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Open College records received from Desmond Glynn

This Series contains records related to Open College donated by Chang School Senior Program Director Desmond Glynn in two accruals in 2014 and 2016 . The series includes textual records and audio cassettes related to various Open College courses.

Baby Rer. 6 wks.

Item consists of two black and white photographs of a woman lifting a baby out of a wicker baby carriage. The woman and carriage are on a walkway to the front of a house. There are some flowers in the background. The carriage is posed diagonally, ...

[Children on a Hammock]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of a boy and young girl sitting on a hammock. The boy is wearing shorts and boots and has his mouth open, laughing. The young girl is wearing a white dress and headband. They are sitting close to one a...

[Baby in Bed]

Item consists of two photographs of a baby in a white dress sleeping in a bed. The baby is propped up on some pillows in a single bed. These appear to be the same photograph printed twice at different exposures.

[Man and Woman with Baby]

Item consists of two black and white photographs of a man and a woman with a baby. In each photograph, they hold the baby individually. They appear to be on the front porch of a brick house. The man is wearing a suit and the woman is wearing a lon...

[Woman, Baby and Wicker Pram]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of a woman sitting beside a baby on some grass. Beside them is a wicker chair with a light coloured pillow and a wicker baby carriage. They appear to be sitting in the back yard of a home. There is an ...

The Child in History - readings

File contains 2 copies of the course readings for the Open College Course "The Child In History".This book of course readings contains conference papers delivered by prominent (Ontarian) child protection and child welfare practitioners a...

[Little Girl in Baby Carriage]

Item consists of two black and white photographs of a little girl popping out of a baby carriage. In one photograph, the little girl is looking up, and in the other photograph she is looking out. The carriage is parked in the front or back of a ho...

Shields, Lorne

Stereographs, Individual genre cards

30 Stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood9 Stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers, 30 in association with James M. Davis8 Stereoscopic photographs by Littleton View Co.16 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.3 Stereosc...

The Child in Society

This subseries contains audio cassettes and textual records related to the Open College course: The Child and Society - A history of childhood and child welfare. (course code: COCR 923)The course was developed as a professionally required course ...

Stereographs, People

Item consists of stereographs and photographs depicting groups of people and individuals, with a focus on marriage, parenting, children and people from around the world.31 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.25 Stereoscopic photographs by...


Item consists of photographs of a family at Brechin. Subjects include family portraits and photographs with various farm animals including birds, horses, cats, and goats.

Portrait of three children

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Dixon/ Cor. King & Yonge Sts./ TORONTO." Photograph is a full length portrait of three children, with the youngest wearing a velvet coat, tartan skirt and m...

Dixon, Samuel J.

No. 1 Autographic Kodak Special - A new model : You scarcely feel it in your pocket / Canadian Kodak Co., Limited, Toronto

Photographs of a man putting a camera into his coat pocket, a man and a young child, two children looking at a birdhouse, and someone jumping a horse over a fence, with two illustrations of the camera being advertised. Text contains consumer infor...

"October’s bright blue weather" brings more picture-taking days than June : Don't put your camera away

Photographs of woman holding a leashed dog, and of three children sitting on a flight of stairs holding toy dolls and a cat, with illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains consumer information and mentions taking photographs indoors at ni...

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

"Here's where I nail this holiday for keeps!": Nothing remembers like a Kodak - be sure to take yours along

Four photographs of a young boy and girl walking through grass, a young girl hugging a dog, four young men and women standing along a wall, and a young child pulling on a sock, with illustrations of couple holding a camera, a Verichrome film box, ...

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

_"A great big smile, sweetheart!" : Right around home, so many snapshots are waiting to be taken

Photographs of young couple lying in the grass, a young girl looking out from a window, and a woman and two children sitting on the edge of something; illustrations of a woman holding a camera, a Verichrome film box and the camera being advertised...

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

"L'un après l'autre - voilà comment j'obtiens une histoire en instantanés" : Prenez aujourd'hui les instantanés que vous voudrez demain

Four photographs showing progression of children and adults climbing over wooden fence, and illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains captions for each photograph and consumer information - describes use of film to capture sequences of ac...

"You can't add anything to what these snapshots say!" : Kodak Verichrome Film - A Canadian Product

Photograph of man pulling cart with woman inside, photograph of man with boy sitting on fence, photograph of couple with two children standing at fence, and illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains consumer information - describes afford...

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

"I'm making lots more snaps on this vacation!" : Kodak Verichrome film - a Canadian product

Four photographs showing adults and children at various leisure activities: riding a bicycle, a baby in a playpen, adults at the beach, and a man and boy petting a cow, with illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains captions for each phot...

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited


File contains photographs featuring images of children decorating and searching for Easter eggs. Each is housed with a typed caption. One caption reads: While he is absorbed in deciding whether his egg has reached exactly the right shade of purple...

Kodak Canada Inc.

Dale Shipley fonds

  • F 822
  • Fonds
  • 2002

Fonds consists of 1 book authored by Shipley.

Shipley, Dale

Portrait of three children

Item is a cream coloured cabinet card with darker beige backing and gold edging. Vignetted image of three children, two girls with long wavy hair and plaid bouses and a boy in button-up coat and tie. On verso, in pencil "Screened/ $10.00"

Portrait of Lee Alderson

Item is a green, textured card with photograph of a boy standing in front of a floral wallpaper with a striped ottoman at the side. Boy wears a jacked and cap. On verso, in pencil, "Lee Alderson" and a sticker at top right, "5.00&qu...

Portrait of girl and baby

Item is a grey cabinet card with beige border and a photograph of a young girl, probably around 6 or 7 years old, in a a dark coloured dress with light coloured stiching and ribbons. She holds a bouquet of flowers in her right hand and stands next...

Portrait of Rosa, Ashton and Cecil

Item is a pink cabinet card with photograph of three children in studio with fur covered chair and fur rug on the floor. The boy on the right wears a corduroy suit and leans against a table with his hand on an album. The girl in the centre has her...

W.W. Bennett, - Photographer

Portrait of two children

Item is a white cabinet card with gold letterpress at bottom edge. On the left, a design with a shield and the letters "L" "C" and "O" intertwined. On the right, "Owens Ground floor Studio/ S. MILL ST./ NEW CASTL...

Owens Ground floor Studio

Portrait of two children

Item is a beige card with photograph of two children, a girl seated on a wicker chair and a boy standing next to her. The edge of a painted scene is visible on the right, with column and vines. On verso, a sticker affixed upside down reads "F...

Fenner & Co.

Portrait of a newsboy

Item consists of a cream card with embossed text at bottom edge, "DINGELDEY'S/ 780 JEFFERSON ST./ BUFFALO, N.Y." Photograph shows a boy with loose dress shirt and cropped pants holding a newspaper and wearing a beaten hat which look...


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