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Sampson, Paddy, 1926-2005 musicians
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The Wolfman Jack Show [television series]

The U.S. disk jockey Wolfman Jack came to the greater public's attention in the 1973 film American Graffiti and as the announcer for the television rock concert series, The Midnight Special. His Howl Productions co-produced The Wolfman Jack Show with the CBC in Vancouver. The producers booked foreign performers as well as Canadian musical artists, such as the Stampeders and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and was intended to give Canadian artists an avenue into an international market. The program also featured regular performances by the Famous People Players, and comedy with Danny Wells, Peter Cullen, and Sally Sales.

Original air dates: Tue 7:30-8:00 p.m., 5 Oct 1976-13 Sep 1977

Wolfman Jack

The Blues

Original broadcast on December 28, 1966 was 90 min. in length. This version is only 60 min. Guests featured in this six-part series included Muddy Waters, Brownie McGee, Sonny Terry, Otis Spahn and Willie Dixon.

Canadian Express [television series]

Variety television show that aired between September 22, 1977 and September 12, 1980 and featured Canadian musical performers from across the country.

Black Hallelu-jah [television special]

Performance and broadcast of a song called "Black Hallelujah" composed by Russ Little and Norm Symonds; a 60 minute gospel music version of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Festival "The Duke" Pt I

Item is a recording of "The Duke" at a festival in 1965 that was transferred from a 16mm to 1/4" medium.

Belafonte/Watson A

Item is a recording of an interview with Harry Belafonte and Patrick Watson.

Belafonte/Watson B

Item is a recording of an interview with Harry Belafonte and Patrick Watson.

Tongues of Brass

File contains two audio reels with recordings from the Tongues of Brass program.

[TK Reels]

File contains two audio reels with various recordings.

A La Carte

File contains three audio reels with various recordings from the A La Carte program.