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Ryerson Image Centre
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The file contains four posters of RIC exhibits.

Ryerson Image Centre

RIC Exhibitions and Events

Includes promotional, educational and publicity material for exhibitions and events held at the RIC including :

The Ryerson Image Centre Grand Opening ;
Toronto Convention About Photographic Collections : Definitions, Descriptions, Access ;
The inaugural exhibition, Archival Dialogues : Reading the Black Star Collection ;
Bernice Abbott: Photographs ;
Human Rights Human Wrongs ;
The 'Public Life' of Photographs ;
Phil Bergerson : Emblems and Remnants of the American Dream ;
Remembering The Real Winnie : The World's Most Famous Bear Turns 100 ;
Photography Historians : A New Generation? ;
All That Glitters : Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection Jewelry Benefit.

Ryerson Image Centre

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

Series contains images to accompany Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 10th edition. Topics include sculpture, architecture, painting, and photgoraphy from ancient to modern. Slides are housed in 1 binder, with index included.

The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

Series contains images to accompany Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 12th edition. Topics include sculpture, architecture, painting, and photgoraphy from ancient to modern. Slides are housed in 2 binders, with index included.

Saskia Cultural Documentation

Early Canadian Photography

File contains 35mm slides produced from original objects and books belonging to the Ryerson Image Centre, focusing on the items in their collection produced by Canadian photographers in the latter half of the 19th century. Photographers include; B.F. Baltzley, George Barker, R. Bell, Ernest Brown, F.G. Clauded, F. Dally, G.M. Dawson, Edward Dossetter, D.B. Dowling, Dunmore & Criterson, Elliston & Co., W. England, Erwing & Co., Faribault, A. Henderson, H.L. Hime (Armstrong, Beere & Hime), Charles Horetzky, J. INglis, Ryder Larson, William Augustus Leggo, Livernois & Bienveau, J.W. Lowe, A.P. Low, R. Maynard, R.G. McLaughlin, J.G. Parks, Capt. Jason Peters, J. Richardson, G.P. Roberts, Alexander Ross, A.R.C. Selwyn, Stiff Brothers, L.G. Swain, W.J. Topley, J. Turner, J.B. Tyrell, J.P. Vallee, T.C. Weston, William Williamson.

Ryerson Image Centre

Kodak Lecture Series and Image Arts Lectures

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  • 1973-2007

Commencing in 1973, the Kodak Lecture Series Fonds contains audio and video recordings of lectures presenting the work of photographers, filmmakers, photo-based and new media artists, curators and visual media theorists.
A series of lectures at the School of Image Arts (then known as the Photographic Arts Department) was begun by professor Phil Bergerson in 1975 to support the school's unique curriculum. Bergerson wanted to expose his students to new artists and ideas around photography by inviting internationally known artists, curators and theorists to discuss the art of creating, collecting and curating photography. These lectures were financially supported by Ontario Arts Council Grants and ticket sales. The first series (Photographic Perspectives) was extreamly popular, and Bergerson continued to organize the lectures for the next 9 years.
Kodak Canada Inc. stepped in to sponsor the series in 1984, allowing students and the photographic comminity of Toronto to attend all lectures in the series without charge. The series was re-named the Kodak Chair Lecture series (1986-2007), and motion picture and, over time, video and new media artists and theorists joined the line-up of speakers.
Throughout the series, the lectures were documented, on audiocassette and then video tape. In 2009, the lectures began to be streamed online and archived on the RyeCast websites ( In 2002, the School of Image Arts received funding from the Canada's Digital Collections (CDC) program, through Industry Canada, to create an online multi-media database of over 200 of the participants, using images and footage captured during the lectures. The project, entitled "Images and Ideas: 25 Years of the Kodak Lecture Series", was completed in 2002 and hosted on the Library and Archives Canada server, along with thousands of other local and national digital projects. The Canada's Digital Collections website is no longer live, but is archived at the Government of Canada website:
In addition to the Kodak Lectures, the fonds contains the audio recordings of the proceedings of the Canadian Perspectives Conference (1979), a Critique Workshop with Gary Winnogrand (1981), a Critical Writing Workshop with A. D..Coleman (1982), the proceedings of the August Sander Symposium (1982) and the Symposium on Photographic Theory (1983).

Ryerson Image Centre