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Bell+Howell BH25

Item is a small, automatic, digital snapshot camera with a 640 x 480 pixel VGA, CMOS sensor. Includes an f2.8 -f6.0 land, 8 MB built in memory, monochrome display and optical viewfinder. The camera is focus free, 40 cm to infinity and caputures 352 x 288 pixel movie clips in AVI Format. Item comes with USB Cable and Mr. Photo Software.

Bell & Howell Electric Eye

Item is a Bell & Howell Electric Eye 8mm motion-picture camera with a 3 lens turret. Bell & Howell was a U.S. based manufacturer of motion picture technology.

Bell & Howell 240 Electric Eye camera outfit

Item consists of a Bell & Howell 240 motion picture camera. It is in a hard leather case also containing the manual and the case key. The camera uses 16mm film, has automatic exposure control, a 20mm lens, a self threading mechanism, has 32-fott film run and rapid winding crank, a reserve power indicator, and accepts a cable release.

Bell & Howell Two Fifty Two

Item consists of a Bell & Howell Two Fifty Two motion picture camera. It takes 8mm film, and has a Bell & Howell Super-Comat 10mm f/2.3 lens. There is a dial on the front of the camera to select aperture, light settings, and black & white or colour. It has a two-toned brown body and a winding knob on the side.

TDC Vivid 116 stereo slide projector

Item is large, cast metal, electric table projector for 4 x 10.16 cm stereo slides, such as those created with the Nimslo half frame or Kodak Realist 5 perf format. Produced by the Three Dimension Company (a division of Bell & Howell), the projector uses 2 500 watt bulbs.