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Photographs series

This series contains photographic albums, b&w negatives and prints, colour negatives and prints, colour slides, glass plate negatives and transparencies originating from the Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection. These materi...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Point and shoot cameras

Series contains mainly inexpensive, fully automatic 35 mm cameras marketed strictly for amateur use. These cameras are the high tech descendants of the box camera and most models have no manual control over focus, aperture, shutter speed, film win...

Digital and pre-digital cameras

Series contains cameras that are designed to capture images using sensors and digital storage media instead of film, as well as pre-digital cameras that combined digital technology with film. The digital camera replaced the traditional film camera...

Motion-picture viewers

Series contains cameras that use film to capture moving images for display. While still image cameras expose one image at a time on photographic film, motion picture cameras take a series of images (or frames) on long strips of film that are then ...

Professional and press cameras

Series contains cameras designed to fulfill specific, professional functions such as surveying, aerial photography, studio portraits and press work. These cameras are often the best items in the manufacturers line, offering more features and a stu...

Miniature and sub-miniature cameras

This series contains cameras designed to take photographs on flexible film sized smaller than 135 format film (24mm x 36mm). The size of the camera also tended to be very small, and often simply designed. While several companies manufactured high ...

Detective cameras

Items in this series are photographic devices designed to be inconspicuous, intended for photographers to make candid exposures without the subject being aware. The first detective cameras appeared with the production of commercially available dry...

Scovill & Adams Company

Single lens reflex cameras

Series contains single lens reflex, or simply reflex, cameras. This deign used a mirror at a 45 degree angle to allow the photographer to look through the lens when composing the photograph, therefore seeing exactly what will appear on the film. B...

Twin lens reflex cameras

Series contains cameras designed with two identical lenses, mounted one above the other, for composition and the other for exposure. The twin-lens design allows the photographer a continuous view of the subject while photographing, as the 45 degre...


Series consists of various reports created by or relating to the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. They include: RG 946.03.03.01 Annual reports RG 946.03.03.02 Transfer of Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute...

Library statistics

Series contains various files related to library statistics including: turnstile, circulation, shelving, and reserve.

Borrower Services files

File contains:- E-Mail messages- List of Borrowers team members- Borrowers goals & objectives- Reports- Minutes of Meetings of : - Borrowers Services Team - AV Staff - Circulation & Reserve Staff


This series contains textual, moving image, and data records related to The International Academic Congress "Filmbuilding.99 - Devices and Delicacies of Film Design", which was hosted at Ryerson. Includes conference program, periodicals...

Administrative Materials

Series consists of administrative files for the Working Group on Design Education. Included are proposals, meeting minutes, agendas, memorandums, programs, and correspondence.

Installation of President

Series contains files documenting and relating to the installation of new Ryerson presidents which falls under the purvue of the Ceremonials Office.

Digital Media Projects productions

This series consists of textual, graphic and audiovisual materials produced by the Digital Media Projects Office.

Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office

RSU Histories

Histories written by or commissioned by the student union under any of its variant historical names.

Papers authored or co-authored by L Anderson

Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Lisa Anderson during her time as co-ordinator of the Women in Engineering Office at Ryerson. Papers were created for various conferences

Anderson, Lisa

Trinidad & Tobago hotel school

In September of 1972 Ryerson entered into an agreement with the Government of Canada, through the Canadian International Development Agency (C.I.D.A.) to provide technical and related assistance to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for the est...


Series contains materials related to training facilities used by students of the Hospitality and Tourism (HTM) as part of their education. Included is information on the International Dining Room, the Delta Hotels-Sheraton Corporation Hotel Comput...


Series contains textual records as of 2005 that are related to seminars and workshops organized by the Department of Mathematics, which include the Mathematics Colloquium, the Master's Seminars, Graphs at Ryerson (G@R) seminars and workshops,...

RFA Correspondence

This series consists primarily of memoranda and letters: from the Executive (in most cases, the President) to the members-at-large; between the RFA and internal and external bodies, or persons; and from faculty to the Executive.


Series contains papers authored and co-authored by David Cape.

Cape, David M.

Howard Kerr Memorial mace

This series consists of records pertaining to the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace. Through the primary efforts of Dr. Eugen Bannerman, a proposal was made in 1992 to the Seaforth, Ontario Town Council to commemorate Howard Hillen Kerr, one of Seaforth&#...

Annual reports and financial statements

The master copy of the Ryerson Annual Reports and Financial Statements is arranged under three sub-series as follows: 1965-1986 Office of Information Services RG 4.7 1987-1994 Office of Community Relations RG 122.3 1995-1996 Office of University ...

The Jack Layton Book Club materials

This Series contains materials generated and collected as part of the Jack Layton Book Club reading series. The inaugural season of the JLBC was comprised of three lectures given by Dr. Terry Grier, Dr. Alex Wellington and Dr. Jason Boyd in the Sp...


Series consists of reports prepared by the Vision Task Group, responses to the reports, and an appendix.


Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Denise Woit.

Published Materials

This series consists of textual records published by the Ryerson Media Center such as guidebooks and price lists for their services.

Promotional Materials

This series consist of promotional materials created by the Ryerson Media Center, including calendars, slide shows and conference programs.

Textual Records

194? - 199? 2.67 m textual. This series includes all of the unpublished textual records in the Robert Hackborn Fonds. Series includes textual records related to the production of Canadian television, the special effects and production techniques p...

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Exhibition prior to 2000

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations and publications for photographic exhibitions at museums, galleries, festivals and universities in the United States and some abroad, between 1985 and 1999. Venues include: 621 Gallery, Tallah...

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, 2010

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions in international museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities during 2010. See sub-series records for lists of venues.

Nordström, Alison

Exhibitions, 2011

Series contains pamphlets, press releases, invitations, and publications for photographic exhibitions in international museums, galleries, festivals, publishers and universities during 2011. See sub-series records for lists of venues.

Nordström, Alison

Kodak chair lecture series 1988-1989

Series contains audio recordings of public lectures given by photographers, filmmakers, theorists, and critics as part of the Kodak chair lecture series, presented at Ryerson University. Two of the lectures (Tom Sherman, October 21st and Steven Ma...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Toronto theatre programs

Series consists of 638 theatre programs published by Toronto theatres and theatre companies between the years 1959 and 2012.

Alumnae Theatre Company

Shaw Festival Theatre theatre programs

File consists of 39 theatre programs published by Shaw Festival Theatre in the years 1967, 1977, 1984-1989, and 1991-2012. The Festival produces the work of Bernard Shaw and plays from and about his era, as well as contemporary plays that share Sh...

Shaw Festival (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.)

Stratford theatre programs

Series consists of 77 theatre programs published by the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in the years 1960, 1961, 1963-1967, 1971, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1993-1997, 2001-2012. The Stratford Festival is a festival that has occure...

Stratford Festival (Ont.)

Montreal theatre programs

Series consists of 9 theatre programs published by the following Montreal theatres: 1 The Colonade Theatre (1972), 1 Peter Cook and Spectrum Productions (1964), 5 Place des Arts (The World Festival 1967), 1 Scene (magazine, 1970), and 1 Theatre de...

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

Series contains images to accompany Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 10th edition. Topics include sculpture, architecture, painting, and photgoraphy from ancient to modern. Slides are housed in 1 binder, with index included.

The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited

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