira

New visions for Canadian business - strategies for competing in the global economy / Kodak Canada Inc.

Item consists of three copies of a study commissioned by Kodak Canada and prepared by Joseph R. D'Cruz and Alan M. Rugman at the University of Toronto. Part 1 in a 3-part series including "Fast forward : improving Canada's international competitiveness" and "New compacts for Canadian competitiveness". One copy is housed in Kodak Canada folder and accompanied by letter from R.C. Morrison, president of Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Engineering field notes

Sub-sub-series contains notebooks and loose pages documenting the work of the engineering department at Kodak Heights. Notes detail the construction, repairs, and renovations of buildings on the site as well as land surveys.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Field Notes of Canadian Kodak Co. Ltd.

Item is an egineering notebook for work on the Kodak Heights complex. Work includes levels along the north end of the east property line, levels along the north property line, levels for proposed Liquid Chemical Storage Building, levels along the proposed location of pipeliness from building 6 to site of propdsed chemical storage building, levels for fire line to chemical vault, survey for city water main east of building 3, survey for outlet sewer to Eglinton Ave., data for propsed water main, Topographical survey for power and soution building, levels for parking lot North property, levels North property East from 1941 contours, SUrvey for underground alcohol storage tank East from building 4, East end North property.

Kodak Canada Inc.

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