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Portrait of a woman

Item is a cream card with light pink backing. Vignetted portrait of a woman in a high collared dress with vertical ribbon decoration. At bottom of front of card, in brown letterpress, "G. W. Secretan 210a TUFNELL PARK Rd". On verso, also...

George William O Secretan

Braun Branette

Item consists of a Braun Nurnberg Branette 35mm camera, made in Germany. It features a Staeble-Kata 1:2.8/45mm lens and a Vero shutter with speeds 1/25 to 1/200 sec + B.


The Memorial Church Port Ryerse Plate

One commemorative plate with a church illustration and the inscription"The Memorial Church Port Ryerse." The church was most likely an Anglican Memorial Church (United Empire Loyalist) established by Port Ryerse's founding father Sa...

Floral Album

1 photo album, with a burgundy and gold cover. Many of the pages on the inside are decorated with colored flowers. Meant for containing portraits. Portraits are mostly of individuals, with a few of pairs or groups, and subjects are adults, childre...

Portrait Photo Album

1 photo album with a brown fabric spine and black and gold metal covers. It has two hooks to close the album. Meant for containing portraits. Most portraits are of individuals, with a few of pairs. Subjects are adults and children.

Portrait Photo Album

1 photo album with a burgundy cover possibly made of wood. It has two hooks to close the album. Meant for containing portraits. Most portraits are of individuals, with a few of pairs. Subjects are adults and children.

Lantern Slide, Four Portraits

Printed slide depicts four different individuals. The first has gray hair and a blue hat. The second is smoking a pipe and has brown hair. The third is smoking a cigar, has a green hat, brown hair and beard, a gold hoop earring. The fourth is wear...

Portrait Photo Album

1 photo album, with a gold and black cover. Meant for containing portraits. Most portraits are of individuals, with a few of pairs or groups. Subjects are adults and children, as well as one dog.

Magic Lantern Slide, Four Scenes

First scene of printed slide shows people gathered around a cross, in front of mountains and there is a building nearby, possibly a church. The second shows three figures in a jungle crossing using a downed tree. The third shows a family of three ...

Colour Magic Lantern Slide

Item is an automatic coloured magic lantern slide containing several hand painted glass slides that could be rotated against each other with a small attached hand crank. Hand crank appears to be made of wood, as does the mount.

Ping Pong Photography Album

1 photo album, with a brown fabric cover that has a maple leaf on it. Bound with a red string. Photographs are mostly of pairs, with a few of individuals or groups, and subjects are children and their parents, to a lesser extent.

Cartoon Albumen Prints

1 print is a cartoon of winged creatures chasing a man on a horse( with the inscription "Ae spring brought off her master hale, But left behind her ain grey tail.") and the second is of a composer and imps/satan. Cover of the second is t...

Improved Phantasmagoria Lantern

A black tin Improved Phantasmagoria Lantern with handle and crooked chimney.Carpenter marketed his Improved Phantasmagoria Lantern as a consumer version of the famous Phantasmagoria lantern shows that simulated ghost and spirit projections during ...

Carpenter & Westley

Stereographs, Egypt

Item consists of stereographs depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in Egypt, such as Pyramids, and Ships.15 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.2 stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers; 5 stereoscopic photographs in...

Lantern Slides, Ships

Two slides feature two ships: in one slide the boat sails peacefully along the water in Newfoundland, and in the other slide a boat is caught in a storm. In the third slide, a crew is working on either loading or unloading a boat and crew members ...

Normal School Frosted Window Panes

A window pane with design and decorations from the Normal School building. The pane was probably located at the front (south) of the main building according to photographs. The design shows a crest, a cross, three maple leaves and leaves in the c...

Normal School Stained Glass Window sections

Two pieces of stained glass window believed to be from the upper section of the long windows in the Normal School auditorium. One piece is triangular with clear, green and red glass and the second piece is red, orange, yellow, and green clover shape.

Holmes stereoscope viewer

Item is a Holmes stereoscope with a detachable pedestal made to be a handheld stereoscope or standing stereoscope.Originally designed by Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), the Holmes stereoscope became the prototype for all stereoscopes of the 19t...

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Pontioscope viewer

This item is an optical instrument designed to create larger three-dimensional experiences from a two-dimensional photograph. Item is made of wood and has two sets of lenses made to enlarge images. Lenses also create different effects: "day e...

Ponti, Carlo

Kromskop stereoscopic table viewer

Item is a Kromskop viewer developed by Frederic E. Ives in 1895. Item comes with 1 monochrome transparency made from 3 colour separation negatives layered together; these transparencies were often referred to as kromograms. Kromograms were known a...

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