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School of Journalism Shields, Lorne Soldiers Con objetos digitales
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Portrait of a soldier, pointing

Item is a beige carte de visite with an image of a soldier, with plumed helmet and sword, in front of a studio backdrop. The man is posed, pointing off camera. On verso, in black letterpress, "No.../ GEORGE CROUGHTON/ FIRST CLASS PRIZE MEDALLIST,/ MINIATURE PAINTER & PHOTOGRAPHER,/ 19 ALBERT PLACE,/ LONDON ROAD SOUTH,/ LOWESTOFT./ THIS PORTRAIT CAN BE ENLARGED/ TO ANY SIZE AND FINISHED IN/ BLACK AND WHITE, OIL OR WATER COLOR."

Croughton, George Hanmer, 1843-1920

Portrait of Captain George Henbene(?) Cherry

Item is a white carte de visite with photograph of a man in uniform, wearing an unbuttoned jacket and leaning casually against a wall. He stands on a tiger rug. In pencil, at bottom of card, "Captain Cherry." On verso, in pencil, "George Henbene(?) Cherry" and in pen, "Captain Cherry/ 1860".

Portrait of American officer with bicorne hat

Item is a yellow card with photograph of an officer with Napoleon-style hat and sword, in front of a rough wooden fence (in studio). On verso, an elaborate brown etching with flowers, camera and artist's paints reading "Davis & Douglas./ Photographers,/ 58 MAIN STREET/ FALL RIVER, MASS,/ INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS USED EXCLUSIVELY./ NEGATIVES PRESERVED./ DUPLICATES CAN BE HAD AT ANY TIME." In pencil, at top "15-".

Davis & Douglas